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******************************* Retro\'s Arrow Fletching and Imbueing v1.7.1 ******************************* Contents: --------- 1. Installation 2. Description 3. Location **************** 1. Installation **************** Easy as can be, just un-rar this file to your oblivion/data dir and your ready to go. *******

Permissions and credits
Retro's Arrow Fletching and Imbueing v1.7.1


1. Installation

2. Description

3. Location

1. Installation

Easy as can be, just un-rar this file to your oblivion/data dir and your ready to go.

2. Description

New Version out!!!!! Ver 1.7.1

Well....erm....it's done....kinda. Alright, this version includes the following:

Arrow Mold: makes all the standard arrows(minus Silver) from armor.

Arrow Rifiner: makes Silver, Hunter, Bone, Gold, and Wooden from various items.

Arrow Merger: makes standard arrows from 2 of a lesser type

Arrow Imbuer: Enchants your arrows, each arrow type has dif enchants they can have

Bone Arrows: Arrows made from bone....mid lvl dmg, slightly higher speed, ignores weap resists(ala silver), AND has a few exclusive enchantments

Hunter Arrows: Arrows made from assorted items...high dmg(=daedric), high speed, ignores resists, AND has exclusive area elemental enchantments

Gold Arrows: Arrows made from.....GOOOOOOLLLLLDDD...low dmg, average speed, BUT can have the highest power enchantments(more than daedric).

Wooden Arrows: Do I need to tell you??...low dmg, basically a cheap alternative to iron arrows

A Manual: So ya don't hafta play the guessing game with everything.

WAAAAAYY too many custom enchantments

and prolly some other stuff I forgot to mention....

One Quick Note: 1.7 and on is dependant on Crafting Skill Engine.esm. The .esm is included in the release, make sure it's active in your modlist.

3. Location

Everything is sitting on the statue in the Marketplace waiting for you to pick it up.

Special Thanks

LittleDrummerBoy - The man who translated the in-game book to German for everyone out there.
GristleTL - Doing the textures on Hunter/Bone/Wooden Arrows! Absolutely beautiful work!
Vincent Wyrmwing - for testing everything out for me!!
XMarksTheSpot - Meshes/texture work along with GristleTL!! These two together are unbelievable!


o.3 Initial release, only 3 arrows

0.4 added gold and silver arrows, added framework for arrow imbuer and flame arrow

0.7 made a jump cuz lotsa work happened at once.
Added tons of Enchanted arrow ID's/Enchantment ID's
Ran outta script space(didn't know scripts had a character limit O.o)
---Why there are 3 Imbuers now
That's about it only a few more to go plus the final grouping w/ the appartus new home.

0.99z polished off the Imbue code......then found a better way to do it.... so later version will be MASSIVELY easier to produce

1.5 ermm.....a shhh ton....revamped code COMPLETELY and added tons of functionality for later releases...that's right folks...I'm not done yet!

1.6 New textures for Bone/Hunter/Wooden!!!!! Many, MANY thanks to GristleTL for these!
I also made a few minor bug fixes. Most notable is a fix/oversight on my part to add the ability to "merge" 20 and 50 arrows at a time.

1.6.3 Many small fixes/changes. All listed below.
Fixed an Arrow Merger bug that messed up the amounts used/created
Changed amts of some arrows created.
Many minor bug fixes
Framework built for future balancing adjustments.(More on this coming soon)
Added Skull to Bone Arrow creation list
Lowered dmg of Wooden Arrows to 7(1 less then Iron).
Made Wooden Arrows the failtype for ALL arrows. Now trying to make daedric/hunter at lvl 1 won't cheese you into ebony/elven arrows.
Dropped Vamp's Bane effect to 2 sec paralyze.
Framework built for Crafting Skill integration.
And of course, the latest creations by Gristle-TL for the arrow/quiver textures.

Mainly just a coat of polish, I standardized the mesh/texture dirs and added the Golden Arrow icon.

MANY balance tweaks(Special Thanks to Vincent Wyrmwing there).
Update to Skill Engine so any skill choice will allow skill gains.
Addition of Flame Arrow and Bone Arrow of Pain Textures.
OH!! This is the official release of the Crafting Skill Engine! Basically it allows you to progress in Crafting as you would any other skill.
That's about all for now..

Fixed a MAJOR skill gain bug: If Marks/Armorer is your main skill, if this mod caused skill gains you wouldn't get progress towards another level. I can fix this BUT 1.1beta has the required code to make it work properly. Until 1.1 final is released by Bethesda Crafting is your only skill to choose from....sorry....
If you need another Starter Item to change anything Jensines in the Market District will sell you one. You can also buy 2 items called "1.7.0 Armor/Marksman Fixer", these will subtract one point from the respective skill each time you equip them. Please only use them to revert any damaged caused by 1.7.0. I will remove them in the next major update to avoid abuse.

If you have any other questions/concerns about 1.7 please email me at [email protected]