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Extension of the Alchemy menu that allows selective masking of ingredient effects, the use of potions as ingredients, integrated support for saved recipes, brewing in batches, and more ...

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Name: Alchemy Advanced
Version: v1.3
Date: 2011-09
Category: Gameplay Effects & Changes
Author: JRoush
Forum Thread: Bethesda Forums
Contact: [email protected]

  • Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416
  • Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0018 or later

Alchemy Advanced replaces the original alchemy menu and offers a set of new features and mechanics, including brewing in batches, flexible ingredient filtering, an integrated recipe system, masking of select ingredient effects, and customizable calculations of potion weight, cost, strength, and duration.

v1.3 fixes CTDs involving names that end in a "%". It introduces a new OMOD-ready, BAIN-ready archive format.

A brief list:
  • a quantity slider for brewing batches of potions
  • ingredient filters that can be edited in-game
  • a new type of autofilter that looks for replacements for the current ingredient
  • a new type of alchemal apparatus (the Refiner) for temporarily removing selected effects from ingredients.
  • integrated saving and loading of recipes, and a new type of alchemical apparatus (the alchemist's Notebook) for storing saved recipes.
  • a duration slider to specify the target duration of potion effects
  • the ability to use potions and other recipes as ingredients in the current recipe
  • customizable calculation of potion weight and gold value
  • customizable calculation potion effect strengths
See the Features pdf packaged with the mod for a complete reference to the new features and instructions on their use. The pdf's a bit long - there are a lot of features - so maybe don't read it all in one sitting.

[size=+1]Alchemy Extras v1.2:[/size]
This optional addon for AA adds a few items that take advantage of the new features:
- 10 different specialty ingredients called 'Essences'
- 15 'standard' recipes, each with suggestions for common ingredient substitutions
These items can be purchased from any vendor that carries alchemical supplies.
Alchemy Extras is now bundled into with the main AA download package. It is still optional.

[size=+1]Upgrading from AA v1.2:[/size]
No clean save is necessary. Just uninstall v1.2 and then install v1.3. Please let me know if there are any issues.

Alchemy Advanced should be compatible with almost every other mod, including those that add additional alchemical ingredients or potions. In particular, it is known to be compatible with:
  • Elys's Skill Uncapper
  • AV Uncapper - note that the alchemy-related settings in AVU will not affect AA.
  • Waldo's Grandmaster of Alchemy; another fantastic mod, also highly recommended
  • DarNifiedUI, BTmod, and their 'DarkUI' versions - AA must be installed *after* these mods; see installation instructions
A UI mod that reduces font size is recommended to increase the readability of the menu.
As of this release, there are no mods known to be explicitly incompatible with Alchemy Advanced.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the versions of alchemy.xml and alchemy.dds included with AA are not overwritten by any other mods.

[size=+1]Known Issues & Bugs:[/size]
  • Due to limitations in tracking the cursor position, vertical and horizontal scroll bars on the alchemy menu will not respond to click & drag anymore - use the mouse scroll wheel or click the scroll arrows instead.
  • Due to limitations in determining what menu tile has keyboard focus, keyboard navigation has been disabled in the alchemy menu: the arrow keys will no longer jump between buttons.
  • Due to the increased size of alchemy.xml, the alchemy menu will take noticeably longer to load, particularly just after Oblivion is restarted. This and other performance issues may be addressed in a future version (I can't guarantee a solution).
  • There have been repeated reports of the mod simply ceasing to work, usually after a change to the load order or the creation of a new character. I have never been able to reproduce this problem, but would appreciate more information.

See the forum thread for a discussion of how to make this mod better.
Bug reports, comments, suggestions, and feedback of all kinds is greatly appreciated; the more specific the better. Please submit bug reports via email, and attach a copy of your savegame and a clear description of the problem. Be as detailed as possible.
I cannot fix problems if I cannot reproduce them on my end.

  • Bethesda Softworks, whose game has sucked up far, far too much of my free time
  • scruggsywuggsy the ferret and the rest of the OBSE team for (repeatedly) managing the impossible
  • Haama, from whose mods most of the 'original' ideas here were bloodily ripped off
  • All those who helped debug the first beta release by reporting the issues they encountered.
  • Rederick_Asher, for his much improved logical operator icons

Do whatever you want with it. Credit is appreciated but not exactly required. However, if you post a modified version of this mod, please post a link to the original on TES Nexus. This will ensure that everyone can find the latest version if more are released.