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Enchantment Mastery allows you to enchant previously enchanted items to create powerful artifacts with multiple enchantments, enchant custom arrows (in stacks) and enchant weapons with constant enchantments. This mod does so in a very simple and intuitive way: open the (vanilla/default) enchantment screen and enchant. Interested?

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Enchantment Mastery
Version 1.07
By olegbl

Enchantment Mastery allows you to enchant previously enchanted items to create powerful artifacts with multiple enchantments, enchant custom arrows (in stacks) and enchant weapons with constant enchantments. This mod does so in a very simple and intuitive way: open the (vanilla/default) enchantment screen and enchant. On top of that, Enchantment Mastery allows you to disenchant items, stack multiple effects of the same type together, set limits to the enchanting process and customize the way in which all of this works!

  • Almost everything is customizable from the configuration (.ini) file! If you don't like something, check there first and if it's not customizable, ask me to make it so. =)
  • Works on any kind of enchantment tool (as long as it accesses the default enchantment menu). Altars, spells, items, etc...
    Multiple Enchantments
  • You can enchant an enchanted item to create multiple enchantments.
  • Similar effects are merged upon enchantment, so two fortify intelligence effects will become one powerful one.
  • Amount of enchantments possible is based on your Mysticism (1 for Novice, 2 for Apprentice, ..., 7 for Master).
  • When effects are combined, a new "Combined Enchantments" effect is added to prevent you from enchanting the same item too many times. This also allows you to see exactly how many more effects you can add.
  • For weapon enchantments, when two effects are combined, the area and duration properties are combined in propertion to the magnitudes of the two effects to maintain balance.
    Enchanting Weapons
  • Weapons can be enchanted with constant enchantments (active as long as the weapon is equipped). Which are also combined if duplicated. However, silly repeated enchantments are discarded. (Ex: Enchanting a sword with Night-Eye twice, won't get you anything more than one Night-Eye.)
  • Staffs enchanted with additional damage effects will boost the damage of their previous effects rather than making new "On Touch" effects. So you can keep your staffs ranged ("On Target") as they're meant to be! (Adding NEW targeted enchantments will for now be "On Touch", but this will be fixed soon!)
  • You can enchant arrows. When enchanting arrows, the number of strikes is the number of arrows to be enchanted. When disenchanting arrows, the magnitude of the disenchant spell is how many arrows to be disenchanted.
    Dangerous Magic
  • The Dangerous Magic feature, meant to go along with Sorcery's Toll, allows you to "over-enchant" items, but at the risk of failing the enchantment, accidentally disenchanting the item, or even destroying the item all together! (See the "Enchantment Mastery Dangerous Magic" Excel file for the percentages.)
  • For weapons, it is safer to overenchant an item with many enchantments at once than doing them one by one. For example, a Master of Mysticism wanting to enchant a sword to have 10 enchantments, would be safer off enchanting it to 7 and then adding 3 more all at once, than adding them individually. However, individually added, the enchantments will be more powerful. It's a tradeoff you'll have to decide for yourself. =)
  • You can even fail to disenchant an item! After all, you must really be skilled if you want to disenchant all those 12 enchantments you've somehow managed to put on that sword. The risk of failure is the same as the risk of accidentally disenchanting during normal enchantment. The risk of destroying the item is the same as during normal enchantment.
  • You can disenchant items! See the "usage" section. Note: If Dangerous Magic isn't enabled, you cannot disenchant items which have more enchantments than you can handle. If you can't enchant, you can't disenchant.

  • When accessing the enchanting menu, please wait until the "EM: Ready To Enchant!" message before selecting an item or Soul Stone! If you try to do so before the message, you won't see any of your enchanted items in there. This message usually takes 0-3 seconds to appear.
  • After the item is enchanted, you won't be able to do anything until Enchantment Mastery finishing processing it, this usually takes 0-3 seconds as well.
  • To enchant a weapon with a constant enchantment, enter the enchantment screen as normal. You will see two of every weapon, one of them will have a (C) appended to the beginning of it's name (it also won't have an icon). Select that item, and enchant it as normal.
  • To disenchant an item, enter the enchantment screen and proceed as normal, selecting the "Disenchant" effect from the list of enchantments. Disenchanting costs almost no gold, but does require a filled Soul Stone to be able to dislodge the energy tied to the enchanted item. When disenchanting arrows, the magnitude of the spells determines the number of arrows disenchanted (see the appropriate setting in the configuration file). It doesn't matter how many effect you add in the enchantment screen, as long as at least one of them is the disenchant effect, it will be the only one used.

  • Requires OBSE 0017 or newer! Get the latest version at obse.silverlock.org!
  • Recommended: Install via OBMM. The Enchantment Mastery RAR archive contains OMOD conversion data. OMODs Rule.
  • Manual Installation: Place the EnchantmentMastery.esp file in your data folder, and enable it.
  • Manual Installation: Place the EnchantmentMastery.ini file in your data folder, and configure it to your liking! =)

  • Compatible with pretty much anything that doesn't edit your characters items during enchantment (like this mod does).
  • Personally, I prefer to use it with Supreme Magicka and Sorcery's Toll, for an amazing magical experience. =)
  • If you have a mod which uses the normally unsued "DARK" Magic Effect for its own purposes, and intends to allow the user to enchant items with this effect, then the effect will not show up in the enchantment screen. However, all other functionality will not be affected.

  • If you find a bug, please tell me and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!
  • BUG#1 (Priority=None) Because of a limitation of the game's engine, items with more than 8 enchantments won't show all the enchantments in their description. The enchantments are there and work perfectly fine. They just don't show up in the descripton.
  • BUG#2 (Priority=None) You can "disenchant" unenchanted items. All this means, is that you'll just loose a Soul Stone and some cash if you try. This is fairly difficult (although possible) to fix, and the fix would cause a minor performance hit whenever in the enchantment screen. I don't believe this issue is serious enough to warrant such attention.
  • BUG#3 (Priority=Low) Due to the way constant enchantments on weapons are implemented, if you sell/drop a weapon with a constant enchantment and then buy it back/pick it up, the constant effect will stop working. This can be fixed using an .ini options (EMPC), however, that would cause the inventory to collect useless invisible clutter, over time slowing down the intentory screen.
  • BUG#7 (Priority=Medium) Under Investigation: Multiple enchantments on Staffs seem to be buggy.[Thanks Evruc!]

Sorry guys, developement has been slow lately as I haven't had time to work on this mod.
  • Hopefully Coming in 1.08: Allow enchantment limits to be turned off completely and force "Combined Enchantments" effect to not appear if they are.
  • Hopefully Coming in 1.08: Stack Sigil Stone Enchantments [Thanks Mooilo!]
  • Hopefully Coming in 1.08: Display Optional Warning Messages For Dangerous Magic
  • Hopefully Coming in 1.08: Display Optional Information Messages DIsplaying Number Of Enchantments For Items With More Than 8 Enchantments
  • Hopefully Coming in 1.09: Enchant / Disenchant Scrolls
  • Coming in 1.10: New Screenshots / Videos (You Can Help! =)
  • Coming in 1.10: Enable Ratings & Comments
  • Want A Feature? Suggest It By Messaging Me!

  • Nothing Works! ;)
  • First Public Release
  • Fixed A Combine Effects Bug
  • Fixed A Combine Effects Bug Introduced By The Fix In 1.01 X_X
  • Fixed A Bug Involving Adding Multiple Duplicate Enchantments To A Weapon At Once
  • Balanced Weapon Enchantment Combination
  • Added More Customizable Settings
  • Removed Dependence On Altar Object
  • Added OBSE Version Checks
  • Fixed A Few Bugs
  • Optimized Script
  • Prevented Items From Being Unequiped During The Enchantment Process
  • Added Ability To Enchant Weapons With Constant Enchantments
  • Added Merging Of Constant Weapon Enchantments
  • Fixed Constant Weapon Enchantments To Display Information Properly
  • Fixed A Few Bugs
  • Optimized The Way In Which Constant Weapon Enchantments Work (Should Eliminate Long-Term Invisible Inventory Clutter)
  • Added The Dangerous Magic Feature
  • Prevented Bound Items From Being Enchanted
  • Fixed A Few Bugs
  • Added Ability To Enchant Arrows
  • Added Ability To Disenchant Items
  • Forced Staffs To Be Enchanted With "On Target" Effects
  • Forced Constant Weapon Effects To Be Unapplied From The Player When A Constant Enchantmented Weapon Is Unequipped To Be Enchanted Further
    1.08 - In Development
  • Features
  • Added EMPC option
  • Updated Messages For Disenchantment
  • Bugfixes
  • BUG#4: When enchanting a weapon with a constant effect when an item of the same name exists twice in a row, sometimes the "(2)" does not get appended twice.
  • BUG#5: The DARK Magic Effect does not get renamed back to it's original name properly.
  • BUG#6: If enchanting via an item such as "Ring of Enchantment" the player looses control of their GUI upon completion or cancellation of the enchantment. [Thanks Growlf!]
  • BUG#8: When disenchantment fails, the item being destroyed is actually more likely than just the loss of the soul stone.