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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Chinese Weapons
Author: Frankie_Mac
Version: 1.0

Requires Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416
This mod adds 9 new weapons modeled after various historic Chinese weapons. The weapons are for sale in a new shop located behind "The Imperial Bridge Inn" (it's on the north bank of the Silverfish river). The weapons vary in quality (and price) but none are better than Daedric.
The shop features revolving displays of the weapons so you can see them before buying. The shop keeper will give you brief descriptions of each or you can check their base stats by activating the sword and shield plaque located near the displays. To buy a weapon simply activate its display, no waiting in line at the cash register :).
If you have thoughts or suggestions about the quality or accuracy of the models/textures I have created please leave a comment; I will take constructive comments to heart. If you feel the weapons are unbalanced (the stats are not to your liking) please take the two minutes necessary to open the CS and fix them however you like them. You will find the weapons listed with the initials "TEDch…" (eg. TEDchSongSword). In determining the stats for these weapons I followed the basic rule that the more time I spent on the model the better the weapon in game (makes perfect sense to me ;) ).
Compatibility Issues:
I have placed the shop in an out-of-the-way location to reduce the chance of conflicting with other mods. If you find any conflicts please PM me with details.
Copy the files into your Oblivion\Data directory.
Activate "Chinese Weapons.esp" file from Data Files in the Oblivion Launcher.

Since I am neither a historian nor a student of Chinese Martial Arts, I based these sword models after the real-life creations of Hanwei. The accuracy of the models varies from piece to piece but the inspiration of each of these weapons is a real-world weapon.
In addition, thanks to: (in no particular order)

Bethesda, for making this game and for providing us with the CS
The NIFSkope Team, for giving us the tools to get our ideas into the game
Addonay, I learned tons from studying the models and textures in his classic weapons mod
Throttlekitty For some great tutorials
Sickleyield also, for some really useful tutorials

I used Blender, NIFTools plugins, GIMP2, dds plugins, NIFskope, TESGecko, TES4Files, and TES4CS. Many thanks to the providers of these fantastic (and free) tools.

You may use any of my work in your own mod if you so desire; no need to ask my permission. Credit for my work would sure be nice, though.

As I said, there is no need to ask my permission to use this work, but if you wish to contact me, send me a PM at TESNexus or leave a comment in the comments section.