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Real Sleep Extended tries to give you the most immersive experience possible by accounting for a lot of natural factors like time of day, place and bedtype when sleeping, and Endurance, Agility, Willpower and Vampirism affecting how fast you become tired and how effective your sleep is.

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========= REAL SLEEP EXTENDED 2.5 ============

You need some sleep each day. If you stay awake too long, your attributes will be damaged as you grow tired.

Real Sleep Extended gives you the most immersive sleep experience possible by accounting for a lot of natural factors like time of day, place and bedtype when sleeping - and Endurance, Agility, Willpower and Vampirism affecting how fast you become tired and how effective your sleep is. Portable bedrolls and coffee drinks to help you stay awake are included.

Since this mod works best with a timescale other than default, it supports a dynamic timescale that can be set to automatically change depending on where you are and what you do. You have complete control over which actions that should affect timescale (running, walking, riding, swimming, sneaking, fighting, not moving, or being inside) and disable the mod's check for any of them by setting its value to 0.


Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:Oct 01, 2010

OBSE v 18 (or newer) required!


Real Sleep Extended (RSE) keeps track of how long you have been without sleep. When you've been without sleep too long, you become tired and your attributes start to get damaged - more the longer you stay awake. The damage is a percentage of each attribute's value, so even a low-level character can survive being somewhat tired. High Endurance makes you able to stay longer awake before getting tired.

When going to sleep, you will need more sleep the more tired you are, but RSE checks for a lot of factors in order to make this as immersive as possible:
* You need less sleep to catch up as your Endurance becomes higher.
* Time of day is very important (unless you play a thief character), where sleep at night is most effective. But the day/night cycle is inverted if you become a vampire, which sleep best during daylight.
* Sleep outside is less effective than inside, but high Willpower will make sleep outside more effective. Or you can be a ranger who sleeps better outside.
* Sleep in proper beds are better than bedrolls, which in turn are better than anything else, though high Agility makes the difference less. But this too can be tweaked for ranger types who may prefer bedrolls.

To help you combat the tiredness, you can pick up and carry any bedroll found in the game, or buy bedrolls from vendors that stock travel equipment. Bedrolls can be picked up by pressing a pickup key (default 'P', adjustable in the ini), or holding down a modifier key (default left shift) while looking at a bedroll. The bedroll can later be placed anywhere you want. Beware that if you place it in a non-safe place, you can expect someone else to take it. Beggars will often replace the bedrolls you took with new bedrolls for their own use, but won't get mad at you for taking theirs.
This bedroll feature is superior to any existing stand-alone bedroll mod, because it is the only that allows multiple bedrolls to be placed without causing savegame bloat, is the only that is fully compatible with See You Sleep and is the only where the beggars can place out new bedrolls where you took one.

You can also buy coffe drinks (named Kaffe) from most alchemists or inn owners. Drinking Kaffe will make you less tired for a while and drinking more than one cup will help even more, but beware: When the effect is gone, you end up even more tired than before, and don't expect the later cups to work as well as the first that day. Furthermore, your sleep will suffer if you go to sleep a short time after drinking Kaffe.

If you install my HUD Status Bars mod, your rested/tired state will be displayed in a bar similar to the standard HUD status bars.

Everything can easily be set up exactly as you like it, either by using the OBMM install script, or editing the ini file.


Default timescale in Oblivion is 30, which means that for each minute played, 30 minutes passes ingame. This is a bit high when using sleep (or thirst/hunger) mods, so many players set the timescale to a lower value (typically 10-15). If enabling automatic timescale in RSE's ini, RSE will adjust the timescale depending of whether you are: inside, sneaking, in combat, standing still, walking, running, riding or swimming - in addition to a default timescale.

If you don't want special timescale for one or more of the many cases, set its timescale to 0, and the mod will ignore it. E.g. if you set timeSwimming to 0, swimming will not affect your timescale, and default will be used if none of the others apply.

The mod will always choose the smallest non-default timescale if more than one case apply at the same time. E.g. if you set timeCombat to 10 and timeInterior to 5, the timescale will be 10 if in combat while outside, and 5 when inside, whether in combat or not.

The exception is if you invoke the fast wait timescale, by tapping the fast wait key (default 'P', adjustable in the ini). When tapping it, the timescale will be set to timeWaitFast timescale (default 60), and increased by this amount for each tap of the key. Thus tapping P three times will set the timescale to 180. As soon as you move or start combat, the timescale goes back to normal. Also, if fast travel timescale is enabled, that timescale will always be used for fast travel (thus affecting the time used).


This mod is generally fully compatible with everything, with a few notes:

This mod is generally fully compatible with everything, with a few notes:

* Real Sleep Extended can even be used together with other sleep mods, but you will probably not want to.
* Real Sleep Extended is fully compatible with Kuertee's Alternatives to death and reload (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=23862), and any other mod that stops sleep requirement by setting the global variable EatDrinkSleep to 0.
* See You Sleep mentions being incompatible with Sleep mods, but Real Sleep Extended checks for it and is 100% compatible. You will even get full See You Sleep-animation when sleeping on portable bedrolls.
* The Automatic Timescale feature will override any mods that statically set the timescale (ex: Frans). It is incompatible with other mods that automatically changes the timescale. If used together with such mods, you must disable the variable timescale feature of this mod (set RSE.timeAdjustment to 0), or the other mod. It is however compatible with the Ayleid Steps that requires a timescale of 30 during certain quest stages. Real Sleep Extended detects this and lets the timescale be 30 in this situation.


* You (as the player) have an optimal wake time (herafter called OWT), which is the longest you can stay awake before getting tired.
* All your attributes will decrease as you get more tired. How, and how fast they decrease can be controlled in the ini.
* You can choose between decreasing all attributes the same amount, or a percentage of each attribute.
* By default, each attribute decreases by 0.75 of its base value per hour - thus with Strength of 60, the strength will decrease by 1 for every second hour of tiredness.
* Health & fatigue are not directly effected but your max health and fatigue will diminish as your stats are drained.
* So after 4 hours past the OWT awake, the attributes are all reduced by 3%. After 24hr (adjustable in ini) you don't get more tired however, so the reduction is capped at 18%.

* The OWT is controlled by two settings and your Endurance. The settings are minWake (default 8) and enduranceFactor (default 20).
* The OWT formula is minWake + enduranceFactor * Endurance / 100. So with Endurance of 50 and default settings, your OWT is 8 + 20 * 0.5 = 18.
* When you view the stats menu, a message appears telling you how much time you have until your OWT (if not passed it), or how long you have been sleepy (if past the OWT).
* When you click on a bed/bedroll, a message appears displaying how much sleep you need to be fully recovered.
* When you get tired, messages and a yawning sound appear to tell you that you need sleep, every ingame hour, so long as you are not in combat (if you are in combat, the message/sound will play once you leave combat)

* You can choose whether a Vampire needs sleep or not. When cured, you become as tired as if having stayed awake for 24hr.

* When sleeping, each hour asleep counts for a number of hours awake, depending on several factors, the main being your OWT.
* If the OWT is less or equal to 20hr, each hour of sleep counts for just enough to make a 24hr cycle. EX:
* If your OWT is 12, you need 12hr of sleep, thus each hour asleep counts for 1 hour awake.
* If your OWT is 18, you need 6hr of sleep, thus each hour asleep counts for 3 hours awake.
* If your OWT is 20, you need 4hr of sleep, thus each hour asleep counts for 5 hours awake.
* If the OWT is greater than 20hr, each hour asleep counts for 5 hours awake.

* Sleep during daytime is less effective for non-vampires. Sleep 8pm-11pm or 8am-11am have half effect. Sleep 11am-8pm have quartered effect.
* For vampires, it is the other way around, with 5am-8am or 8pm-23pm at half effect, and 23pm-5am at quartered effect.

* However, by the setting daySleeper to 1, sleep *Inside* is at full effect at any time of day or night for non-vampires. Set it back to 0 for default effect.

* Sleep outside is also less effective, but will be more effective the higher Willpower you have. It is also possible to tweak the ini to make sleep outside more effective than inside for ranger type roleplayers.
* Sleep in bedrolls is less effective and sleep outside both beds and bedrolls even more, but will be more effective the higher Agility you have. It is also possible to tweak the ini to make it the other way around for ranger type roleplayers.

* Adjustment for sleep outside, bed type and time of day are cumulative. So get your sleep in proper beds inside at night, if possible.

* You can sleep a bit longer than necessary before an extra tiresome day, and go 4 additional hours before starting to get tired.

* Disbale the mod by opening the console and write "set RSE.disabled to 1". Set it back to 0 to enable the mod. This, and all other, values will be overwritten by the ini setting on each savegame load.


Preferred: Use OBMM, as the archive is OMOD-ready and contains an installation script that makes it very easy to tweak the mod to your liking. Alternatively, copy everything except the "omod conversion data" folder and the readme to your Oblivion\data folder.

If you want to use my HUD Status Bars mod to display a status bar, install that mod, open its ini file and copy the three example Real Sleep Extended lines into one of the HUD bar lines.

When uninstalling RSE, make sure that it currently does NOT affects your attributes - either by sleeping until you're no longer tired, or by disabling the mod by typing "set RSE.disabled to 1" in the console. Then simply save, close the game and uninstall the mod. If the player was sleepy when you uninsyall, the negative effects of that will be stuck.

========= CREDITS

The OBSE team for OBSE
Dominic Watson for the original Real Sleep mod and Cipscis for Real Sleep Updated. Those mods are the main inspiration for Real Sleep Extended.

========= CHANGELOG

* Added HUD Status Bars support
* Removed Customisable HUD components support
* Set ownership of bedrolls to prevent NPCs from going to sleep on the bedroll where you already sleep.

* Message added when using fast wait
* Fixed error in OMOD installation script

* Added separate timescale for sitting
* Added separate timescale for fast travel
* Added fast wait functionality
* Changed the way bedrolls are picked up
* Added setting for weight of bedrolls
* Added check for stages in The Ayleid Steps where timescale should be kept to 30