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Requires the player to both eat and sleep. Has features that suit high Timescales. (My current game uses Timescale 60 while in the wilds effectively increasing the distances between cities and landmarks.)

Permissions and credits
Name: Eat and sleep
Version: 0.67
Date: 24 January 2012
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Oblivion.ESM or Nehrim.ESM,
Oblivion Patch,
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE): http://obse.silverlock.org/
HUD Status Bars http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34905 - for theNiceOne's HUD
Pluggy: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=23979 - for the in-mod HUD
Author(s): kuertee
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=24605

Changes since last update, 0.66:
0.67, 24 January 2012:
Compatibility: Nehrim: kuerteeNehrimEatAndSleep.esp. Choose one ESP or another. Or when using OBMM, it will install the appropriate version.
Bug-fix: Food items that have no weight are given 0.5 Feathers for meat and 0.25 Feathers for vegetables.
Tweak: Auto-eat messages shouldn't come before Hunger messages like in previous versions.
Tweak: Food with "poison" in their names are not consumed while auto-eating or while eating from the Food menu.
Tweak: Food tagged as a Quest Item are not consumed while auto-eating or while eating from the Food menu.
Tweak: Auto-eat function will choose a meal that will provide nearest to 8 hours of energy instead of with the least like in previous versions.
Read-me: A concise description of the mod: Gameplay changes, Compatibility, Details.
Rewritten for ease of scanning. (And to get this ready for Skyrim users.)

Gameplay changes
Food requirements are counted as hours of Satiation and Hunger.
-5 Fatigue for each hour of Hunger. This effect is shown in your Active effects screen.
You can "bank" up to 24 hours of Satiation.
Endurance halves Hunger penalties for up to 12 hours.
The weight of food items and their state determine the amount of Satiation:
25% weight when raw (i.e. when taken from a dead creature),
50% when cleaned (i.e. when taken from the game world when no eating utensils (e.g. plate, bowl, etc.) are found nearby),
75% when cold (i.e. when taken from the game world when there are eating utensils around or when taken from a container e.g. chest, dead NPC, etc.),
100% when cooked (i.e. when taken from the game world when near a fire e.g. a torch),
125% when bought from a merchant,
+50% bonus when at home.
Drinking water is assumed when you eat. Sacrifice a little realism for gameplay.

User actions
You can clean raw food by dropping into the game world then picking it up again. Sacrifice a little realism for gameplay.
You can cook food by dropping it and picking it up again near a fire. A torch is sufficient.
Cooked and bought food will turn cold over time. Reheat them. No food will spoil.
Eat directly from your Inventory by clicking on the food item.
Or click on the Food menu fork in your inventory to eat from a menu of prepared meals or get a list of available food.
You can also hold down the Z key while you roll-over a food item to see what state it's in.

You can forget the micromanagement of food and let the mod auto-eat for you.
Just make sure you have food in your inventory.

Sleep requirements are counted as hours of Energy and Exhaustion.
-5 Fatigue for each hour of Exhaustion. This effect is shown in your Active effects screen.
You can "bank" up to 24 hours of Energy.
Willpower halves Exhaustion penalties for up to 12 hours.
The value of beds and the length of sleep determine the amount of Energy:
50% of hours when outdoors with no bed (I use tejon's Roughing it mod.),
75% when in bedrolls (I use the Bedrolls anyone mod.),
100% on low quality beds (e.g. mostly found in roadside inns),
125% on medium quality beds,
150% on high quality beds,
+50% bonus when at home.

Requires either Oblivion.ESM or Nehrim.ESM. There is an ESP for Oblivion.ESM and another for Nehrim.ESM.
Optional with LAME: "kuertee bgMagicEVShader default drain effects.esp" to reset DFAT Magic effect's shader to "effectDrain".
No food items were changed so any mods that add or change food items should be compatible.
No bed items were changed so any mods that add or change beds should be compatible.
Recommended: You can use TheNiceOne's HUD Status Bars mod to show your level of Satiation/Hunger and Energy/Exhaustion.
Or install Pluggy and use the built-in HUD.

Configure this mod with its INI file in (game folder)\Data\Ini\.
Penalties are applied as Drain Fatigue effects attached to enchanted and invisible "tokens". One for Exhaustion and one for Hunger.
OBSE's IsFood is used to determine whether an item is edible.
The state of each food item is tracked with Arrays.
Meats with no weight (e.g. in Nehrim) default to 0.5 Feathers.
Vegetables and fruits with no weight default to 0.25 Feathers.
Endurance / 100 = length of time to endure (i.e. halves the penalty of) Hunger.
Willpower / 100 = length of time to endure (i.e. halves the penalty of) Exhaustion.

Upgrade from previous versions
OBMM: Deactivate the previous OMOD then follow the OBMM Install instructions with the new ZIP.

OBMM Install
1. Click on "Create" to create a new OMOD.
2. Click on "Add archive" and point to the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Click on "Create omod".
4. Activate the newly created OMOD. OBMM will install the appropriate ESP for Oblivion and Nehrim.

OBMM Uninstall
1. Deactivate the OMOD.

Manual Install/Uninstall
Unsupported. If you know what to do, go ahead. Otherwise, use OBMM.

0.66, 23 December 2011:
Tweak: Vampire players get high quality sleep when sleeping in a coffin or sleeping slab (like in the Dark Brotherhood guildhouse).
0.65, 5 June 2011:
Tweak: After time is advanced (e.g. staying in jail, after Fast Travel, etc.), vampire players need not sleep until the following 6am.
0.64, 14 December 2010:
Bug-fix: Previously, vampire players were still getting hungry.
In this version, vampires' Satiation will always be full.
Also, the auto-eat feature is disabled when a vampire.
Manual eating via the Food menu or the Ingredients tab is still allowed.
0.63, 10 December 2010:
Big-fix: Because the Food menu and the auto-eating menu required foods that provided 16, 8, 4 and 2 hours of Satiation, foods that provided more than 16 hours of Satiation were never added to the Food menu.
They can still be eaten manually off the Ingredients list, however.
But when they're the only foods in the player's inventory and the Food menu is used or the auto-eating function is triggered,
the mod would get in a perpetual loop of trying to find suitable food.
The in-game result of this is that auto-eating never eventuates and the Food menu item never presents the Food menu.
This is now fixed.
0.62, 3 January 2010:
Bug-fix: Beef, Ham and Mutton are now meat products.
Tweak: maxSleep and maxFood added to the INI file.
These are the maximum amount of Energy and Satiation that the player can keep.
Bug-fix: Auto-eating from the Food menu.
Bug-fix: Duplicate menu items do not show in the Food menu in this version.
Tweak: HUD show codes to control WHEN the HUD shows.
Set "pHUDShowCode" in the INI to one of these values:
(From: http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/NewHudS)
Show Codes
Add for combinations; i.e., GameMode+MenuMode is 11 (1 + 2 + 8)
GameMode is assumed.
0: Hidden
1: GameMode only (all menus closed, console closed)
2: MenuMode only (a menu open, console closed)
4: Console only (from GameMode or MenuMode)
8: Disable the "only" behaviour - this is necessary for any combination of GameMode, MenuMode, and console
16:Always display under Oblivion menus and huds (i.e., compass)
0.61, 16 December 2009:
Bug-fix: Previously, the gaps in times to auto-eat when hungry increases at every auto-eat.
0.60, 29 November 2009:
New feature: Auto-eat. When set, this feature will either present the Food menu or automatically feed the player.
By default, Auto-eat triggers when the player has been hungry for 1 hour or at 6 am, 12 pm, 18 pm.
And by default, Auto-eat will try to keep the player satiated for 6 hours.
Configure auto-eat in the INI file.
Thanks to the contributors (particularly Delte) to the Idle Eating - A mod idea thread: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1057100.
New feature: Player's diet: 0=omnivore (default), 1=carnivore, 2=herbivore
This is used by the Food menu and Auto-eat features.
Set this in the INI file.
Tweak: The messages in the Attributes window now list both energy stored and penalties applied.
For hunger, the message will either be Satiation or Hunger.
For sleep, the messages will either be Energy or Exhaustion.
Previously, these messages are displayed only when Exhaustion and Hunger are already present.
New feature: Energy gained from sleeping and eating are increased when done at home.
Thanks for the contributors in the Houses made useful thread: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1052639&st=20&gopid=15294384&#entry15294384.
With a particular thanks to Delte (for starting the conversation) and Locksley (because this actual feature was his idea).
New feature: Food menu. A food menu is presented when the Food menu item (found in the Miscellaneous inventory) is clicked.
Only bought, cooked and cold food are included in the menu.
Each menu item will have a collection of food that offers a set amount (but not 1 more than the set amount) of energy.
Menu item 1 will offer up to 16 hours of energy. Menu item 2, 12. Menu 3, 8. Menu 4, 4. Menu 5, 2.
Note that eating from the Food menu bypasses the ingredient sampling mini-game and will therefore not increase the Player's Alchemy skills.
Also note that eating directly from the Ingredients list is still allowed.
0.59, 3 November 2009:
Bug-fix: Previously, detecting pluggy was buggy making it a requirement.
The HUD and pluggy are optional in this version.
The "useHUD" property in the INI now works.
Tweak: When there are no food or sleep requirements, the HUD is transparent (i.e. with an opacity of 10%).
Tweak: The default location of the HUD in Menu Mode is now towards the bottom of the screen rather than the top - where inventory roll-descriptions were getting covered-up.
0.58, 19 October 2009:
Bug-fix: Bought food does not turn cold immediately.
New feature: HUDs for food and sleep requirements.
Green bars represent stored food and sleep.
Red bars represent required food and sleep.
See the section, "To use the HUD".
0.57, 27 September 2009:
Bug-fix: Sleeping/waiting for 1 hour does not reset the requirements anymore.
Events/mods that put forward time for 24 hours or more WILL reset the requirements.
Any time-changes less than this will be counted into the requirements.
Tweak: The frequency of messages can now be controlled by setting messageInterval in the INI file.
0.56, 18 September 2009:
Bug-fix: Compatibility with events that automatically put forward time.
Previously, events that put forward time needed to manually pause (i.e. by setting a variable) Eat and sleep's effects so that the player is not penalised for the time lost.
This bug-fix removes this requirement.
From this version on, events that causes the player to lose time will automatically be detected.
Hunger and exhaustion are then reset (dinner required at 6 PM and sleep at 10 PM).
Tweak: Increased sleep requirements in each preset.
The values now assume that the required amount of sleep produce only enough energy for the remaining hours of the day.
Previously, the values allowed the player to function for a full-24 hours without penalties.
Easy: requires 6 hours of sleep per day.
3 hours awake for each hour slept.
Moderate: requires 8 hours of sleep per day.
2 hours awake for each hour slept.
Hardcore: requires 10 hours of sleep per day.
1.4 hours awake for each hour slept.
Tweak: Bought and cooked food will turn cold after 1 hour.
0.55, 3 September 2009:
Bug-fix: Detecting when near fire.
Also, simply having a torch lit cooks food.
0.541, 9 August 2009:
Bug-fix: Calculation of food consumed was incorrectly getting doubled up.
0.54, 8 August 2009:
New feature: Food quality is now classified as: Bought from a merchant, warm (player-cooked), treated and cold, cleaned, raw.
The player can manually move food up the different classifications.
Note that these actions are designed not only to stop free the food from carcasses but also to put value to buying food.
Hopefully, they do not increase the micromanagement of needing to eat.

Raw food: Taking food from a dead creature will classify the food as raw.
Cleaning food: Dropping raw food from your inventory then picking it up will classify the food as being cleaned.
This seems counter intuitive but the action of taking it out of the player's inventory is assumed that the player means to clean the food.
Also, when better-classed food is dropped then picked-up, it will revert to being classed as cleaned.
Don't drop food unless there is a plate, bowl or fire nearby.
Treating then storing the food: Taking food from a container (e.g. chest, cupboard, sack) will classify the food as being treated and cold.
Also, taking food when near a plate or bowl will classify the food as being cold.
Cooking: Picking-up food when near a fire will classify the food as being cooked.
To cook, just take it out of the player's inventory when near a fire then pick it up again.

Foods do not need to move through all the classifications.
For example, the player can:
1. Drop a piece of raw food near a plate or bowl.
2. Take the food again.
3. The food will be classified as being treated and cold.
Or the player can:
1. Drop a piece of raw food when near a fire.
2. Pick it up again.
3. The food will be classified as being cooked.
0.53, 29 June 2009:
Bug-fix: Removal of persistent shader. I was incorrect to assume that [gfx]_initial_glow-all.esp removed all persistent effects.
With my fix, the effectDrain shader should never persist.
Just make sure that kuerteeEatAndSleep.esp is loaded after any mods that change the effectDrain's shader properties.
And when playing with LAME, make sure that kuertee bgMagicEVShader default drain effects.esp is loaded after bgMagicEVShader.esp.
0.52, 13 June 2009:
New feature: Penalty multipliers. Default is 5 points per 1 hour of exhaustion and 5 points per 1 hour of hunger.
Tweak: Now that I know that the "friendly penalties" features work, I've removed the penalty cap of 12 hours.
New feature: LAME shader patch.
LAME (when its bgMagicEVShader.esp optional mod is used) adds long-lasting visual effects to Drain effects.
(The penalties to lack of sleep and food are Drains to fatigue.)
If you do not want to see these visual effects (because they can be quite distracting),
either deactivate bgMagicEVShader.esp
or load "kuertee bgMagicEVShader default drain effects.esp" after bgMagicEVShader.esp.
0.51, 30 May 2009:
Bug-fix: Properly restarting the needs for food and sleep after they were paused by another mod or situation (e.g. being in jail).
0.50, 22 May 2009 - Initial release.

kuertee in the Bethesda forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

kuertee (author)

Tools Used
Oblivion Mod Manager - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2097
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like
to know what mods are including my work.