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Adds ambient music and talking to various Inn\'s

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MrPwner's Ambient Inn's V0.5
This small plugin tries to make various Inn's more pleasant by adding some ambient sound.
The sound consists of Irish folk music and various people talking.
The sound starts playing when you enter one of the affected inn's and it returns to normal music when exiting.
It's treated as the normal game music, so turn the music volume on.
List of affected inn's:
*Silverhome on the Water
*Lonely Suitor Lodge
*The Grey Mare
*Olav's Tap and Tack
*The Flowing Bowl
*Newlands Lodge
*Five Claws Lodge
-Imperial City
*The Feed Bag, Market District
*The Merchant's Inn, Market District
*The Floaming Flask, Talos Plaza
*The All Saints Inn, Temple District
*Roxey Inn
*Wawnet Inn

Future Versions & Feedback
This version is a quick release to see if people are having difficulties or suggestions.
I'm also planning on adding several NPC's to the Inn's with which you can talk in real time (Like the NPC to NPC conversations).

Redone the entire music playing system.
*The music is now treated as normal game music. (so turn up your music volume in the options>audio). The older system would start the music all over after exiting a menu, this is due to the engine limits.
*Changed the music to an mp3 for better quality
*Music now keeps playing while in a menu or conversation.
*But it starts playing about 2 seconds after you enter the inn because of the game engine.
*Wawnet Inn added as requested