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Enables hotkeys/shortcuts for getting out of menus quickly, as well as accessing specific tabs of the journal. Finally you can press M to see the map! ...

Permissions and credits
QZ Easy Menus Version 1.03
Created by qzilla, update by kyoma

1. Description
2. Installing and Requirements
3. Version History
4. Contact and Feedback
5. Credits
6. Original Readme

1. Description

QZ Easy Menus currently has three main features:

* Menu Exit

Two keys (the ExitKey and the AltExitKey) that let you exit almost any menu with the press of a button. Can be a mouse button or a normal key. Generally it chooses back or cancel but in some cases it prefers done or ok (such as the haggle/quantity prompts).

In messageboxes it will attempt to choose smart, for Yes/No messageboxes it will choose Yes (even if it's a No/Yes). For other messageboxes with two or three choices it will select either "Continue", "Done" or "Ok". All should be language independant. For mod-generated messageboxes it will only work if there is but one button or "bOnlyConfirm" is set to 0.

* Easy Choices

This part lets you choose a button in messageboxes or select a topic by the press of a button. Each It's pretty simple, 1 means the first button or topic, 2 means the second button or topic etc. The 0 is treated as 10. Obviously you can only select up to the tenth button (which is the max anyways) and tenth topic (it's rare to have that many topics). Works with the normal number keys and the NumPad keys.

* Journal Quick-Keys

Several keys you can use to quickly access the various parts of the Journal Mode. Things like stats, skills, worldmap, localmap, spells, active effects and much more. Works from outside and inside those menus so you can go from, for example, your spells page directly to your skills page. Regardless of which page of the stats menu was visible when you last viewed it. A full list can be found in the ini. If you'd like more then let me know so I can add them.

2. Installing and Requirements

* Copy the esp, ini file and menus folder to your data folder. This mod requires:
- OBSE v0018 or higher. You can find the latest version at http://obse.silverlock.org/.
* If you want you can place the ini file into "Data\ini\" instead of just "Data\"

3. Version History

* 1.03
- Removed redundant dependancy on Oblivion.esm
* 1.02
- Fixed the A-Take-All feature not working for scrolls.
- Fixed MenuEscape feature not working with lockpicking.
* 1.01
- Added a line to communicate with Enhanced Economy and its Immersive Haggle feature.
* 1.0
- Rewrote the script, ini and readme to a more familiar format on my end.
- Renamed the EscapeKey to ExitKey to avoid possible confusion with the actual Escape key on the keyboard (mostly on my end :P).
- Replaced the Ctrl+ExitKey options with a new seperate (configurable) key.
- Fixed the ExitKey not working in some parts of the initial CharGen (mostly Class and Birthsign selection).
- Made the exit of a messagebox a bit smarter than just pressing the first button.
- Now numberic keys feature works with the NumPad keys aswell as the normal number keys.
- Extended the numberic keys feature to work with topics aswell. And added optional prefixing to easily see which key links to which topic.
- The Journal Quick Keys now work to switch between pages instead of just opening and closing.
* 0.73
- Fixed bug introduced in previous version. Alchemy, Spellmaking and Enchanting menus should now work again.
* 0.72
- Fixed bug with typing in the Alchemy, Spellmaking and Enchanting menu. Now you can use the key assigned as your Escape key without fear of exiting the menu.
* 0.71
- Fixed Escape-Key not working in the Alchemy menu.
- Added book/scroll menu: Take option and repair menu: Repair All option.
* 0.7
- Fixed problem with being able to type in the console. Not really a fix since qzilla already had the code in place. It just needed to be uncommented.
- Fixed possible glitch with a double exit if you pressed the Escape-Key a bit to long, where it would close the current menu but also the underlaying menu.
- Changed how the Escape-Key works in dialogue, now it only exits if you can see the Goodbye button. No more exitting in mid-speech or when presented with a choice.
- Added several checks to only exit a menu when the associated button is visible.
- Removed exit-support for the initial TextInput menu (at CharGen) because it might interfere with typing.
- Added an option to have the Escape-Key only work in game-generated/confirmation menus.
* 0.5 and 0.6
- Original mod by qzilla

4. Contact and Feedback

Should you have any questions or comments, you can PM me (kyoma) at the Elder Scrolls Forum or post in the forum thread (see top of readme). Alternatively you can email me at daaf(dot)paradox(at)gmail.com

5. Credits

* Thanks to qzilla for making the original mod and allowing me (kyoma) to update it. Most bugs were just things he never got around to fix.
* Thanks and credit to mmmp1d who wrote the original version of this mod (Menu Escape). My (qzilla) version is written from scratch but wouldn't have existed without his idea.
* Also thanks to the OBSE team.

6. Original Readme

QZ Easy Menus v0.6 BETA
by qzilla

REQUIRES: OBSE v0016 beta


QZ Easy Menus currently has three main features:

-- Menu Escape --

Two configurable keys to get out of menus quickly. Generally the menu escape key will do a back/cancel action, except where the preferred action is usually 'okay' (such as the haggle/quantity prompts). In messageboxes the menu escape key will click the first button in the messagebox.

In container menus you can do Control+Menu-Escape-Key to Take All items.

-- Easy Message Boxes --

You can now press the 1-9 and 0 keys to press the corresponding buttons in messagebox windows (0 -> 10).

-- Journal Quick Keys --

You now have 9 quick keys to access specific tabs of the journal. The default keys are:

Inventory - AllI
Spells - AllB
Active EffectsN
World MapM
Local Map
Quest ListJ
Active Quest LogL

-- Configuration --

The keys and other options can be customized by editing the .ini file included in the download. Instructions for that are included in the file itself.


Keys are not currently disabled while the console is open -- this will be fixed when the IsConsoleOpen is added to the next OBSE beta version. I'll put out an updated version, but you can also look in the script and uncomment the appropriate lines there, if you don't feel like waiting.

pressing a number button higher than the number of buttons shown in the messagebox will still close that menu. This is a bug/fault in OBSE 0016 and will hopefully be fixed for release. If it is, this mod will still work.

menu escape key doesn't work in the birthsign menu because I can't tell it apart from the custom class menu yet.

the Take All functionality may act strange if you press ctrl+menu-escape-key in the barter menu with NPCs like shopkeepers.

*** May not work with all UI mods. It should work 99% of the time unless the UI mod has made drastic changes to the layout of a menu. Using this mod will NOT actually cause problems with any UI mods even if it doesn't work right with them.


Thanks and credit to mmmp1d who wrote the original version of this mod (Menu Escape). My version is written from scratch but wouldn't have existed without his idea.

Also thanks to the OBSE team.