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Dramatically raises the amount of stolen goods the Thieves\' Guild requires you to sell in between Commission Jobs, based on a multiplier, instead of an even climb. Two difficulty settings.

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Higher Independent Thievery Requirements v1.3


General Information

This mod was done as a request. It's very small, and very simple. Or at least, it was supposed to be! Turns out, simple doesn't work here, but I have everything worked out. Still small though :p

This mod changes the Thieves' Guild quest "Independent Thievery", dramatically raising the amount you need to fence in order to get your next commission job, in comparison to vanilla Oblivion. There are two versions. The normal version (IThieveryRaise.esp) is tougher than Vanilla, but the Very Hard version (IThieveryRaiseVeryHard.esp) is absolutely ridiculous, and only for people weho LOVE to steal.

The vanilla Oblivion quest works like this. First, you need to sell 50 gold worth of stolen items, then you need 100, then 200, and so on. But these are grand totals from the first time you sold to a fence. This means you first must sell 50, and then 50 more, and then 100 more. And it stays at 100 more for a long time. The final quest jumps to 200 more. There are a lot of mods out there that let you make a ton of cash (even I have one), so needing a total of 1,000 gold EVER seems like a paltry amount to impress the Gray Fox with.


What the normal version of this mod does is start you off needing to sell 100 gold worth, instead of 50. From there, it multiples the amount you need on each successive stage by 1.5 (rounded up to the next whole number when needed). So for the first stage, you need to sell 100, and for the second stage you need to sell 150 more, for a total of 250. For stage three, you need to sell 225 more, for a total of 475. this continues until the end, where it jumps from 7,506 to 12,506 (a 5,000 gold jump).

Here's a complete list of the requirements for each stage in the quest for the normal version:

(Old Value, counted in all time total) [Needed during this stage] {Total since starting needed for this stage}

( 50) [ 100] {100}
( 100) [ 150] {250}
( 200) [ 225] {475}
( 300) [ 338] {813}
( 400) [ 507] { 1,320}
( 500) [ 761] { 2,081}
( 600) [1,142] { 3,223}
( 700) [1,713] { 4,936}
( 800) [2,570] { 7,506}
(1000) [5,000] {12,506}


The Very Hard version starts you off at 100 as well, but multiples the requirement for each stage by TWO. This is an exponential growth, significantly higher than even the nomral version of this mod, and absolutely blowing away Vanilla.

Here's a complete list of the requirements for each stage in the quest for the normal version:

(Old Value, counted in all time total) [Needed during this stage] {Total since starting needed for this stage}

( 50) [100] { 100}
( 100) [200] { 300}
( 200) [400] { 700}
( 300) [800] {1,500}
( 400) [ 1,600] {3,100}
( 500) [ 3,200] {6,300}
( 600) [ 6,400] { 12,700}
( 700) [12,800] { 25,500}
( 800) [25,600] { 51,100}
(1000) [51,200] { 102,300}

The first should prove a lot more challenging. The second should be.. well.. incredible :D In theory, you should have to burglarize whole cities in order to impress the Gray Fox now :D

Originally, I was to have each quest stage update will actually list BOTH VALUES, to help you keep better track of where you are and how much more you need to sell. Turns out, that really isn't as helpful as it sounds. Instead, SEARCH THE GARDEN OF DARELOTH! :) :) You may find something useful to assist you in keeping track of your looting and selling antics.



This WILL conflict with Higher Thieves Guild Fence Amounts by Floach, which is essentially the same mod, with a more conservative required total (less than half of mine). Also, given what I've learned making this mod, his doesn't even WORK as intended :(

This mod apparently conflicted with OOO and Choices & Consequences, so if you intend to use this mod, load it after those two and it should work ok.


Version History

1.0: It didn't actually work how it was supposed to! :O

1.1: It works now! I had to do some major edits to scripts and dialogue trees to make this work right, but it works now :) It was a significantly more involved job than I had anticipated.

1.2: Numerical corrections for the early stages of Very Hard version. If you're using Very Hard, you should update, but make sure to make a save first, just in case.

1.3: Edited the normal version so that the Quest Updates don't list both values. I thought I had done this before, but only did it to the Very Hard version. This update has been on my mind a long time and I just got around to doing it >.<


Bugs and Feedback

I have no known bugs, this should work fine, however... let me know about any bugs that you find, like the Gray Fox trying to make you do drugs, or the Thieves' Guild exploding or something. >:D

Or, worse yet, tell me if you can't manage to sell enough... or tell if you can! (just to make sure)

LASTLY, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! This pertains to the Very Hard version. The original scripts were not designed to hold integers as high as is now required. I've changed them from short variables to long variables, which should work. One of them is a float. Tell me if you get any weird behavior with the Very Hard version.



Copy the file "IThieveryRaise.esp" (or "IThieveryRaise.esp") to your Oblivion\Data folder. When you open the Oblivion launch screen, instead of hitting play, click on "data", scroll down to find "IThieveryRaise.esp" or "IThieveryRaise.esp" and check it. DO NOT USE BOTH AT ONCE, either one or the other. Once you've done that, you can play as normal. If you have Oblivion Mod Manager (or something else of this kind), well, you know what to do already I imagine :)