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Adds a house servant to Benirus manor via a small quest. Designed as an addon for my Better Benirus Manor mod, but may be used alone or in conjunction with other Benirus Manor mods. Fully voice-acted.

Permissions and credits
Better Benirus Manor - Helping Hands v2.01

This mod adds an Eyja-style servant to Benirus Manor.

You can install this regardless of whether you have completed the house's quest or not. If you already have, you can find the young lady Rosalind waiting to be hired at The Count's Arms in Anvil. If you haven't, she will make herself present when you have finished the quest. Each method has a different introduction that gives you a different bit of her story. Either way, she wants 150 septims to come work for you (same price as Eyja, who may or may not be her cousin).

Rosalind is fully voice-acted. She doesn't have much to say, but she will cheerfully present you with a mead or meat pie anytime you ask, or re-tell her story. She will sleep in any available bed in the basement, and she will eat in the basement three times per day. Otherwise she will always be around the house to provide you meals and company.

Rosalind has her own custom outfit. You cannot remove this outfit, or dress her in something different, even with console use. There are plenty of companion mods out there with NPCs who are "of age", and you can dress those however you want. But Rosalind isn't old enough for that chainmail bikini, k?

There were a lot of requests for new features for Rosalind, many of which I liked. But this one thing required SI, and this other thing needed OBSE, and that would mean multiple versions to support everyone; and these other things meant dealing with more resources and/or animations and/or more voice recording and trying to normalize it all to the previous batch, and... well, I want to do other stuff. And I think with the multitude and sophistication of full-fledged companions out there these days, I don't feel like Rosalind needs to do more to make me happy. I hope you continue to enjoy her.

All resources have unique file paths, and the plugin has been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

2015-05-20: The most recent upload contains no changes to the mod itself, but does contain an optional file to silence Rosalind's voice acting.  You will want Elys' Universal Silent Voice to prevent the dialogue from flashing across the screen too quickly.

Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks to/for, in no particular order:

  • Kivan for the resources for LIP file generation
  • Greenwarden for Rosalind's beautiful face
  • Ryk for the clothes from "Simple Dress" mod
  • Yevic for fitting the clothes just right
  • jclyde, TK, Luchaire, and everyone who worked on "Working Eyelashes" for the lashes
  • Nequam for the EE eye mesh
  • Flonne for the beautiful eye texture

Voice acting: Me

Do not re-host or re-post this mod or any portion thereof in any form without asking me first via private message at TESAlliance, Nexus, or the official Bethsoft Forums. If I do not respond within two weeks to your permissions request, contact DarkRider at TESAlliance.

Please enjoy. =)