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An unofficial update for the Cyrodiil Terrain Map made by whisselj. Comes as a usual map replacer and as an XCF file (GIMP image file) for further customization.

Permissions and credits
Cyrodiil Terrain Map Additions

Original map made by whisselj
Additions made by Fearabbit

I've been using the Cyrodiil Terrain Map by whisselj since the day it was released. But I always wanted to see some of the mods that have a large impact on Cyrodiil on that map as well. Basically because I installed many of those mods, but then forgot about them, and never even thought about going to those locations. Best example is Bartholm, which is in a part of Cyrodiil I don't visit very often.
That's why I made these additions.

Currently they include:
- Weye, the Imperial Suburb by TamaraVico
- Better Imperial City (part of Better Cities) by the Better Cities team
- aqueduct from Let The People Drink
- Imperial Cemetery by TamaraVico
- Sutch Reborn by the Dragon Captions team
- Unique Landscapes Lost Coast by Aberneth
- Bartholm by JSera
- New Roads and Bridges by Arthmoor
- Open Cities Leyawiin Reborn by godhugh/Texian/Arthmoor
- a desert-like Elsweyr
- an emphasized vanilla road around the IC on the Imperial Isle
- an emphasized Sancre Tor (you can see it now on the map and it has a label as well - it's a damn important historical site after all)

Other mods may be included in the future.


There are three downloads. One is the XCF file, which is a GIMP format. This is the more advanced option for people who don't have all these mods that are supported. You can simply open the file with GIMP and remove the parts you don't want in your map. Then you have to open the map you're currently using and put it beneath the additions, and save everything as an DXT1 DDS file.

The other ones (the two main files) are simple map replacers. They're based on whisselj's Cyrodiil Terrain Map. You can simply download one of them and extract it into your Oblivion/Data folder, and everything should be fine.
- The FULL version has all available map additions, so you might end up seeing something on your map that doesn't appear in your game, because you don't have the corresponding mod.
- Same with the NO SUTCH version, only, well... there's no Sutch in it. Arthmoor asked for that, and I thought I could just upload it here. After all, Dragon Captions Sutch isn't that well-known.

whisselj for Cyrodiil Terrain Map
Fearabbit for the additions
the authors of the mods supported by this mod (see above)