English Billsburg with Rens Hair v_1_51 by Aurielius
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Added: 11/03/2009 - 06:33AM
Updated: 17/04/2011 - 07:33PM

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Last updated at 19:33, 17 Apr 2011 Uploaded at 6:33, 11 Mar 2009

- Improved Facial features for the females, they are all younger and prettier (according to me).
- For some reason all the women had bushy eyebrows..... no longer.
I was never fond of the vanila hair styles so for my personnal use I modified them with Ren's Hair pack and did further modifications to the facial features.
- The remaining French Bed dialogues have been removed, for some reason it was a change in the Fargyl Inn dialogue that caused this.

The more I played with the mod in force I found that these additional items required translations:

-renamed Silver Longsword
-renamed more chests(back to chests)
-renamed Torches (back to torch)
-renamed more bedrolls
-tranalated another book


-renamed Blue and Green Outfit
-renamed Parchment
-renamed several Barrels
-renamed several Chests
-renamed Collection Box
-renamed Jewelry Box
-renamed Small Crates
-Women made essential instead of respawn for those that like to reconfigure NPC clothing.


-Translation of the Legend of Gudule's Mass (though am am still not sure of the point of the story)
-Fixed response to beggars request for gold
-renamed various misc clutter items
-Blue and Green Oufit no longer quest item
-Bedroll #3 translated back into english