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Allows you to remove spells from your spellbook.

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This mod requires OBSE 15+

forum thread: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=964123

This mod allows you to remove spells from your spellbook. Use it by going to the spells menu and pressing delete. This will cause your currently selected spell to be deleted. It will prompt for confirmation first.

While other older mods already allow you to remove spells from your spellbook, all of them suffered from multiple of the following flaws:
1. Some (most?) other spell deletion mods tacked spell deletion on to other unrelated functionality that was not necessarily desired be players who want a spell deletion mod. In particular, it got bundled in with hotkey mods a bit.
2. Some (all?) other spell deletion mods would leave a permanent side effect preventing you from making new spells with the spellmaker that had the same name as a spell that you had already deleted. Thus, if you screwed up in the spellmaker you could not delete it and start over unless you changed the name.
3. Some (all?) other spell deletion mods would show the deleted spell as still there in the spells menu after it was deleted until you left the menu and came back.
4. Some (all?) other spell deletion mods would leave you with an arbitrary spell selected afterwords, often a low level healing spell.
5. Some (all?) other spell deletion mods would not work for the first few seconds of gameplay in each new Oblivion session (the first time you loaded a save after each time you launched Oblivion), due to the limitations of quest scripts.

This mod attempts to fix all of those issues:
1. It includes no other functionality except the ability to remove spells.
2. It renames player-made spells by adding a "__deleted: " prefix on to the name as it deletes them, so you can reuse the original name.
3. It pulls you out of the spells menu for a frame or two after its used and then puts you back in to the spells menu to make sure that the spells menu does not show spells that aren't there anymore.
4. It selects the next spell in your spellbook in alphabetical order when you delete a spell, or the previous spell if there is no next spell. If you delete the very last spell in your spellbook it selects a dummy spell with near infinite casting cost and no effect.
5. This mod moves the script to a token object, making the initialization delay only be required the first time this mod is loaded on a given character instead of every time Oblivion.exe is restarted.