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Modder\'s Resource of the wing meshes I created, rigged to their own bones, with an expanded skeleton

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While I'm now digging my head into animating for the first time in life, I thought I'd already release another thing creating which was the first time in my life.

These are the new wing meshes for my Anthro-Dragon Race Work In Progress. I created an own bone structure for them and rigged them to these new bones, so I could finally achieve the form of movement I intended them to have.
They are designed and rigged to align perfectly with Robert's upperbody meshes V4 Muscular, but I doubt it will be difficult to get them fitting others.

The pictures I provided are only some quick Blender poses to give you an idea of what movement is possible with these.
Didn't make any flapping yet, but this is possible too of course... what would be dragon wings that can't flap?

This is a "Modder's Resource", meaning it's of no use for people who don't at least know how to bring meshes ingame as new clothing items or assign their own textures to objects in NIF files.
They're UV-mapped to use the arm sections inside a typical Robert's texture, as this is what they started as.
(So all credits for the initial meshes I reshaped go to Robert/Robert2 for his awesome body meshes.
Oh, the claws on the wing fingers are from AlienSlof, Loth DeBonneville and SickleYield, from Slof's Claws for Demons.
I apologize for not asking this time, I completely forgot about these.)

You get the wings' NIF file together with expanded "skeleton.nif" + "skeletonbeast.nif" (actually one and the same file since time immemorial on my system).
However, these skeletons already originate from Chingari and Ismelda's Demon Race... or was it Breeze's Seducers?... whichever came last I guess. Their wing bones are in there as well. But my bones are intentionally named rather uniquely, all starting with "DrakeWing...", so there shouldn't be any conflicts with existing bones or animations possible. (Tell me if you find any though!)
For those possessing Blender, I also packed in a .blend file, as I know you loose quite some details on each export.
The textures from the pics are NOT included! They're part of my Dragon Race WIP and would be a waste of space without it.

Use these however you like, animate them, re-texture them, re-UV-map them, re-rig them, make them posed static like Alexander's famous wings, use them in a mod of yours, or even for a race... whatever pleases you.
There's no need to ask me for permission, as this is intended to be freely used and ab-used in whichever way one can think of. (That's the meaning of the term "Modder's Resource", now isn't it?)