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Makes Repair Hammers and Arrows weigh nothing, so you don\'t have to keep storing and retrieving arrows and Repair Hammers out of containers in your home. Two .esp files, so you can have one without the other if you want.

Permissions and credits
Weightless Arrows and Hammers, Version 1.0
A little mod by Phoenix316

What it does:
A very simple little change to make it so you don't have to keep storing and retrieving arrows and Repair Hammers out of containers in your home. There are two .esp files, one that makes Repair Hammers weightless and one that makes all the standard arrows in Oblivion (including enchanted ones) weightless.

I am aware that there are other mods that do similar things, but I'd already made this before I noticed them.

What it doesn't do:
It doesn't affect Shivering Isles arrows (Amber and Madness), 'cos I haven't got that on the PC yet. It also won't affect any arrows introduced by mods, for example from Retro's Fletching and Imbuing mod. I also didn't change the key-arrow from the Thieves Guild quest, mainly because I didn't want to have a chance of messing up the quest.

Just copy one or both of the .esp files to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate it/them either via the Data Files option on the splash-screen menu or with Oblivion Mod Manager.

Should be compatible with most mods, although there may be issues with other mods that modify arrows. I do know it's fully compatible with Retro's Fletching and Imbuing and Comit's Backpacks. It just, as I said before, won't change any new types of arrows a mod adds.

Future versions:
Once I've got Shivering Isles I'll re-release with another .esp file for the Shivering Isles arrows. Also, if there's some way to globally set that all arrows weigh nothing rather than editing each individual type I may re-release it doing it that way, which would make things a whole lot simpler and probably make it capable of changing arrows added by other mods, too.