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A full funtioning Imperial Legion Fort featuring different joinable factions and quests, perfect to rollplay an imperial legionnaire, as it was possible in Tes3 Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
Name: Fort Akatosh Redux
Version: 1.4.3
Author(s): onra


Fort Akatosh is a fully functional fort south of the Imperial City run
by the Akatosh Legion. The fort protects the main trade routes from the
east and south and could as well support the Imperial City in the event
of an attack. Fort Akatosh is also the headquarters of all legions of
Tamriel, under command of General Synniu Esdrecus.

These days most of the units of the Akatosh Legion are stationed all
over the whole empire. Only two regiments are currently stationed at the
fort: the 1st Akatosh Guard Regiment and the 1. Elite Infantry Regiment.
As the old Legion forts were abandoned and the Cyrodiil Legion has
nearly no troops operating outside of the Imperial city, the Swamp Moth
Legion has received orders to return from Blackmarsh to Cyrodiil, to
support the local forces during the oblivion crisis. (This is part of our other mod "Guards of Cyrodiil" which is highly
recommended to play together with Fort Akatosh).

Fort Akatosh is located at the river Niben just beside Cropsford and
comes with 4 gates, 12 watchtowers, 4 large barracks, a legion
smith, stables, own prison, storages, infirmary, jakes, washhouse,
Thermae ( Roman bath), legion kitchen, drill area, the
mainbuilding ( featuring the HQ, the Arsenal, the Scriptorium, the
Imperial Cult) and a large basement ( featuring private quarters, guard
barracks, the legion vaults, armory, temple of Akatosh and interrogation

Further on we have the Fort Akatosh Docks..featuring a big dry dock
(with cranes and stuff), navy barracks, storages, a lighthouse, imperial
trading company cog and the trading company office....

last but not least Fort Akatosh will add 6 legion watchtowers (beacons)
along the Cyrodiil borders ...

The Fort itself has been built in the style of a roman/imperial legion
castellum by using a mix of castle meshes ( Mr_Siika), imperial
architecture and meshes taken from Mr_Siikas Jurad tileset for designing
it. So it has a unique military look but fits perfectly in the existing
game as well.

More than 100 npc's have been made so far , legionnaires, recruits,
guards, elite guards, battlemages, officers, legionnaires from other
provinces etc...all high detailed with unique names, faces, inventories,
unique legion gear and complex AI shedules featuring a lot of different
animations...you will see soldiers patrol, pray, eat , sleep, being
drilled, taking notes, playing lute, drink, smoke etc ....

Fort Akatosh will provide a lot of different services and features like
merchants ( selling as well lot of new stuff and cobl items from the
other provinces), training, repairs, recharge, horses, an altar to pray
at, sleeping places ( from barracks up to your own officers quarters),
fully scripted roman bath, fully working alchemy lab (cobl and more),
enchantment altar, food and water supply (cobl), the luggage (cobl), a
big library ( featuring all ! cobl books and more), legion kitchen with
an oven to bake your own bread, etc....

As a special feature all races and genders are made useable as guards
now ...this means npc's of all races and genders can be used as
legionnaires and guards and will warn you for trespassing and arrest you
properly....( will work with npc's from other mods as well)....no more
feeling lonely cause you are the only Argonian or Nord in the Imperial
Legion...This feature is fully voice acted by using original vanilla
A guard crime fix has been included as well, so that the player will be
arrested properly for commiting a crime even if he is a member of the
Imperial Legion...
All Imperial Legion members will greet you properly ( animated) if they
recognize you as an imperial soldier ( will work as well with npc's from
other mods)

This mod introduces 3 new fully playable factions ( "Imperial Legion 1st
Akatosh Guard Regiment" , "Imperial Cult", "North&East Empire Company")
which the player can join. All factions will provide quests for the
player to climb up the ranks ( up to 9 different lore based ranks).

Version 1.3 will allow the player to join the Imperial Legion, the
Imperial Cult and the North&East Empire Company and to rise up the
imperial legion ranks up to captain by completing different quests.

To rise up to captain you must become the Hero of Kvatch as a sergeant of the imperial legion...will work the other way as well

Oblivion Patch (Official 1.2 Patch)

Shivering Isles (required for our Resource Pack anyway)

Cobl 1.72(only resources & main esm are required)

Tamriel Resource Pack

Installation Instructions
use the dowloadmanager (higly recommended) or
place the Fort Akatosh Redux esp, the Fort Akatosh Redux bsa archieve, the Fort Akatosh voices bsa and the meshes folder in your oblivion / data folder, let overwrite everything if asked and don't forget to uncheck the FAR esp...

then run Boss, Tes4Lodgen and update your wrye bash patch


Uninstallation Instructions
use downloadmanager ....or simply delete the Fort Akatosh Redux esp , bsa's and the Fort Akatosh and TamRes meshes folder...

FAR is not compatible with :

Feudal Empire, Torynwyll, Bottomless Cavern

FA Redux has been tested and is fully compatible with BBC/OBC/OC, Imperial City "all disticts merged", Blood&Mud, The lost Spires, all Unique Landscapes, Weather All Natural, The Ayleid Steps, Thieves Arsenal, Midas Magic, Elsweyr Anequina and many many more popular mods.

Starting the mod

Travell to Fort Akatosh docks ( using fast travell or if you use BBC use the new travelling system). Enter the fort and follow the instruction. Listen closely to the instructions, orders and information provided by the different officers.

Once you have joined the imperial legion at the fort enter the IC Market, Talos Plaza or Palace District. This will start the first "Legion Rank" quest.

for joining the Imperial Cult..talk to legion priest Salvatius Deos.

for joining the North East Empire Company talk to Robent Maniel ( not voiced at the moment)

Known Issues



translated versions :

for the french version look here :


for the german version look here :


our friends from russia look here :


link to Fort Akatosh Redux Walkthrough :


a fantastic walkthrough made by the german community for Fort Akatosh Redux DV

simply use google translater for the english version...

Dark UI compatible loading screens for Fort Akatosh Redux have been uploaded. Credits go to Sita for creating them for us :-) thx a lot.......



Marxx and Aiwa for their fantastic voice acting ( both are members of the TES Alliance Voice Acting project)
Bethsoft for this wonderful game and the Construction Set
the Nexus guys..for Nexus
Elminster, Wrye, Timeslip and TeamGecko for their amazing tools
Vorians for the NR&B patch
all the people who created and shared all these wonderful resources we are using in our mods (see full credit list of our resource pack)
special credits to Mr_Siika( most of the architecture meshes for FA are taken from his resources)
special credits to Lady Li and friends for their spider cave DV.

the team :
firesparks for creating so many things
to improve this mod , proofreading, testing and...and ...and ....

Euther for doing most of the the voice acting
(voice acting, mastering, generating lip anims)

Cobb for being our military historian, writer and play tester


All used resources are free modders resources and can freely be used as long as proper credit is given.