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my new race with arcane tattoos

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December 2012
reuploaded 1.02 update on the Nexus


put all download links (for main file, update, tattoos only version) into a textfile which you can find under the normal download location (Files). The mirror is Mediafire.

Update version 1.02 (main file required):
- modified Breeze's Vascular Male Normalmap (integrated my tattoos)
- other changes: tweaked ear texture (better skin tone) and smooth egt for smoother faces

You can find the female version here

Ancient Elven Sorcerer

Robert's Male Body Replacer 4: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/14942

The Ancient Elven Sorcerers are magical talented elves and are famous for their arcane tattoos. People know them from legends. They come now back to Cyrodiil after thousands of years.

This race is for male characters only.


Please note:
It's a custom race, so I recommend using the Custom Race Fix to solve the problem with dialogue at the beginning of the start dungeon: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/1815

Alternatively, you can use the cheat "Setstage Charactergen 9" (without quotes) to evade this problem.


Thanks to Robert for Male Body Replacer 4
Thanks to CapsAnim for the Vanity Pack
Thanks to Dante90 for the long ears
For the ears with earrings I thank: Kafei, Kikaimegami, AlienSlof, Luchaire, JC Clyde,
Chingari, SavageArtistry and Spirited Treasure
Thanks to Chingari and Ismelda for the Sound files from the Demon Race Mod
Thanks to Ren for Rens Beauty Pack
Thanks to Idkrrr for the Corean Hair Mod and the saram race Mod
Thanks to Slof for the hair from the Playable Xivilai Mod
Thanks to throttlekitty for the tk hair pack 01 and the Head06 Resource Pack
Thanks to Ravege for the Slit Eyes and Human Eyes for BP and EE
Thanks to Flonne for Rens Eyes Recolored
Thanks to Sarielle for All Sorts of Eyes
Thanks to Nequam for Elaborate Eyes
Thanks to DreadNaught for DN Vampire Eyes - Evolution of Blood