Ancient Elven Sorceress by Selene310187
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Last updated at 23:20, 18 Sep 2009 Uploaded at 18:40, 2 Aug 2009

Update of September 18, 2009
- edited the face texture of Ancient Elven Sorceress in order to make it compatible with the head from Rens Beauty Pack and all other non-Head06 head types (folder "No Head06")
- updated the textures without tattoos for both versions (folder "Extras")


Mkat101 from Teseyecandy inspired me to make a female version of my male only Ancient Elven Sorcerer, thanks for this :).

Ancient Elven Sorceress

by Selene310187 aka darklady310187

Version: 1.0

Oblivion version: Oblivion with Patch 1.2.0416


HGEC: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15802
or Exnem: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10168
I also included default body textures which fit the face skin tone. So it should be compatible with the vanilla body, too.

The mod Ancient Elven Sorceress is the female version of my mod Ancient Elven Sorcerer. The Ancient Elven Sorceresses are like the Ancient Elven Sorcerers magical talented elves and are famous for their arcane tattoos. People know them from legends. They now come back to Cyrodiil after thousands of years.

If you don't like the tattoos, I made a tattoo-less version, too ;). You find it in the folder "Options". I also added different ear options: long, long - pierced, short, short - pierced, jug-eared (see screenshot with ear types).

You can choose between 111 eyes and 52 hair styles (corean, saram, sulhwa, and many more).

The race is female only and uses the Head06 head.


It's a custom race, so I recommend a mod which solves the problem with the dialog at the beginning of the start dungeon like the mod Custom Race Fix or the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
Alternatively, you can use a mod with a new start point for your character or type in the console the cheat setstage charactergen 9.

Have fun!



Main file:
Unpack the Meshes, Textures and Sound folders and "Ancient Elven Sorceress - EV".esp from the folder "Main files (install first)" to your Oblivion Data directory. Activate the esp via the Oblivion Launcher -> Data Files. Ignore the other esp, as it is for German speaking users.

After you have installed the main files you can choose some options in the folder "Options" like other ear shapes or textures wihout tattoos. Just put the textures and/or meshes from your desired option to the Data folder and overwrite the files if asked.

Choose a your desired version: Head06 (folder "Head06 version) or non-Head06 (folder "No Head06"). Unpack the Meshes and Textures folders and "Ancient Elven Sorceress - EV".esp from the archive to your Oblivion Data directory and overwrite the files if asked.

Play Oblivion and enjoy!


I downloaded the file from tesnexus and tested it. It could be unpacked without any problems. But if somebody has problems with the archive, please try
- this download link: http://www.4shared.com/get/122399740/818b2ed3/Ancient_Elven_Sorceress.html
- another download server from tesnexus (the Dallas or Seattle server, if possible the premium ones)
- another unpacking program (I used 7-zip)
- or another browser (for example Firefox or Opera).