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Adds immersive indicators for low health and disease. Adds blur and tunnel-vision-fade low health warnings. Adds blur and peripheral-vision-colors disease warnings. Adds slow magicka, fatigue, and health burns for disease.

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Version: 1.03
Author: Donovan Baarda ([email protected])

** ATTENTION: This mod requires OBSE v0018 or greater, recommends OBGE v0.1.0 or greater, and is best installed with OBMM! **

Adds immersive indicators for low health and disease. Adds blur and tunnel-vision-fade low health warnings. Adds blur and peripheral-vision-colors disease warnings. Adds slow magicka, fatigue, and health burns for disease.

This was originally developed as part of RealisticFatigue v2.0-beta3, but I decided that it deserves to be a separate mod. Special thanks go to qzilla for ScreenEffects that showed me how to write OBGE shaders. Designed to work together with RealisticFatigue and Realistic Leveling, and but does not require them.


This is a modification for Elderscrolls:Oblivion that provides immersive indicators for low health and disease, and slow magicka, fatigue, and health burns for disease. It attempts to be simple and easily configurable, with minimal game changes so it should be highly compatible with other mods. I wrote it because I was wanted a decent health indicator and was not happy with any that I found. It includes a light-weight OBGE shader for low health tunnel-vision-fadeout and disease peripheral-vision-color effects. I designed these visual effects based on personal experience with sporting injuries and fevers. It has the following features;

* Fully configurable using a RealisticHealth.ini settings file. The default settings provided should work for most users. All features can be adjusted or turned off if required.

* Very simple... 1 quest, 1 small script, 1 settings file, and 1 optimized OBGE shader. The code is very small and clean, and only provides visual effects and fatigue and health burns for disease. It also is very efficient and lightweight.

* Uses OBSE to look up diseases so it should be fully compatible with any custom diseases added or modified by other mods. Ignores diseases with any positive fortify effects as used by some mods for providing special benefits.

With the default settings for health effects, you will get a tunnel-vision-greyout fade and blur effect that start at 50% health and increase in intensity as your health gets lower.

With the default settings for disease effects, you get a peripheral-vision color fadein/fadeout and blur effect that becomes noticable within one hour, and increases in intensity the longer you have the disease. You will also start to loose magicka, fatigue, and health at steadily increasing rates as the disease progresses. Diseases reach their peak intensity after about 48 hours of game time (not real time), when you will be loosing 10% of remaining magicka and fatigue, and 1% of remaining health every second.


1) Download and install OBSE v0018 or greater.

2) Download and install OBMM.

3) Download and install OBGEv2. Make sure that the OBGEv2.dll is renamed to obge.dll if it is not already. You can also use the original OBGE v0.1.0 instead. If you do not install OBGE Realistic Health will still work, but will not have the custom shader effects.

4) Run OBMM and create an OMOD by clicking on "Create; Add archive", selecting this archive, agreeing to import omod data, and clicking on "Create omod".

4) Activate this omod with OBMM.

Note OBMM automatically launches OBSE if you have it installed when launching Oblivion.


This mod does not use drain effects or leave anything in savegames, so it is safe to just deactivate this mod in OBMM.


You don't need to do anything special to use this mod. Just activate it with OBMM and it will start working. The configuration file Oblivion\Data\RealisticHealth.ini can be edited to adjust how the mod operates. All features can be adjusted or turned off as desired. See this file for more information on all the settings.


Look at the code and read the RealisticHealth.ini file. Trust me, it's pretty :-)

The magicka, fatigue, and health burn effects can be turned off if desired in RealisicHealth.ini. However, these effects are pretty subtle and should not cause excessive problems even when used in conjunction with other mods that boost the intensity of diseases. These effects are a "burn" not a "drain", so the magicka/fatigue/health lost from disease can be healed/restored normally, but it will continue burning away until the disease is cured. Since it is the fraction of remaining magicka/fatigue/health, not the base magicka/fatigue/health, it slows down as your magicka/fatigue/health gets lower. With the default settings, the disease gets to 50% intensity after 24 hours when you will be burning 5% magicka and fatigue, and 0.5% health every second. Even with a disease at full intensity and only 10 health left, you will loose 1 point of health in 10 seconds, then 21 seconds, then 33 seconds, etc... for a total of nearly 5 minutes real time before you die, which is plenty of time to cast a basic heal spell. With magicka and fatigue the burn rate is faster, but they are also recovering at the same time, so you can never get to zero magicka/fatigue from disease alone.

Known Issues

There may be some mods that have diseases that are a mixture of different effects and do not have a spell school of destruction. These diseases will not be identified as a real disease and will not trigger the disease visuals or fatigue/health burn effects. No mods that have harmful diseases of other spell schools are known of at this time, but please notify the author if any are found.

Becoming a Vampire will disable the disease affects. Being a vampire gives you 100% resistance to disease, but there may be some combination of mods and events that could give a vampire a disease where having the disease affects would be desirable. No combination of mods and events that might lead to this are known of at this time, but please notify the author if any are found.


2008-12-15 v1.0 by Donovan Baarda (abo)
- Initial Release.

2008-12-24 v1.1 by Donovan Baarda (abo)
- Changed to ignore diseases with any fortify affects.

2009-01-25 v1.2 by Donovan Baarda (abo)
- Changed to ignore diseases with spell schools other than destruction instead of fortify effects.
- Disabled disease effects when the player is a vampire.
- Improved layout and comments in RealisticHealth.ini.

2010-06-02 v1.3 by Donovan Baarda (abo)
- Add french translation release (thanks xa_chan),
- Add disease magicka drain and diseaseMagickaDrain setting.
- Change shader to do saturation first before contrast and brightness.
- Change shader getRadius() so that radius=1.0 at corners, not edges.
- Change shader doContrast() to use lerp().
- Change shader doBrightness() to not limit the value>0.0.
- Add shader doGamma() and doGammaContrast() functions, but don't use them yet.
- Change using OBGE from required to optional.
- Change disease shader contrast effect, reducing it by half.
- Change diseaseLevel to (diseaseAge/(DiseaseTime + diseaseAge))^2 to slow onset.
- Change config default diseaseTime from 4.0 to 8.0.
- Fix install script "Realistic Health" not "Realistic Fatigue" comments.