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Added: 13/10/2008 - 07:25PM
Updated: 17/04/2010 - 02:20PM

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SM Rest v1.0
Requires OBSE 18

This mod gives you faster skill progression after you have rested in a bed. Resting in bed will give you a number of rest XP points.
This mod works different to other rest/bed mods in that you are not penalized if you dont sleep. Its just a bonus if you do.

Rest XP will allow you to by default gain 50% more experience when using your skills. Once the available rest XP is used up your skills will increase at the usual rate.
By default you can earn a maximum of 40 rest XP points.

Example: You gain 2Xp in casting a protect spell to alteration. You lose 2XP from your rest XP but also gain 0.5*2 extra XP.

Resting outside will give you less rest than sleeping inside.

Also waiting a certain amount of time (only while inside by default) can provide rest albeit its hardly noticeable.

Eating food will give you small amounts of rest but only while you are not in combat.

Waiting and eating food have caps on the amount of total rest XP you can obtain.

I created this mod primarily so that beds are still useful gameplay wise especially if you use a automatic skill rate mods like realistic levelling or ngcd that effectivly negate the usage of beds.

Press the "Period/Full Stop" to display your current rest XP.

Alot of these numbers and rest XP display key can be modified in the ini.

If you want to configure settings, place the ini file in the "Oblivion\Data\" folder

I have purposely made the mod in such a way that makes it compatable with all skill rate mods and levelling mods.

Known Issues / Ideas
- Quality of bed/ inn location also determines amount of rest you receive. In inns you gain more rest than normal.
- Rest XP from drinking
- Give each skill its own rest XP so it drains independently from other skills (To prevent althetics using it up most of the time)

Version History
- Now requires OBSE 18
- Fixed bugs relating to not gaining the correct amount of bonus experience.
- Fixes for multiple use skill bugs.
- Fixed messages being displayed even when no XP was gained.
- A message will be displayed when you have exhausted your XP.
- Gain 50% extra XP down from 70% (It has increased from previous versions due to bugs)
- Press the "period/full stop" button to view your current rest XP.

- Fixed bug where your rest is used up the moment you receive it and used on all your past skill increments.
- Now sleeping outside gives you less rest per hour than sleeping inside.
- Waiting inside also increases your rest but you can increase your rest a certain amount by resting.
- Eating food also raises rest and is more effecient than waiting but less so than sleeping (Does not work when in combat)
- Added ini for configuration of the rest XP gains.

V0.5 Beta

Sir Frederik - First to implement rest bonuses for sleeping in a bed for his levelling mod Oblivion XP, and this gave me the initiative to create a rest system for the vanilla system.