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Adds ability such that if player can't be seen by a npc whos in combat with him, the combat will end and that npc will search the area for him.

Permissions and credits
This mod is outdated and is now maintained within SupreMe Overhaul

SM Combat Hide v1.2
Created by the Strategy Master

This mod allows to more effectivly hide from npcs you are in combat with. If you stay out of visible sight from them long enough the npc will not be sure where you have gone and lose track of you. No more do npc's have homing beacons on your position.

Once the npc has lost you if brave enough or dislike you enough they will search the area for a while and if they come accross you they will instantly attack. After some time they will stop actively searching the area for you.

There is also a fix to the never ending combat situations so that when its obvious the area has no enemies combat mode will end.

- Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v17

If you copy over the ini file into the "Data" directory you can modify some of the settings of this mod.

Choose the time before enemies give up or alter general actor behaviour.

Compatible with Attack and Hide. I recommend you use the ini to modify the iAICombatMinDetection to between -40 and -45

Compatible with my SM Regional bounty mod. Just ensure you dont rename the esp from "SM Bounty.esp"

Reneers guard mod adds similar functionality to guards so will likely conflict. Do not use them together.

Known Issues
Occasionally some actors are left in an alerted state even though they are no longer searching for the player.

Version History
- OBSE 17 now required
- Added OBSE check
- Added an optional ini file to configure some of the functionality to your liking.
- If no actors in surrounding cells in combat with player for a time combat alarm will be stopped on the player. Prevents never ending combat.
- Seen and unseen dialogue will be used when searching for the player.
- Fixed a bug causing actors to search for you no matter there confidence or liking towards you.
- Fixed major compatability issues with SM Regional Bounty Guard knockouts.

- Fixed a bug with the AI package not always activating correctly on npcs
- Npcs with detect life will not stop combat if you try to hide from them
- Only NPC's with a high confidence will search for you once they lose you
- Npc confidence determines if they will run around the area or just walk around the area
- Highly aggressive npcs will search for you in an alerted state (weapons out)
- Npcs will only search for you if there aggression is greater than the disposition towards you (exception is guards)
- Fixed some bugs related to guards
- Ensured Attack and Hide support

- Release