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You can get the dress at the Divine Elegance store in the Imperial City Market District.

Permissions and credits
Evening Dress for HGEC
By naglio
Version 1.2
Date: 17/10/2008

HGEC Body Replacer.

New version changes: 1.2
- Full mesh restyling.

New version changes: 1.1
- Fix some texture problem.
- White version added.

You can get the dress at the Divine elegance store in the Imperial City Market District.
(EBE version included)

1 . Extract the files to a temporary location.
2 . Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3 . Copy the files to your (install folder) \Oblivion\Data\
4 . Check HGEC Evening Dress.esp in the Data Files menu
5 . Launch the Game

Bethesda Softworks

Female Eyecandy Body Replacer

HGEC body

Clothing Resource for HGEC 1.1

HGEC Indigo Armor v1.1

Dancer's clothes

Goddess store

Ashara's Sirens and Tritons

-For EBE edition
ACDale: For correcting some issues with the leg and some microseams
MadCat221: For adding some extra muscle volume to the arms

The great community at
http://teseyecandy.com/forum/index.php (Official Exnem's Eye Candy forum)
http://www.tesnexus.com (Greatest Oblivion Mod Collection)

And if I left someone out, just let me know.

Known glitches:
Some clipping.

Tools Used:
DDS Converter 2
TES Construction Set

You may use everything from this mod as long as you give credits to the author listed above and to me in your readme.

and thanks, to the modders who created these amazing works, to anyone who tried this little mod out, and/or read this far.