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A bug fixed version of the Mage Equipment 2 mod.

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In the previous versoin (Mage Equipment 2), there was a small, but bothersome bug in the esps. This new fix version should deal with them. If you have already downloaded the version 2, please, download the fix from here. The instructions are below

Download instructions:

If you have never used any instance of Mage Equipment mod, download ONLY the "Mage Equipment 2.1" folder and install it according to the read-me
If you have the first version installed (Mage Equipment), download ONLY the "Mage Equipment 2.1" folder and owerwrite the old folders.
If you have downloaded the "Mage Equipment 2" (was up for only a day or so), download ONLY the "Mage Equipment 2.1 - Esps ONLY" adn only replace the esp.

Requires: Shivering Isles Expansion Pack (cannot be avoided at the moment for both practical and legal reasons)
Features Robert's Male and Female body replacer (it is not absolutely neccessairy, but some exposed body parts (except for hands, feet and heads) might have strange textures on them if you do not use Robert's)

A new mod by Dewshine 2003 was released that allows you to use Mage Equipment mod alongside with Slof's Robe trader. Original Mage Equipment is still required!
Link: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=19880
Hallo everyone.

For you who know my Mage Equipment mod, this is a new, improved version. I hope I have managed to get rid of all the bugs reported.

Description in more detail:

Very soon after starting playing Oblivion as a mage, I have realised, that the robes available for mages are absolutely and terribly ugly. I could not help the feeling that my sorcerer has borrowid his robe from his elder sister an vice versa. So I decided to make new meshesfor the robes. Then I realised that the robes are usless as they are ugly. This was changed as well.
Now this mod adds about 80 new robes to the game. Save for two(which are left to your imagination) all the robes are enchanted. The robes are placed in the leveled lists, so you will be finding the more powerful ones during the play. Just like armour. Of course, there are hand placed robes as well and several unique items.

Together with the robes, you will be able to find shoes and gloves, that are also enchanted and like the robes, placed in leveled lists.

When I had teh clothing ready, i set up to make weapons as well. So now the game features Battle staves - staves you can use like warhammers (unfortunately no new animations, so the staves look a bit strange, but this si asmuch as I can do), which means, oyu can bash people over their headds with them. All the staves are enchanted and while equiped they will give some bonuses to the player.

For the blade weilders among us, I have also made some ceremonial daggers. They are enchanted as well and also have beneficial effects on the player.

Great majority of the items are in leveled lists, so you will be finding them as you go through the game. Some are unique and hand placed. There is a book, that has hints to the story behind those items as well as hints to their where abouts. You can also buy some of the items in various shops.
I ahve tried very hard to make the mod as immersive as possible. Hopefully I have managed.

You can see several pictures with this mod. They DO NOT show all the content of the mod, simply because I do not have enough time to show everything. They are more like teasers.
In spite of the pictures, almost all the robes have feamle version, which is NOT revealing.
Read the readme!!! There might be important things there!

Here is a link to the official page of this mod, where I will be present most of the time, so you can best react on this mod here: