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JaySuS Blades! V11


A Mod For TES IV Oblivion


embark on your adventure to reclaim the lost divine blades



extract the archive in your oblivion/data directory



start your journey at vilverin, the bandits at the campsite own
a book that will lead you on your journey



some designs were created during the TESNexus Sword Request Contest
and created, modified and wanked at by me:

Moonblade by Lainge
Bloodweaver by KillMeTwice
WitchBlade by Talos II
Blossom by Naminea
WolfBlade by Exodus1161
Hell and Heaven Blades by Meykeru Sensei
Painweaver by Sabat9

Mara is a custom sword made by master bladesmith Jake Powning who created it
for Joseph who requested it from me for ingame use


contains custom icons, models, textures, scripts, effects and lots more


thx to LoginForDownload for fixing the riddle script
thx to all who participated in the Sword Contest your designs were truly outstanding
and im honest if i say im deeply sorry not having been able to create all but time
is limited even for me
thx to visman for pointing out the bugs


bugs are possible as i didnt test everything (would need to play the whole game at least once)
if you encounter one plz forgive me and point the problem out somewhere at tesnexus but also
include your modlist so one can look for conflicts


update log:

v10 to v11

fixed the crash at fishermansrock aswell as all mountainlions carrying mara




use and modify as you want
!always! add credits to your readme and wherever else you put them for "JaySuS" and the
appropriate creator of the design


contact redcarp at shadowtek.net
jaysus at tesnexus.com

keep in mind i sue for plagiarism without a second thought


have fun and enjoy :)