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Part 01: The Dwemer Subway
Deep under the surface of Cyrodiil, there lies an ancient Dwemer transportation network. It's original purpose remains in the dark, as do many other things concerning the Dwemer. People do not dare talk about it, fearing the fate of the Dwemer, they shun their inventions and their mighty machines.
Ancient legends tell of ten stations, but only a few are known to exist for certain.


This mod adds a subterran mode of transportation that connects ten stations throughout Cyrodiil.
Every station has two buttons to let you call the train. Pressing the button again lets you travel
into the other direction. You cannot turn around in the tunnels. There are several turning points
where you can change the heading of the train. In every station you can find a map showing where
you are at the moment.
There are no enemies in the subway at all, so don't be afraid.

Have fun,

Thanks to:
Sjors Boomschors for the animations!
The NPC with Jobs Team for their support and inspiration
SaidenStorm and JDFan for their kind and quick help
(even if I decided to drop the portable map idea because I ran out of time)

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