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NOW NPC Arrow shots can miss you based on their marksmanship and other factors.

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Duke Patrick's - Actors Can Miss Now
Rev 3

OBSE 18 or better needed.

Rev 3 companion mod fix.
...to be clear the issue was with a vanilla bug using the vanilla command isrunning, and the bug is triggered by companion mods enabling and then disabling the NPC in the same frame. Something the DEV did not except anyone to do. This Rev 3 updated simply will not run the isrunning command unless the NPC is detected moving around using other commands that do not have the bug. NPC will not move in the frame after they have been disabled then enabled, this "after frame" is where the trouble occurs even though they are not disabled in that frame. Anyway...We can thank cdCooley for discovering this issue with companion mods.

Actors will sometimes MISS you when they fire arrows or spells at you!

You can now hear the arrows fly by you, the NPC miss their shots easily if you run around, but a high marksmen with good equipment NPC can still hit you easily if they themselves are not moving around and take aim for a few seconds.

The NPC's formula to miss the shot is almost identical to the one for the player in my upcoming "Duke Patrick's Immersion Combat Archery mod".

Some of the factors that can make the NPC miss the shot are:

If you are jumping, falling or otherwise moving around such as side stepping, running is best to make them miss.

If they are jumping, falling or otherwise moving around, running hurts their shot the most.
Their level of marksmanship, agility and luck in that order of importance.

If they are crouching (sneaking) this helps their accuracy as well!

Momentum is included in this, meaning that if they were running they must stop running for a few seconds to eliminate
the penalty from their shot. If they try to fire at you immediately after running at you their shot will be hampered.
And the farther you are away from them the more likely the shot may miss you.

These are a lot of penalties to the NPC for their aim.But remember that an expert NPC marksman can overcome these penalties as long as they take a little time to stand still and then take the shot. Especially at middle to close range.

Thanks to the newer OBSE versions I can do this now WITHOUT USING AN INVISIBLE LIVING DECOY as I have done in my previous mods! This will be a much cleaner, less CPU intense and a more reliable system now that I do not need to use the decoy!

This replaces the OLDER mod "Duke Patricks NPC MAGIC and Arrows Can Miss Now"

Only use the Actors Can Miss Now mod.

If you had any rev of Duke Patricks NPC MAGIC and Arrows Can Miss Now installed before then you MUST
DO A CLEAN INSTALL of this mod!

There is a player adjustment that can be set to your level of NPC fumbling their arrow shots taste.

Player adjustment is set in the console by typing

Set DPMissMod to ??

?? is a number from -100 to 100

LARGER positive DPMissMod numbers like 50 mean the NPC will miss a great deal of the time.

Default is 0

But keep in mind that there are other factors involved in the NPC missing a shot not just the player adjustment shown above such as range, the NPC marksmanship, agility, Luck and both their movement and their targets movement! So if you keep moving around the NPC will have a much hard time to hit you!


OBSE 18 or better needed.

Companions may conflict with this mod.Use Duke Patricks - Friendship Ring For Companion Detection if you have companions: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21594

I also strongly suggest you also use my Duke Patrick’s Near Miss Arrow Shot Alerts The Targets mod.

Get it here:


Load order should be of no importance on this mod, and you will NOT need a script silencer either for this mod!
This is in no small part thanks to the new OBSE!

Known Issue

Some players have had issues with the UL mod Darkforest (xuldarkforest.exp)
After several hours of investigation I have no idea why. The Darkforest mod is very heavy in world object edits (conflicting world object edits can cause CTD) however my mod has only 2 very simple scripts, NO AOE spells nor any changes to world objects such as deleted rocks or trees.

All I could try was to add a script line to my mod that would ignore any actor that is disabled. If that does not fix the issue then this UL mod is simply incapable at this time.

IF you use companions mods you must also use Friendship Ring For Companion Detection. But even with this mod Companion mods may conflict with this mod.

I worked very hard on this mod. But this mod is a product more of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.

DO NOT distribute THIS MOD! You should only find this mod distributed from TesAlliance and TesNexus! If any other web site is distributing this work they are doing so illegitimately.

you may use my scripts and my other resources for making a mod only as long as it has nothing to do with actors missing their shots! I.E do not make a disguised knock off!

And you must credit me fully and include my "legal" as shown above.


The OBSE team

All the people that write the Wiki

Last but not least of course Bethesda for allowing all of us to shape and personalize our own virtual playgrounds! Please

For the most advanced SCA combat with sword and shield:


I have been asked by a few players about making the NPC miss shots.

I once thought this is very unnecessary as the NPC already are very dumb fighters with a slow rate of fire and many other disadvantages to their ability to fight compared to the player. The reason my SCA ARCHERY COMBAT mod was created in the first place was because the NPC were too easy to kill when using bows with high damage such as is in my SCA combat mod!


I had been thinking about this, I still do not believe it is necessary, but I am intrigue by the challenge of getting this to work. As far as I know we do not have the CS or script tools necessary to alter the targeting AI in the game. So it would seem this is an impossible request at first consideration. This is probably why it has never been done before at least as far as everyone on the forums is concerned. That is what I must infer anyway as this has been requested by players on the forums and nobody had any mods they knew of that would do this. I was able to do it with some very obtuse thinking...

Unfortunately for me that is what fascinated me about this, I could not get it out of my head (how could I do this if s wanted to do it.) Well it came to me while I was in another sleepy haze from only getting 3 hours of sleep on a weekend.

(I could insert a cliché about mountains and Mohammad here, but I will not)

I realized that if you cannot make the NPC shoot at the target with less accuracy, then just covertly and momentarily change their target to something very near the player but NOT the player! I based the chance of this happening on the NPC marksmanship level, range and some other lesser factors.

There is a player adjustment that can be set to your level of NPC fumbling their arrow shots taste.

Player adjustment is set in the console by typing

Set aaDPArrowMiss to ??

?? is a number from 1 to 200

Smaller aaDPArrowMiss numbers like 5 mean the NPC will miss a great deal of the time.

Default is 100 which makes them miss about 10 percent of the time as is the case for many players that are good with a bow.

But keep in mind that there are other factors involved in the NPC missing a shot not just the player adjustment shown above. NPC Marksmanship and range play the biggest part of the calcs. At close range they will not miss no matter what you set the player adjustment to.

It may have a strange issues such as a ghost like creature may appear when you are shot with an AOE spell. This is the Decoy that draws arrow fire away from you in the game. But this issue will not effect your game otherwise.
And I am NOT really into tweaking this sucker till the cows come home.
I just want it to work well enough for those few people that wanted it to be happy.

Normally I would not have done this for just a hand full of people that may use this mod. Not that even a few players wants are of no importance, its just that if I did that kind of thing I would never see daylight) but this one was a very interesting MOD to conquer!

And I have changed my mind, I now feel this is an important mod to use.