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Adds Frostmourne Sword (one-handed and two-handed version) and Lich King\'s Armor to your game (full set along with the shield).

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Frostmourne And Lich Kings Armor United v1.0
released on 08-th of September 2011
Category: Weapons and Armor
Author: jojjo

The latest official patch Oblivion 1.2.416 or Oblivion Shivering Isles1.2.416
The items may not appear ingame if you don't have the patch installed.

7-zip (File archiver with a high compression ratio. You'll need it for the most of the mods)

Oblivion Mod Manager (This is a utility for managing plugins). Use the OMOD file.

Adds Frostmourne Sword (one-handed and two-handed version) and Lich King's Armor to your game (full set along with the shield).
What's new with this version?
- You download one archive. Many people had difficulties with the old files sequence.
- The problem with the pauldrons is fixed. You won't see them in first person.
- Added some flames on the shield to match Frostmourne.
- The archive is smaller.

WARNING! High polygon count of the models could affect your framerate.

The enchanted items you'll find in Kemen ruins - second level (see the map image).
You'll find just one sword. When you pick it up a lesser power called "Swap Frostmourne" will be added to your spell list. Use it to swap from one-hander to two-hander.
The replicas of all items you can buy at Rohssane's "A Fighting Chance" in IC Market District and enchant'em yourself.

It is recommended that you uninstall any previous version of the sword and the armor. I kept the same folder structure but do it just in case.
1.Extract the downloaded archive. Place the folders "Meshes", "Textures" and New Frostmourne Sword by Jojjo v1_0.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder. "Yes to all" when asked. (don't mind the old name of the esp, it's on purpose)
2. In Oblivion Launcher, click "Data Files" and place a checkmark beside New Frostmourne Sword by Jojjo v1_0.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files and uncheck New Frostmourne Sword by Jojjo v1_0.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:
Oblivion\Data\meshes\armor\jojjo folder
Oblivion\Data\meshes\weapons\jojjo folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\armor\jojjo folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\weapons\jojjo folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\icons\armor\jojjo folder
Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\icons\weapons\jojjo folder

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[email protected] but sending a PM is much faster.

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Blizzard for the sword and armor concept.
Thanks to }{ellKnight for addapting the Swap Script to the sword.
Thanks to Adonnay for creating the Swap Script.
Thanks to Robert2 for the best male body.

Tools Used
TES Construction Set
3ds Studio Max

This mod is free for using and converting only here on TesNexus when it comes to Oblivion. Not for Skyrim or especially not for OTHER SITES!
If there would be such mod in Skyrim, I'll do it. Or not. My Rusty English but I know you got it.