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Elsweyr Confederacy Project
Elsweyr headed by: DarkAsmodeous and Ja-Kha'jay

version Alpha 3.1

ElsweyrValenwood.esm adds a couple of tilesets and land to The Elder Scrolls Construction Set among
several other items required in the creation of the province of Elsweyr for TES4:Oblivion for use with (CS) for Oblivion for use with the
Elsweyr project.

The land is in the world space has the Editor ID "TESAnnwyn".
In order to quickly gain access to Elsweyr without the hassle of setting up a door type 'coc eoc06' which will take you to the bookshop in orcrest.

All of our static ojects can be found in the CS tree Static/Elsweyr
Plants: Flora/Elsweyr
Clothes: clothes\clothes (not sure why but the CS ignored the file structure)
etc etc

Be sure to check the Elsweyr Confederacy forums every now and then for any
announcements of a newer version of this file.

If you have questions, comments, or if you want to make a suggestion or wish
to report a bug in the textures/tileset, you can PM me at www.silgrad.com

Known Issues:

The uninstaller does not remove the folder tree when uninstalling. it still removes the files though.
Sometimes entering the Topal Island region will crash your game. The problem is sporadic and not reproducable, but we're looking into it.


It is recommended that as of Version Alpha 3.0 it is highly recommended that you uninstall previous versions of Elsweyr before installing a new one.

Now, you can start modding. Have fun! :)

- Ja-Kha'jay, proud member of the Elsweyr team.


List of Contributions and Contributors:

As of version 0

Desert Cave tileset: TheImperialDragon
Desert Cave tileset lights: DarkEclipse

As of version 0.101

Heightmap for Elsweyr: DarkAsmodeous
Lower Class sandy clothes: TheImperialDragon
Middle Class sandy clothes: TheImperialDragon
Steel Armor sandy: DarkAsmodeous
Imperial/Khajiit Robe: TheImperialDragon
Khajiit Variants: Gryphe
Renrijra Krin Icons: Captain
EVIDsand1 to EVIDsand6 original: TextureFreak
Quill retexes: TheImperialDragon

As of version 1.24

Sandy Claymore : DarkAsmodeous
Sand Dreugh and Golems : kingevil
Cihar : shewter
Small Silver Scimitar : shewter
Dagger : shewter
Khopesh : shewter
Sword : shewter
Legion Helm : Heywood
Bleached Bones : TheImperialDragon

As at Version 2.2

TESAnnwyn Heightmap : DarkAsmodeous
Rimmen Framework : Guiles
Rimmen move : Ja-Kha'jay
Rimmen clutter stage 1 : Ja-Kha'jay
ERC40 : kingevil
Dune Pieces : Darkness Eternal
Sapphire weapons : Heywood
Various books : Ja-Kha'jay
KhenarthiMesa : Ja-Kha'jay
Various Rimmen interiors : Whoever did them - you know who you are ;)
Sweetmeat Varieties : Ja-Kha'jay
Snakeskin Russula : Ja-Kha'jay
Orcrest Construction stage 1 & 2 : Ja-Kha'jay
Orcrest tileset : Shewter
Large-scale desert texturing : Dark Asmodeous
Pahmer model : Martigen
Renaming Gryphe's varients : Ja-Kha'jay
Saltrice : Ja-Kha'jay
Palm Trees : Windsurfer

As at Version 3.0
map and fast travel: Ja-Kha'jay
Bongos: llamaranger
Orcrest construction stage 3: Ja-Kha'jay
Akaviri Trees: RA5946 (and Kodama)
Khearthi Mesa fix: Ja-Kha'jay
Clothes: Senten
Cushions: Ja-Kha'jay
Khopesh fix: Captain
File repathing: Ja-Kha'jay
Custom plants: llamaranger
Pahmer fix : Ja-Kha'jay
Kelvaar's Rest exterior: DarkAsmodeous
Kelvaar's Rest Interiors: Kaliq
Regions: Ja-Kha'jay
Khenarthi Temple: llamaranger
Black MArsh Huts: The team at Black Marsh (thank you!)
Rawlith Shurdan Point: Ja-Kha'jay

As at Version 3.1
Cliffs, seagulls and better dock/ships - Mr. Siika
Skooma Pipe - McMuffin
Koniptions Flora PAck - Koniption
Orcrest constraction stage 4 - Ja-Kha'jay
Elsweyr specific plants - Koniption and llamaranger
NorthMarker overhaul - Ja-Kha'jay
Neumar Walk Exterior - Ja-Kha'jay
Orcrest Banners - The Old Ye Bard
Loads of books - Various authors (TOYB, JKJ, and more) imported by Ja-Kha'jay
Paintings - Senten
Ruined Houses and statues - The Old Ye Bard
EOC05 - Sandor
Wave meshes - Texian and Godhugh
ERC41 - Sceluk
Topal House - Razorwing
Fiddler's Green and surrounding jungle - Ja-Kha'jay
Rimmen Guard Towers - Sceluk
Rawlith Shurdan Point Cave - Sceluk
Random Desert Landscaping - Ja-Kha'jay

Concept artists:

Lady Nerevar

and many many more.

with special thanks to:

Razorwing, Valderon and the Silgrad Team.
Bethesda Softworks

The Elder Scrolls is copyrighted (c) 2006 by Bethesda Softworks.