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Saerileth v1.9REG (Without OBSE)
Saerileth v1.9OBSE (With OBSE)

By SultericDrums, Shavn1985

Saerileth is an asian looking companion from the Baldur's Gate series of games by Bioware, ported to Oblivion!

Go to Bruma to find Saerileth waiting for you in the chapel. Expect Saerileth to be unlike any other companion. Grow a friendship with her as she’ll do the same with you and beyond. Have her fight for you and eventually she’ll expect the same from you. Expect the unexpected.

The regular version does not require OBSE.

Saerileth OBSE version requires OBSE 14 or better:

If you have a problem using the OBSE version, you're welcome to continue using the REG version. The OBSE version just comes with additional features as mentioned below under OBSE EXCLUSIVE FEATURES.



INSTRUCTIONS-You can instruct Saerileth to follow you in casual or armed gear. You may tell her to wait, stand guard, or go into stealth mode from here also. Saerileth will carry a torch or put out the torch depending on your demands. If you ask her to sleep, she will do so provided there is a bed in the room.

COMBAT-Saerileth will do what ever it takes. She'll use melee weapons, ranged weapons and cast spells. She's very versatile. You’ll also find that she has a stealth mode which prevents her from bursting out into battle while you sneak. Realize that Saerileth is not a tank. She won’t do your job for you.

GUIDANCE-Player can show Saerileth her home and where it is safe to hang out.

INVENTORY-This feature allows you to share items, dress Saerileth, and arm her.

FLIRT-You can flirt with Saerileth and her response will ride on how close your relationship is.

Saerileth’s Romance- Saerileth comes with a romance quest, similar to the romance quests in Baldur’s Gate II. The romance is time based, i.e. so much time must go by until she is ready to talk to you again. This preserves the original the quest progressed in BG2. I won’t give away how long between conversations but the wait is not as nearly as long as it was in BG2. It is important to note that she will initiate dialog with you instead of the other way around. You may be in a shop; you may be in a dungeon about to sneak up on a Troll. It mixes things up a little bit. If you respond nicely to her you will advance to the next stage. If you react badly you will not and the stage will be repeated after so much time goes by. If you are patient enough with her you will win her heart and the flirts will kick in with good responses (it’s worth it). The conversations will continue well after you have won her over.

-Saerileth will sit when you sit provided there is a chair in sight.
-Saerileth will sneak when you sneak.
-Saerileth will attack who you attack, provided the target is not a friend. She doesn’t like stepping in between friends.
-Saerileth has set of target shock spells.
-Saerileth has a set of cloak spells which she’ll use depending on the situation.
-Summon Saerileth from anywhere no matter where you are. (This includes Shivering Isles)
-Saerileth has a summonable horse named Sillara and will ride Sillara when you ride your horse.
-Saerileth has her own voice set completely unique to anything in Oblivion, so expect to be entertained.

-Saerileth will repair and recharge her equipment daily at 6am.
-Saerileth is capable of learning NPC friendly spells through guidance.



NO prerequisite mods are required for the REG version. However, the OBSE version requires OBSE v14 or better:
1. Extract Rar to your desktop.
2. Open her folder.
3. Open your Oblivion directory.
4. Drag 'Data' into your Oblivion directory.
5. 'Merge' all folders and 'Copy and Replace'/overwrite all files.
6. Open your OblivionLauncher.
7. Go to Data Files and select the esp.
8. Play!


1. Extract Rar to your desktop.
2. Open her folder.
3. Open your Oblivion directory.
4. Drag 'Data' into your Oblivion directory.
5. 'Merge' all folders and 'Copy and Replace'/overwrite all files.
6. Open your OblivionLauncher.
7. Go to Data Files and DESELECT the esp.
8. Play and load your last save. Ignore the, "This save relies on content no longer present." message.
9. Exit current cell. Avoid being in Bruma's Castle Dungeon especially.
10. Save and Quit.
11. Open OblivionLauncher.
12. Go to Data Files and select esp.
13. Load your last save and play!


- The "Cheydinhal Petshop" mod makes a nasty change to a global variable that affects triggering of dialog which in turn conflicts with Saerileth.

- Although Saerileth can enter Oblivion Gates, she cannot be following the player when a Sigil Stone is pulled and closes an Oblivion Gate as this will cause Saerileth to experience inventory loss. To avoid this, tell Saerileth to wait and summon her only after you exit the Oblivion Gate. This is a very common issue with companions. To be safest, send her home before pulling the Sigil Stone.

- Some individuals may report that Saerileth freezes up in the OBSE version, I (Shavn) have never had this problem and SultericDrums doesn't use the OBSE version so he couldn't say. If this becomes an issue for you, you're welcome to use the non-OBSE version.

*Individual results very, for instance, some people don't have the Oblivion Gate problem with Saerileth.*

* Be sure to check your load order to avoid conflicts*
Mod Load Order programs:


-Fixed sheath/unsheath bug
-Added daily recharge/repair feature (OBSE)
-Added player ability to teach Saerileth spells through Guidance (OBSE)
-Updated ReadMe

-Romance ends properly at stage 254

-Fixed quest firing bug

-Fixed the dreaded inventory bug
-Fixed the dreaded unresponsiveness bug
-Fixed fast travel bug
-Fixed Saerileth not wondering when at home
-Fixed Saerileth not teleporting home
-Overhaul of skills, now she's more versatile
-Adjusted abilities, this now includes immunity to poison and disease
-Removed ranged mode, very ineffective
-Cleaned scripts
-Removed memory garbage
-Multiple dialog fixes
-Added converstaion dialog
-Rebuilt scripts w/better coding
-Recompiled updated result scripts
-Freed RaR of unused files and added missing ones
-Repaired AI Packages

-Fixed combat AI
-Added sleep command
-Improved equipment switching


-Isolation of race
-Changed race name
-Removed unrelated vanilla dialog
-Remodeled race from ground up
---Corean head 4
---Corean upperteeth
---The rest is Imperial
---Custom Corean face texture exclusively for Saerileth, made unplayable
--All Imperial
--Custom Centhena>Capucine eye texture exclusively for Saerileth, made unplayable
-Race unplayable

*Earlier versions are non-alpha versions.


This mod has been tested thoroughly and has gone through great lengths to help ensure it doesn’t have conflict with any other mod or break the game in any way. USE SAERILETH AT YOUR OWN RISK! We will NOT be held responsible/liable for any damage Saerileth causes, caused, or may cause to the user’s software/hardware.
No profit was or will be made from this work. Black Isle Studios is no longer in business and I have shown good faith by attempting to contact Bioware and Interplay for permission to use her name and sound files. They have not said “No”. Interplay has been contacted about the use of sound files for Saerileth. Interplay responded asking for an e-mail detailing the project, which has been sent. Months have gone by and still no response. This implicitly implies that they are not against the idea. Should they ever respond, the matter will be dealt with accordingly.
Support will no longer be provided for any versions of Saerileth that are not currently posted for download.


By downloading this mod the user agrees to the following: User must not, nor is given permission to, use any FACIAL texture(s) (.DDS(s)) included within this mod. User must not, nor is given permission to, use any creature model(s) (NIF(s))/creature texture(s) (.DDS(s)) included within this mod. User must contact author should they incorporate the “Flirt” options as this will require permission (Refer to CONTACT INFORMATION). User may, however, use any other part(s) of this mod that may help him/her freely without any required permission(s). Should user decide to use any part(s) of the quest/companion script(s), please mention and credit Jumonji, ThePriest, and Rsdnt-Evle. Also, should user reference the teach spell script, please credit Assesino as his work was referenced for Saerileth.



To Sillara for allowing the porting of Saerileth to Oblivion.



Please contact me with any bugs or issues you find, so they may be corrected. Please read through the above first so you can be sure that what you are seeing is not normal behavior. If you are submitting an issue, please include as many details as humanly possible. What mods you are using and the load order can be important.


Email: [email protected]
Please place Saerileth in the subject line, otherwise it may get ignored.

Have fun with her. Feel free to let me know what you think of the mod. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.