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This mod completely changes the default leveling system to one similar to the classic XP systems found in games such as Baldur\'s Gate and World of Warcraft. For example, you now gain XP for completing quests or feeding on someone as a vampire. Explore new areas, search for Artifacts or steal items to gain XP! And best of all, every setting is fu

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Oblivion XP v4.1.5
by SirFrederik

This mod completely changes the default leveling system to one similar to the classic XP systems found in games such as Baldur's Gate and World of Warcraft. For example, you now gain XP for completing quests or feeding on someone as a vampire. Explore new areas, search for Artifacts or steal items to gain XP! And best of all, every setting is fully customizable through a handy .ini file!

Official Oblivion XP Forum Thread
Note: for the best help with problems and bugs, please visit the thread above. I cant't guarantee quick feedback on The Nexus!

1. Getting Started

Before playing Oblivion XP, please read this chapter carefully!

1.1. Requirements

Oblivion XP requires Oblivion v1.2.0.416 and the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version 0017a+. It will not work with any version of OBSE prior to this!

Furthermore, Oblivion XP supports attributes over the default maximums – to make use of this, it is recommended you use one of the various uncapper mods available, e.g. Elys' Uncapper. Oblivion XP is compatible with any and all mods except those that change leveling settings through script (Progress). It is highly recommended that you use one of the excellent level scaling overhauls out there in combination with Oblivion XP - the default settings are finetuned for a full FCOM setup, which is 100% compatible.

1.2. Installation

To install Oblivion XP, either load the OMOD using Oblivion Mod Manager and activate it, or extract the archive to your Oblivion\Data directory, depending on which version you chose to download. During installation of the OMOD, you will be asked what UI you are using – Vanilla/BTMod, DarNified or DarkUId DarN. You need to choose one them. If you use another UI, always choose Vanilla since it will be compatible with other UIs (but it won't look as good as DarN/DarkUI'd DarN).

If you are installing the mod manually, then you will need to rename the following files:

* Menus\levelup_menu_Vanilla.xml -> Menus\levelup_menu.xml
* Menus\Main\stats_menu_Vanilla.xml -> Menus\Main\stats_menu.xml
* Menus\Main\ hud_main_menu_Vanilla.xml -> Menus\Main\ hud_main_menu.xml

and similarly for DarN and DarkUI'd DarN.

For Vanilla you need to also rename:

* Menus\Main\ hud_info_menu_Vanilla.xml -> Menus\Main\ hud_info_menu.xml

For DarN and DarkUI'd DarN the info menu isn't necessary but instead you have to rename:

* Menus\Main\ hud_reticle_DarN.xml -> Menus\Main\ hud_reticle.xml

Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, always make sure you completely uninstall Oblivion XP first. That means either deactivating the OMOD, or removing all the files by hand. Then you reinstall your UI, and only then you install the new Oblivion XP version. This is important because the DarN/DarkUI'd DarN OMOD's check if Oblivion XP.esp exists and will leave out some necessary files if so.

1.3. Before You Play: Configuration

Before you first start using Oblivion XP, have a look at the configuration file, located in your "Oblivion\Data\Oblivion XP" directory, called "Oblivion XP Settings.ini". This file contains all the settings for the mod and while per default it's very well balanced already, you may want to change some settings so that they are more to your liking.

Every time you load the game, this file is read in by the mod – so if you want to change any setting when playing, quit the game, edit the ini file, save, and reload the game. The file contains a short description for each of the settings, as well as the default settings should you wish to revert back to them.

1.4. Performance

Oblivion XP works 100% through script and can hence be quite CPU performance hungry. The variables that influence the impact the mod has most significantly are the delay between script iterations. These can be finetuned in the performance section of the ini. If you're experiencing major slowdowns after installing Oblivion XP, try to set the values somewhat higher. Do not set them too high though as the mod will become unresponsive if you do.

1.5. Using the Mod

After you have configured everything to your liking, simply check the file "Oblivion XP.esp" and start the game (don't forget to use obse_loader.exe to launch)! Since literally everything in Oblivion XP is achieved through script, it should not matter where you put the mod in your load order.

Once you are playing, you will notice that you now have a few new HUD elements: an XP bar and a brand new text area. The new status bar grouped with the health/magicka/fatigue bars represents your current level progress, whereas the new text area serves to display all Oblivion XP messages.

The new Oblivion XP log can be minimized so that only one line is shown, or hidden from view entirely, by holding the L key and then pressing the Left Arrow. To show the log again, hold L and press the Right Arrow. You can furthermore scroll through the message history by holding L and pressing the Up/Down Arrows; the number of messages kept in memory is configurable in the ini.
When you next go to the normal Character page in the Stats menu, you will notice a new entry and bar are shown underneath the Health/Magicka/Fatigue bars, again showing your level progress and current/needed xp. If you mouseover this entry, a descriptive text pops up, displaying a hint and some additional statistics related to experience: Rested XP Left, Total XP Gained and Average XP per Hour.

1.6. Upgrading

Oblivion XP is existing-character friendly, so there is no need to start a new character when you first start using this mod. When first using Oblivion XP with an existing character, you will be given the option to redistribute all your Attribute and Skill points: this will reset your character's stats to their level 1 values and you will then be taken to the Level Up screen and given the amount of points corresponding to your current level. If you choose not to use this option, your character's stats will remain the way they are.

If you're upgrading from Oblivion XP v3.0.0/v3.0.1, you will keep your current XP, total XP, rested XP and XP/hr stats; however, since the formula for needed XP changed somewhat, all current XP above the needed XP limit will be discarded, to prevent the player from leveling up multiple times due to changes in the needed XP calculations.

If you're upgrading from Oblivion XP v4.0.x, you will keep all your stats. However, if you were experiencing bugs and still are after upgrading to v4.1.0, you may have to make a cleansave or load a savegame from before you first started using Oblivion XP v4.0.x in order to have the mod function correctly.

Note: If you were using 4.x, you may have been experiencing delays in making a save-game. This was caused by save-game bloating due to strings being stored by OBSE. If you were experiencing this, the best solution is to 1) go to your Saves directory and delete the savegame.obse file (not the .ess file!!) and 2) make a clean-save (deactivate Oblivion XP, load your last savegame, create a new savegame and then re-activate Oblivion XP). This will ensure that any corrupt data left from a previous version is gone. Do note that your Total XP and Training Session stats will be re-calculated upon doing this.

2. The Oblivion XP Leveling System

With Oblivion XP, your Skills and Level no longer advance by using them; instead you now have to earn Experience Points (XP) to increase your level. Another neat feature of Oblivion XP is that the amount of training sessions you have available carry over to the next level – you will not have to worry about spending your training sessions any longer! All this is achieved through intuitive in-game menus that look and feel like they were part of the original game.

2.1. Gathering XP

XP can be gathered in a number of ways – as XP from Killing needs a little more explanation, it's in its own separate section.

2.1.1. XP from Killing

The player earns XP by making kills. The XP earned for each kill is dependent on the level of the NPC, the level of the Player and the toughness of the NPC. Lastly, if the player makes a successful sneak-kill without being detected the final XP for a kill is multiplied by another factor, multXPKillSneaking in the ini, which is set to 2 by default.

The calculation of the final XP awarded for a kill is as follows:

Final XP = ( Base XP * Bonus XP Multiplier * ( 1 + PlayerLevel * 0.2 ) / ( # of companions + 1 )

First, the base XP for an NPC is determined by the ratio of the NPC's level to the Player's level; for example, the base XP for killing a level 1 NPC at level 1 is 5 XP and the base XP for killing a level 10 NPC at level 1 is 163 XP, while the base XP for killing a level 1 NPC at level 5 is 1 XP and for killing a level 10 NPC at level 5 is 32 XP.

After having calculated the base XP, the Player's attributes are compared to the NPC's attributes (the attributes taken into account are: Health, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Personality, Intelligence, Speed and Willpower), which determines the Bonus XP multiplier as follows:

Bonus XP Multiplier = ( NPC Attributes ) * ( Player Attributes )

Note that the player only gets XP for kills actually made by the player, one of the player's summoned creatures or any NPC that is accompanying you! Unlike in previous versions, Oblivion XP will automatically detect any NPCs that are accompanying you and their kills will yield XP, too.

If any of the player's companions are in combat with an NPC, the XP earned for that NPC will be divided by the number of characters in the player's party (so 1 + number of followers). Furthermore, the base XP for that NPC is determined by the average party level instead of just the player's level. The XP gained is the same, no matter whether the player or the companion made the final killing blow. This means that having a very strong, high level companion make kills for you will earn you less XP per kill than having a weaker companion with you.

2.1.2. XP from Various Actions

Aside from XP from kills, the player can gather XP through the following actions:

* By gaining Renown (fame/infamy). The XP earned for each is point of Renown is 150.

* By exploring new areas. The XP earned for finding a new area depends on the remoteness of the area, which is determined by your distance to the nearest city. A very easy location yields 30 XP, an easy location 60 XP, an average location 90 XP, a hard location 120 XP and a very hard location 150 XP.

* By gathering Artifacts. The XP earned for finding an Artifact is 300.

* By gathering Nirnroots. The XP earned for finding a Nirnroot is 50.

* By stealing items. The XP earned for stealing an item is 1.

* By pick-pocketing items. The XP earned for pick-pocketing an item is 4.

* By picking locks. The XP earned for picking a lock depends on the difficulty of the lock – a very easy lock yields 15 XP, an easy lock 30 XP, an average lock 45 XP, a hard lock 60 XP and a very hard lock 75 XP. You will only get XP for picking the lock if you do so without breaking too many lockpicks. The amount of lockpicks you're allowed to break while still getting XP is determined by the lockpicksBrokenMax setting in the ini.

* By making potions. The XP earned for making a potion is 25. Only making a new potion yields XP, where a stronger version of an old potion made before counts as a new potion.

* By eating ingredients. The XP earned for eating an ingredient is 1.

* By reading books. The XP earned for reading a book is 25. Reading a book only yields XP once. If the book is a scroll, it will yield 1/3rd of the normal XP gained for reading a book.

* By investing in stores. The XP earned for investing in a store is 150.

* By feeding on someone as a vampire. The XP earned for each vampire bite is 50.

* By closing Oblivion Gates. The XP earned for closing an Oblivion Gate is 200.

* By successfully trapping a soul. The XP earned for trapping a soul is 20.

* By buying a Horse. The XP earned for buying a horse is 65.

* By buying a House. The XP earned for buying a house is 180.

As your level increases, the amount of XP gained for these actions increases slightly, to prevent them from becoming useless in comparison with XP from killing.

The values for these various actions and the level scaling multiplier can all be customized in the ini file.

2.1.3. XP from Completing Quests

Next to the gaining XP from killing and the various actions described in the previous section, you also have the option to complete quests in order to earn XP. This adds a whole new dimension to the questing system, which is otherwise rather useless for character progress.

The XP earned for a Quest is hand-tailored and depends on its length and difficulty. A large number of quests have built-in support in Oblivion XP:

* Vanilla, SI & all DLC content
* AFK_Weye v1.1
* Arrows of the Ayleid King v1.8
* Bartholm v6.0
* Blood & Mud
* C&C - The Blackwood Company v1.0.2
* Daggerfall Memories - The Liberation of Cybiades v2.1
* Danger Sense - Feral Instincts v1.5
* Gates to Aesgaard Ep. 1 v1.1
* Glenvar Castle v2.10
* Heart of the Dead v5.3
* Integration – TSL
* JQ Assassin Quest v1.0
* Malevolent v1.0.2
* Midas Magic v0.990
* Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v1.34
* Ruined Tail's Tale v3.0.1
* Servant of the Dawn SI v2.25
* Tamriel Rebuilt – Stirk v1.2
* Tears of the Fiend v1.2.2
* The Ayleid Steps v2.5.3
* The Dungeons of Ivellon v1.8
* The Lost Spires v14
* Verona House – Bloodlines SI v1.2
* Windfall v1.0

All these quest mods are support without needing any patch whatsoever. As long as the esp file of the mod in quest is not renamed, the mod's quests will yield XP just like any Vanilla oblivion quest. Note that only the versions listed above are supported; any older or newer version may work, but it's not guaranteed.

You also have the option to define a global Quest XP multiplier: every amount of XP gained for completing a Quest is multiplied by this variable. By default, this is set to 1 and is determined by the ini setting globalQuestXPMult.

Note that, if you're upgrading from a previous version of Oblivion XP, you will need to make sure that you remove all the various Oblivion XP quest add-ons, such as "Oblivion XP – DLCFrostcrag.esp", etc. These will not mess up your game in any way but are completely redundant in this version.

2.1.4. Rested XP

When you sleep, you become more rested and you gain XP faster than you would normally – you are awarded a certain amount of Rested XP after sleeping, which doubles your XP earnings until it runs out.

You can tell easily whether or not you have any Rested XP left: the color of your HUD XP bar will turn to orange if you have Rested XP.

The maximum amount of Rested XP you can have is 8 hours of sleep worth of Rested XP. As an example of how this works, consider the following situation:

- I sleep 4 hours, and gain 200 rested XP.
- I kill a level 10 marauder, which would normally yield 40 XP, but now yields 80 XP.
- I now have 160 rested XP left.
- I discover a very hard location, which normally yields 150 XP, but now yields 300 XP.
- I now have 10 rested XP left.
- I kill another level 10 marauder, which now yields 50 XP, leaving me with no rested XP.

The amount of Rested XP awarded for each hour of sleep is configurable in the ini file through the setting multXPSleeping. The number you set this to will be multiplied by your needed XP to yield the amount of rested XP gained per hour of sleeping. Per default, it's set to 0.03, or 3% of your needed XP per hour slept.

2.2. Leveling Up

By default, the amount of XP needed to advance to the next level increases per level as follows:

XP to Level (x) = (20000 * atan(x^2 / 250) + 150 * x + 1500)

where x = player level. For a more detailed explanation of how to tweak this curve to your liking, please consult the ini.

You can always keep track of the amount of XP through the XP bar on the HUD or the Character page of the Stats Menu.

As soon as you have gained enough XP to advance to the next level, you will see a special effect play on your character, and you XP bar will turn bright green. Next to the XP bar, the Level Up icon should appear. When you are ready to Level Up, go to the Character Page of the Stats menu and you will see that your Level now reads "Click to Level Up". When you click on this entry, you will automatically be taken to the level up menu.

2.2.1. Skill & Attribute Points

For Skills, the cost of increasing each Skill by one point is shown in blue between parentheses at the end of the entry. Each Attribute costs 1 Attribute Point to increase, while the amount of Skill Points it costs to increase a Skill is determined by the Skill Point Preset. There are two available options for the Skill presets:

* Master of All: Each skill, whether Major, Minor or Specialized, costs 3 Skill Points to level.
* Specialist: Major & Specialized skills cost 2 points to level, Major & Non-Specialized / Minor & Specialized cost 3 points to level and Minor & Non-Specialized cost 4 points to level.

The default setting is Specialist.

There is a limit to the amount of points you can put into any one Attribute per level; per default, this is set to 5, which is determined by the maximumAttributeIncrease setting in the ini.
Note that you don't have to worry if you have some left-over Attribute or Skill Points after choosing the skills you want to increase – they carry over to the next level.

2.2.2. Caps

By default, the maximum for an Attribute is 100, the maximum for a Skill is 100 and the maximum level for the player is 50 – however, Oblivion XP supports setting these higher, so if you're running a mod that allows skills and/or attributes to have use above 100, then you can set these all the way up to their hard-coded maximum of 255!

2.2.3. Skill Level Requirements

Since v4.0.0, Oblivion XP now has skill level requirements. This means that you can't progress to the next level of skill Mastery (e.g. Journeyman, Expert, Master) unless you meet the player level requirements. Per default, the level requirements to skill progression are as follows:

* Apprentice (Skill Level 25+): Player Level 0+
* Journeyman (Skill Level 50+): Player Level 5+
* Expert (Skill Level 75+): Player Level 10+
* Master (Skill Level 100+): Player Level 20+
* Grand Master (Skill Level 150+): Player Level 30+

The following settings in the ini determine the level of these requirements:
minimumLevelApprentice, minimumLevelJourneyman, minimumLevelExpert, minimumLevelMaster and minimumLevelGrandMaster.

3. Derived Attributes, Regeneration & Caps

Aside from changing the default leveling system, Oblivion XP also gives the user to fine-tune the way derived attributes are determined. Health is now determined by Endurance retroactively, Magicka is influenced by the level of your Magic skills, Fatigue can have a per-level bonus and your Health now regenerates just like Magicka does.

To turn off having Oblivion XP handle your derived attributes you can set the following settings to 0 in the ini: fatigueControlEnabled, healthControlEnabled, magickaControlEnabled. Similarly, to turn off magicka and health regen control, set healthReturnEnabled and magickaReturnEnabled to 0.

3.1. Derived Attributes

3.1.1. Health

Per default, your Health is calculated as follows:

Health = 2 * Endurance + Player Level * Endurance / 10

This means that, unlike in Vanilla, with Oblivion XP your Endurance acts on your Health retroactively. You can define the per-level bonus for each attribute, as well as the base multiplier, in the configuration file.

3.1.2. Magicka

In vanilla Oblivion, your Magicka is calculated as follows:

Magicka = Intelligence x 2

In Oblivion XP, this is changed to:

Magicka = Intelligence x 2 + Player Level * Intelligence / 10 + ( Sum of All Magic Skills ) / 4

This means you will have a substantially higher amount of Magicka than in Vanilla when using the default Oblivion XP settings. You can define the per-level bonus for each attribute, as well as the base multiplier, in the configuration file – you can furthermore fine tune the influence of your Magic skills on your Magicka (or turn it off completely).

3.1.3. Fatigue

In vanilla Oblivion, your Fatigue is calculated as follows:

Fatigue = Agility + Strength + Endurance + Willpower

In Oblivion XP, you can set additional bonuses per level for each attribute, all of which are applied retroactively.

3.2. Regeneration

The rate of regeneration of your Magicka is (as in Vanilla):

Magicka Regen Rate (%) = ( 0.75 + 0.02 * Willpower ) * Total Magicka

Unlike in Vanilla, with Oblivion XP, your Health also regenerates:

Health Regen Rate (%) = ( 0.75 + 0.02 * Willpower ) * Total Health

You get 100% of your Health regen while not in combat, while in combat you only regen once every few seconds, depending on how high your willpower is.
You can define the Base rate of regeneration, as well as the effect Willpower has on the rate, in the configuration file. You can also turn off Health regen completely should you wish to do so.

4. Mod Interoperability Support

As of version 4.0.0, Oblivion XP features a new system to support mod interoperability. With this new system, mod makers can easily add in-built support for Oblivion XP to their mods without having to make extra patches, and without making their mod dependent on Oblivion XP. Note however that the mod in question will need to use OBSE v0017+ in order to make this possible

The following two variables are added:

- float interOpGainedXP
- string_var interOpGainedXPMessage

Oblivion XP constantly monitors these variables for changes and gives XP to the user depending on their values.

To give XP to the player, all the mod maker needs to do is add the following lines to the action that yields XP:

if ( isModLoaded "Oblivion XP.esp" )
runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpGainedXPMessage to sv_Construct %qDid stuff!%q"
runScriptLine "set ObXPMain.interOpGainedXP to 50"

Everything else is handled internally, including accounting for rested XP, increasing total XP, displaying the message, etc.
Note furthermore that Oblivion XP will automatically set the interOpGainedXP variable to 0 after giving XP to the player. Of course, the message can be changed to whatever you want, as can the amount of XP gained.

5. Incompatibilities/Bugs

Oblivion XP will generally be incompatible with mods that:

* change the rate at which skills increase through script. Load order is irrelevant since v4.0.0, but mods can still change skill gain rates through script. This will cause problems and is to be avoided. An example would be "Progress".
* change the way levelling up is handled; do not combine this mod with any other leveling mod! (e.g. KCAS, AF, Balor, nGCD)
If you have any further questions or have a bug to report, please do so in the official forum thread (see link at the top of this page) or send an e-mail to [email protected].

6. Credits

DarN for his incredible custom UI and many many bugreports!
The entire community at BGsForums for great inspiration and numerous ideas and bugreports!
The scripts in Oblivion XP were in part inspired by:
Experience based training for nGCD by Mr. Pimburton
Experience Leveling System by SiDima
Please do not use any part of this mod without asking for permission first – contact me on BGsForums or send an e-mail to [email protected]. If I haven't responded within 4 weeks, you may assume I agree to your request.

7. Changelog

- Tweaked the behaviour of the message log.
- Fixed a bug where on loading a game, the message log would always stay hidden.
- Refunding of Skill Points for training sessions and skill books is now configurable; both can be turned
on and off separately in the ini
- Refunding of training sessions now takes the amount of sessions per level as defined in the Oblivion XP ini, instead of the default 5.

- Fixed a bug where sneak kills would not update Current and Total XP properly.

- Fixed a bug where kills made by companions would no longer yield XP.
- It is now possible to hide the HUD XP Progress bar by pressing L+Left Arrow after both logs are hidden.
- When choosing to re-distribute your Skills & Attributes on first using Oblivion XP with an existing Character, the Player now is refunded 1 Skill Point for every Skill Book read in the past and is awarded 5 extra points per level to compensate for training sessions.
- Added global XP level-scaling multipliers for both miscellaneous XP gains and Quests, both separately configurable in the ini.
- Changed the formula for XP Needed to level to be better configurable and less demanding at higher levels.
- Added additional clean-up of all string variables throughout the entire mod.
- Corrected a possible source of in-memory string duplication, which is thought to have caused save-game bloating in previous versions.

- Fixed a bug where not having Shivering Isles installed would cause Skill Use increments not to get set to 0 upon loading the game.
- Fixed a bug where not having Shivering Isles installed would cause Skill Point costs to not be calculated correctly on Leveling up.
- Corrected the Stats menu XP bar slider not being aligned properly.
- Fixed a bug where, for DarNified and DarkUI’d DarN UIs, Skill bonuses would display on top of the actual Skill levels.
- Fixed a bug where, upon reaching the player level required for Grand Master skill level (150), as determined by the ini setting minimumLevelGrandMaster, the player would no longer be able to spend Skill Points in the Level Up menu.
- Fixed a bug where the Skill Level Cap would not be taken into account correctly when increasing Skills.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes it would be possible for the Level Up menu to never show after choosing to redistribute Stats on first using Oblivion XP with an existing character.
- Fixed an issue where it would never be possible to increase a Skill or Attribute by more than 100 points at any one time.

- The status text area now no longer shows Current / Needed XP and is no longer visible when the Oblivion XP log is visible. Instead it now shows the last Oblivion XP message.
- Hiding the Oblivion XP log now happens in two stages: it is first minimized to show only the last Oblivion XP message, and is hidden afterwards.
- On loading a game, the last used status (hidden/minimized/shown) of the log is restored.
- The log now automatically hides if nothing happens for 5 seconds. This auto-hide feature can be turned on or off through the ini. By default it's on.
- Added a new variable to the XP for Kills formula: multXPKillLevel. All XP gained for a kill is now multiplied by ( 1 + PlayerLevel * multXPKillLevel ). The default setting is at 0.2, which effectively raises the rate of gaining XP with respect to v4.1.0, but is still slower than v4.0.x.
- The variable multXPKillBonus is now a floating point variable to allow better tweaking.
- Fixed a bug where, when using Vanilla UI, the Level Up icon would never show and the "Click to Level Up" text wouldn't appear after having gained enough XP to level up.
- Separated the Vanilla Main, Guild Quests and Shivering Isles Quests into each their own script.
- Several alternative endings to both Vanilla and Shivering Isles Quests now yield XP, too.
- Changed the SEWorld check for location discovery to use the OBSE command TestExpr, which should suppress all errors related to not having Shivering Isles installed.

- Oblivion XP now features its own custom HUD text areas. One shows all XP gain messages and the other displays Current and Needed XP.
- The new HUD elements can all be hidden from view by pressing a simple key-combination.
- The new gain log keeps track of all messages, which can be scrolled through by using a key combination. The number of messages kept in memory is configurable in the ini file.
- The Stats Menu has been completely refurbished to be more consistent and less intrusive. Now the relevant Oblivion XP stats are shown on the first page of the Stats Menu.
- The option to sleep to level, or instantly show the level up screen when enough XP is gained, is no longer available. Instead the player can show the level up menu by clicking on a very intuitive entry on the Character page of the Stats Menu.
- Added a fully functional XP bar to the HUD.
- The player can now gain XP for closing Oblivion Gates, buying Horses, buying Houses and trapping Souls.
- Changed the formula for XP needed to be somewhat less aggressively increasing with player level.
- Added an ini variable to set the Training Cost multiplier.
- Companion support can now be disabled from the ini.
- Followers' kills are now only counted if the follower and the NPC in question are within 2 cells' distance of the player.
- XP gained for killing an NPC is now divided by the number of actors from the player's party that are in combat with that NPC.
- The base XP gained for killing an NPC with the help of a companion is now always based on the average level of the companion and the player, regardless of whether the player or the companion kills the NPC.
- Fixed a bug in the XP-from-killing script where the player's kill counter could remain positive after a kill. This would cause the player to gain XP from kills not committed by the player or companion.
- Rewrote the UI control script for the Level Up screen to get rid of major fps slowdowns due to nested looping performance issues.
- Tweaked loops in XP-from-killing scipt that would cause the game to freeze intermittently.
- All arrays are now cleared and reset after the mod loads, to prevent problems with dirty array entries.
- Added a check for Major skill ups, to prevent Vanilla level ups from occurring.

- Fixed a bug in the XP-from-killing script where NULL references could cause infinite loops, crashing the game
- Fixed a bug where Magic Skills would not be taken into account properly if enabled
- Fixed a bug in the Misc XP script where kills made by the player would trigger an error
- Sneak kills are no longer counted as such when the player is in combat
- Added an XP Needed offset variable for greater control over XP Needed formula

- Fixed a bug in the OMOD script
- Fixed a bug where reading a Book or creating a Potion would trigger a recursive error in the Mod Added Quest scripts
- Fixed a bug where the player would get an incorrect amount of Attribute / Skill points on levelling up
- Fixed a bug where creating Potions would not yield XP as expected
- Fixed a bug where the Level Up visuals would never play
- Fixed a bug where setting sleepToLevel to 1 could cause multiple levels at old needed XP level
- Books that have been read and Potions that have been made are kept in a container instead of an array now, to prevent errors
- Training sessions now carry over when upgrading from v3.0.1
- Cell-scan script rewritten for better performance
- Added another variable for performance tweaking
- XP from Killing and XP from Misc Actions now both have their own scripts

- Completely rewrote the mod from scratch, everything is done with the new OBSE v0017 functions for better error reporting and stability
- Completely new UI, both for stats and leveling screen
- Skills no longer determine your attributes
- You now get to pick which attributes and skills to increase when leveling through a nice looking modification of the leveling screen - no more shabby message boxes!
- When first using the new version, you have to option to redistribute all your skills and attributes
- You can now only put a certain amount of points into a single skill per level
- There are now level requirements to advance to the next Mastery level for each skill (e.g. minimum level 5 to become Journeyman)
- The formula used for determining the amount of XP needed to advance to the next level has changed to be more configurable
- Per default, the formula for XP needed to level is now quadratic
- No more use of tokens, instead arrays are used everywhere, so there's no possibility of ever getting missing meshes due to ObXP
- Automated companion detection (no need to manually set them any longer)
- Oblivion XP now features an easy to use, built-in mod interoperability system, through which mod-makers can easily add XP support to their mods without making the mod dependent on ObXP
- Fixed Deadly Reflex issues
- Fixed the issue with kills made through Poison not giving XP
- Reading Scrolls now yields less XP than reading Books
- You now only get XP when making a new Potion you haven't made before (a stronger version counts as a new potion)
- You only get XP for picking a lock when you break less than a certain number of picks while picking that lock
- Undetected Sneak kills yield double XP
- Option to turn off having Oblivion XP determine health/magicka/fatigue and regen
- The position of Oblivion XP.esp in the load order should no longer matter as GMSTs are now changed through script, in-game
- New quest XP system; no more separate plugins are needed to support custom quest mods. Instead, user-made quest mods will have built-in support.
- All the new options are of course configurable through the ini