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Add corean races.

Permissions and credits
-I can not speak english well.. forgive me if i speak Impolitely-

this patch adds closed mouth version.

this patch adds race "corean female type 1~4, dark elf"

install, and check 'IDKRRR_C_race_closed_mouth_version.esp'

You can use two esp files.

two esp file works independently


hairegm file added.

this included high quality hair egm files.

If hair meshes were broekn, Use this file.

I recommend that you install this file.

I`m sorry. My Mistake..

extract hair.7z(named egmfiles) , copy 26 egm files to the " data\meshes\characters\corean\hair"
If you Use "corean hair for original race", then also copy to the "data\meshes\characters\CH4O " too.

Corean mod ver 1.8 FULL

Version : 1.8
Date : 02/27/2008
Category : Races,Classes and Birthsigns
Author : idkrrr
Filename : final corean 1.8.7z(named corean) , Hair_ONLY_for_Original_race.7z(named coreanhair)
hair.7z(named egmfiles)


*Base Attributes, Skill Bonus, Spell*
*This mod adds 8 Corean races(Corean female type I~IV, Corean male type I~III, Dark Elf(Corean ver)) , 20 eyes, and 35 hairstyles
* 'Base Attributes and Skill Bonus' of corean is based on Imperial. Also 'Dark elf(corean ver)' based on Original Dark elf too. but every Type has special Charm spell.

Bonus Dark Elf
Corean Female type I
Corean Female type II
Corean Female type III
Corean Female type IV
Corean male type I
Corean male type II
Corean male type III

New 20 eyes (normal + glow)

[Hair sytles]
35 hairs (24 corean hair + 11 ren`s hair reform)

[Installation and Playing]
To install the MOD, unzip the files. (You have to unzip with 7-zip) check the size of all files and folders. (Size of this MOD is 178~179mb.) then Copy 'meshes,textures folders and one esp file' into the "Data" Folder. From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data, check 'IDKRRR_C_RACE.ESP'.

If you want to install only hairs for Original Race, You have to install other Mod file [HAIR_ONLY_FOR_ORIGINAL_RACE.7z]. This Mod was made only for Head mesh of Original Races. (Corean hair was made only for Corean`s head mesh)
so, If you want to play Original Race with Corean hair, Use this mod.
To start custom race, you need 'Custom Race Fix' mod(KT_CustomRaceFix.esp).
anyway, to play Corean, In the game, change your Character with Corean. and Reset your Characters`s Face. that`s all

ex 1) step 1 install corean (29413kb) step2 install egmfile(21221kb)

Only hair
ex 2) step 1 install coreanhair (8271kb), step 2 install egmfile(21221kb)

ex 3) install all files. There is not an order. but, you have to install egmfiles(21221kb) lastly.

latest Oblivion patch

Blog : http://blog.naver.com/idkrrr

readme webpage(you can see more screen shot): http://blog.naver.com/idkrrr/60048169718

2007/10/28 corean ver 1.0 (type I,II, 2 hair styles)
2007/10/30 corean ver 1.1 patch
2007/11/11 corean ver 1.2 Full (add type III)
2007/12/07 corean ver 1.3 patch (add type IV)
2007/12/15 corean ver 1.4 patch
2007/12/17 corean ver 1.5 Full
2007/12/22 Corean ver 1.6 patch
2008/01/12 Corean ver 1.65 patch
2008/02/05 Corean ver 1.79
2008/02/12 Corean ver 1.796 patch
2008/02/27 Corean ver 1.8 Full version Released

Corean mod - made by idkrrr-
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks.
Thanks to My hero 'Ren'
(This mod started from Mystic Elf, Many files of this mod is based on Mystic Elf.
I learned many knowledge from her Blog. and If there were no Mystic Elf, Also there were no Corean)
Thanks to Corean mod Tester 'chris(sscss2)'
Thanks to My Family(Elder scrolls naver Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/elderscrolls7.cafe)

You may use and distribute the models and textures freely without additional permission as long as the above credits are included.