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  • Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 First release candidate released.

    Hi to everyone:
    First of all I'd like to apologize to everyone for the long time passed between this and the beta6 update.

    Now what's means Release Candidate (or RC)?
    A RC can be described as a pseudo-stable feature freezed release.
    Pseudo stable, becouse of course the latest changes must be tested, as they may have introduced regressions. Also some rare bug may be triggered in the RC testing phase.

    Feature-freezed means that there will be almost no additions until the start of a future 3.1 branch. Only bugfixes and small modification that do not alter the flow of the mod. This can guarantee that if needed, small patches in little time can be performed.

    The biggest difference players will see it's that the waiting time between quest ...

  • Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 Public Beta 4

    The new beta for Kvatch Rebuilt is finally out! Most, if not all bugs are squashed, and the mod flows a lot better now! Public beta 4 takes us out of the bug fixing, and we can now focus entirely on adding the new features we want, including the Pre-Invasion city, which currently is a shell of what it will be. We are also looking into removing the Main Quest requirement, so players can rebuild the city without having to do the Oblivion Main Quest.

    But for now, Public Beta 4 includes these fixes and changes:
    Internal handler for 'Kvatch Devastation' (all 4 variants).
    Arenar now join the fight against the undead after the celebration, and stay to defend the barricade with Savlian.
    The Paradise Portal spell can now be used to travel back to Tamri...