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This unofficial fix was made in the mindset to possibly fix problems encountered in normal Natural Weather. As well as provide an alternative. From the efforts of this fix has come 2 Natural Weather Sets: A Normal Scripted ESP, and A Simpled Weather ESP. One Using scripts, the other not.

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= Natural Weather Unoffical Test Fix =

Author: Ryu Doppler

Version: v0.8 (Base Version 2.1.3)

= Details : Ryu Doppler =

Natural Weather from Max Tael's Natural Environments is by far one of the best graphic mods for those wanting to give their dull weather some flair. It adds several new weather types, which are made even better by the quality of the textures supplied with it. Because of this, it's visuals are the best among current weather mods. There are however a few flaws that cause the mod some damage. The biggest is the dreaded fast weather changing bug, where weather will change every few seconds instantly while doing things like talking to NPCs, opening containers, or almost anything that involves a menumode.

This unofficial fix was made in the mindset to fix this big problem. As well as provide an alternative. From the efforts of this fix has come 2 Natural Weather Sets: Normal Scripted ESP, and Simpled Weather ESP.

Normal Scripted ESPs: Contained within the Normal Scripted ESP folder, these versions of the Tweak contain the original efforts of the test fix. It was found that by simply removing several unclean entries within the ESP (specifically several duplicate climates) that the occurance of the fast change bug was reduced dramatically. In my own tests, after making the fix I hadn't had a major reoccurance of the bug since using it. Despite this however, there have been others who claim that the bug persists. Although from those mentionings it seems to occur when other script heavy mods interfere with Natural Weather.

Simpled Weather ESPs: Contained within the Simpled Weather ESP folder, these versions of the Tweak take a different approach. Instead of just cleaning entries, the weather types have been tailored to use Oblivion's original weather system. This system relies on Regions and Climates to effect areas with Weather types. By removing the weather scripts, and using this weather system instead, it completely removes many of the problems that come from the scripts. The fast changing weather bug should be completely gone, and Natural Weather should be compatible with Worldspace mods as well.

Both these versions are supplied for those who wish to try either one. Although I can basically guarantee that with the Simplified Weather ESP version that the Fast Change bug will be gone.

NEW AS OF JANUARY 26, 2008: Now included are possible additional Non-SI compatible versions of the ESPs. Scripted and Simple. I haven't really heard reports of the original SI saved versions causing trouble with Non-SI installs, butI figure it couldn't hurt to include them. If theres even a small chance that it could help things, then I think it's worth it.

These probable Non-SI versions are included in the Non-SI-Test folder. Upon entering it's standard installation procedure from that folder on.

NEW AS OF APRIL 5, 2008: Now Included is my own attempt at providing an alternate Color tweak for the Weather. This Color correction is akin to the old Color fix made for 2.1.2, in that it works to dramatically reduce the overly yellow tone for the 'Warm' weathertypes. But I've also made attempts to reduce/edit the overly blue tone of the 'Cold' weather to be slightly more subtle/dark. As well as a few edits to other existing weathers, such as some of the fog/snow, to have them blend more with the rest of the tweakings.

All versions of the correction are included, From the Default, Darker Nights, HDR, and Darker Nights + HDR. Simpified and Scripted. Although I can't promise there will be a very noticible difference for the HDR version (There's only a few miniscule changes to a few weathers HDR settings). Also included are possible NON-SI compiled versions. Scripted and Simplified.

= Final Notes =

This is a test fix for natural weather, so you will be required to download the original for the rest of Natural Weather's content. The normal ESP's with the scripts could be hit or miss, however the simplified ESP's should work perfectly though with the loss of seasonal weather and such.

I would highly recommend using a Simplified Version ESP, but your welcome to try a Scripted ESP first to see if that works out for you. If it continues to give you problems, or you need something compatible with worldspace mods (like D U N E, or Silgrad) then I would recommend switching to use a Simplified ESP then.

= Installation =

Choose and open either the Normal Scripted ESP or Simplified Weather ESP folder, and select which version of the ESP you want to use (either from that directory, or the new RD Color Corrected folder). Then copy it, and paste it in your 'Oblivion\Data' directory.

If you choose from the Normal Scripted ESP folder, the ESP will overwrite the original ESP.

If you choose from the Simplified Weather ESP folder, the ESP will not overwrite the Original ESP. So you'll need to disable the old, and enable the new in the mod-list.

NEW FOR THE COLOR CORRECTIONS: Within the Normal Scripted ESP or Simplified Weather ESP folders will be a new subfolder called RD Color Corrected. Within those folders are the colored corrected ESPs for that particular chosen set.

= Uninstallation =

To remove only this tweak, simply disable the ESP and delete it from the Data directory.

= History =

v0.8 - Color Correction versions added.
v0.7 - Possible Non-SI Versions included
v0.6 - Restructured Readme, Folders, Ect
v0.5 - Tweaked the other ESPs for the Simplified versions
v0.4 - Added the simplified Weather ESP
v0.3 - Various tweaks, and removal of Unclean entries
v0.2 - Added the different versions with removed duplicate climates
v0.1 - Removed the duplicate climates

= Credits =

Thanks to Max Tael for creating Natural Weather
Thanks to Me, Ryu Doppler for creating this unofficial test fix.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com, for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.