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Mod that Enables Dark Seducer Armor and Weaponary. This is the first mod I have made.

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Let's you use the Dark Seducer armor in both Shivering isles and Cyrodil. You must have the Shivering Isles Expansion pack though. Otherwise the mod won't work. There's lots more information in the included readme below. Please leave a comment about what you think of my mod.

Dark Seducer Armor Enabled 1.0


This is a simple mod the allows you to use the dark seducer armor in cyrodil and shivering isles.


This mod will not work without Shivering Isles Expansion Pack.

To install simply extract Dark Seducer esp to a temp folder or desktop and then drag it into oblivions data folder. Next up start up the splash screen and go into the data files section and enable the esp. This mod seems to work well with oblivion mod manager. But I can't see why it wouldn't work without it.

Finding and Obtaining the Armor

Once the mod is enabled enter the shivering isles. Then kill the gatekeeper and go to crucible. The dark and gloomy side of New Sheoth. Once there look for a dark seducer guard. There skin color is dark blue. Plus they can be incredibly tough to kill. So I recommend using god mode just so you can get the armor without getting killed. Here's the god code for those who don't know it:tgm.

Not only do you get the armor I've also enabled the dark seducers dark shortsword
bow and arrows.

Other Important Stuff

I think I've said as much I can except that this is my first attempt at modding and and this my first mod upload. Don't get me wrong though I have tested this mod on my system in several different ways with different body replacers. There may be very slight clipping with some body replacers Although I don't think it's too noticeable.Anyway I hope you enjoy this little armor tweak. I also have a golden saint version of this mod. But I want to see how this goes first before I release it. Plus you all free to fiddle with this mod as I didn't add anything to it and is property of Bethesda.