Symphony of Violence - Combat Sound Enhancement by MigTheGreat
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I. Description
II. Beta Notice
III. Installation
IV. Compatibility
V. Credits

I. Description

This mod is a tweaked compilation of the best combat sounds "Combat Sounds 300", "Walther's Oblivion Combat Sounds", and "Improved Bow Sounds" have to offer. Using the strengths of each mod, I have replaced many of the game's default sounds with more realistic counterparts. However the vanilla sounds that were of too much quality to be improved upon were left untouched, so this mod should have no negative "trade-offs"

Symphony of Violence should enhance your combat experience by allowing you to become immersed in battle, as your actions create awesome and believable noises around you. The most important feature of this mod is that it replaces the majority of the default sounds that were irritating in their lack of realism. Now when you strike flesh it will sound like it should, gruesome and gory, not metallic. Organic sounds like striking Bone, Fur, and Flesh now sound more realistic as well. The metallic noises that should be metallic have also been enhanced, like striking Heavy armor, and blocking with a Blade. Now you will hear as the armor shudders and the blade scrapes against it. When blocking with a blade you will hear the powerful collision and scraping of metal, and how the blade wobbles and vibrates as a result. A variety of other sounds have also been improved, such a Staff Blocking, HTH punching, and Striking Light Armor. Staffs will sound less hollow, and Light Armor will make more realistic noises when struck. HTH has been improved by making the swish of your punches more realistic, and by making one or two punch sounds more powerful. As I said before, this is a tweaked compilation, so several of the sounds provided by the afore-mentioned mods have been tweaked for more realism.

Some other very noticeable changes are the new Bow shooting, and Blade sheathing sounds I have created. When you shot a Bow in Oblivion you would hear the Swoosh of the arrow, but not the Twang of the bow; while shooting a bow with Combat Sounds 300 meant hearing the Twang of the bow, but not the Swoosh of the arrow. I have now combined these two sounds so you can enjoy the realism of hearing both at once. Combat Sounds 300 also had an interesting sound for sheathing your long blade, which allowed you to sense the blade as it slid against the sheath, and even hear the hilt as it made contact with the sheath. The same effect has now been applied to short blades, but the sound is much quicker (shorter blade), higher pitched, and quieter, because the lower weight of the weapon wont impact the hilt as much.

I have also managed to add variety to a few Sound Sets. Several sets like Bow Drawing, or Swinging Heavy Weapon only had one sound that would play again, and again. The increased variation should provide some Ear-candy (eww), and also make the action feel more realistic.

Cleitanious, Walther, Renzeekin, and Zombiemold, have kindly given me permission to use their sounds, so that I could utilize the strengths of their work to create Symphony of Violence. All of these sounds were initially created by them, so most of the credit is theirs.

II. Installation

Just extract all included files into you Oblivion/Data folder. Click yes if it asks you to overwrite your sound folder. After that you only need to activate the mod when oblivion loads, and you are all set.

To uninstall, just delete all included files.

III. Compatibility

This will only conflict with mods that change the same exact sounds, and most of those mods are already compiled into this one :).

IV. Credits

I would like to show my appreciation for.....

- Cleitanious for "Combat Sounds 300", and permission to use it. Many excellent sounds such as the Bow Twang, the Sword Sheathing, and many other featured sounds spread throughout this mod, come from him.

- Walther for "Oblivion Combat Sounds". The majority of the new sounds are from this mod. Most notably, the Blade Blocking sounds, and most of the Organic sounds, are his. Unfortunately I have not been able to contact him directly, and found that others have failed to do as well. If you read this Walther, and prefer that I do not use your work in this mod, I will take it down at your request.

- Zombiemold for allowing me to use the Great Bow Drawing sounds from "Improved Bow Sounds".

- Reenzekin, who gave me permission to use the blade sounds from Blade Sound Effects. They are not currently part of this release, but I am grateful for the permission.