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Expands the Hackdirt Caverns in an attempt to add a sense of completeness and finality to the quest. For atmospheric and roleplaying value.

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This mod is very simple but aims to have a large payoff by giving the excellent Mystery at Hackdirt quest a more concrete and mysterious finish. There is now something to discover in the Caverns of Hackdirt. A moment's searching should yield results. This is a lightweight mod, so don't expect quests or new items. I designed it for people who, like me, enjoy small atmospheric additions to the game that feed off of what is already there. (And yes I am being deliberately vague in my description.)

There should be no compatibility problms whatsoever, so feel free to load the esp high in the load order, as small conflicts will not hurt it.
Make sure that you download the patch version, which fixes a pathgrid error and adds some details that got lost in the shuffle.
Uses Construction Set Version 1.0.303 and Corresponding Version of Oblivion.