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Bored with your mute character? Want your evil character to sound like evil? Want your palladin to sound like one? Now you can. This mod gives your character ability to speak. From now on you will hear your character commenting about 30 various events through the game. This includes diverse battle-cries during combat, differential comments whil

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NEW SOUND SET HAS BEEN ADDED: GORAX. Currently only this set contains new version(2.8), expect other sets to be updated soon; new version changes:
- added four customizing spells, for more details look in the Customization section in the description



Name: Oblivion Sound Sets
Version: 2.6
Date: 10/05/2009
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, OBSE v.10(only the 'compatible with Personality Idles version')
Author: brucevayne
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12588
Mirror: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=51&sort_by=ASC&sort_key=file_name&num=10&st=4
Forum thread: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=28920

Bored with your mute character? Want your evil character to sound like evil? Want your palladin to sound like one? Now you can.

This mod gives your character ability to speak. From now on you will hear your character commenting about 30 various events through the game. This includes diverse battle-cries during combat, differential comments while wandering Tamriel, while venturing in the ruins/dungeons, while wandering during the day/night, and many, many more(~35-60 comments per set...you will have to discover them by yourself :) )

My goal was to create sound sets for Oblivion...remember Baldurs Gate, or Neverwinter Nights, where you could chose a sound set for your character, depending on the alignment and class you planned to play? Now you can do so in Oblivion.

Those sound sets wasn't recorded by me, some of them are from Baldurs Gate, part of them was recorded by various voiceactors: VoxPopuli group, Guido Voets (a.k.a. The Deathsangel), Wynne Lurty, Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost), KrimsynKane, Christopher Gauntt(a.k.a.Saebel); and some are from different games (currently Garrett from Thief series and Annah from Planescape:Tornment).

You can now choose a sound set for your character. Note that some of them are aimed for good PC's, some for evil ones. You should also pay attention to class of char you want to play, some sound sets are to be used for warrior types chars, while other are created for thieves or mages. The choice is of course up to you, you can use e.g. Keldorn's sound set while playing a thief character, but you will never hear him commenting a theft or starting to sneak.

There are many comments you can hear during the game, some of them will be quite common, some will be heard less frequently, and some are very rare. This will depend on your gameplay, and decisions you make.

Watch it in action here:

a short clip showing a couple of sets available in this mod

Featuring Edwin; video by kralikczernej

Currently there is thirthy one sound sets to chose, more of them will come soon.

Here is a short description of currently available soundsets:

Calisto: an evil female , perfect for assasin/thief char. Sexy and ruthless.

Imoen: most of you know this char, so you know what to expect, for those that dont - she is a female thief(will work well as a mage, too), with neutral/good alignment.

Mazzy Fentan: a female character with good alignment, aimed for warrior PC's, excellent for palladin types. Her faith in justice is her armour.

Garrett: I think there is no need to introduce this one. He is a male character, a master thief . Recommended for thieves only.

Sarevok: an evil male character from BG series, perfect for a Dark Knight. Grab your dreadric longsword and feel his rage!

Keldorn Firecam: a male character with good alignment, designed for a warrior, especially palladin. A zealot waging his own war with evil, while preserving the justice.

Cernd: a neutral/good male for ranger or druid character. "Balance be served", as he would say.

Jaheira: some of you still remember this character...for those that don't: she is a druid/ranger. Her bonds with nature are very strong, which you will hear more than once.

Edwin: a male character designed for evil PC's, especially mages. He's ill-manered and sarcastic, but playing this character can bring a lot of fun, and hearing his "Why do I suffer these fools" may sometimes sound suspiciously ... real?

Jon Irenicus: an evil male character, perfect for a mage or a warlock. Powerful and formidable. Be him, and make Tamriel tremble before you!

Rhett: "A cocky gent with a wry grin on his face, ready to look Death right in the eye and cheat him at cards while doing so. Use him for your rogue... swashbuckling fighter... heck, even a flamboyant mage wouldn't be too far out of the question." - Clint(Vox Populi)

Nalia: a female character with good alignment. Recommended for mages, although any class should fit, as long as it's not a thief nor an assasin.

Brekke: an evil female character, designed for skilled in destruction mages, thou she may be used for any female character with bad attitude.

Algernon: an eldery male mage. Despite of his age he still journeys seeking adventure. Sometimes he reminds me of Gandalf...

Safana: a very sensual woman, endowed with alluring, silky voice. Originally Safana was a thief, but this sound set may be used for any female character with neutral/evil personallity. Note that many of her lines are addressed to you...

Minsc: a hero in the full sense of the word ;) . Best for warrior types with good alignment. Originally Minsc was taking care of his hamster, Boo. Since space hamsters are not Tamriel specific, I prepared two versions of this set: one where you can hear Boo from time to time and one without Boo. Read the install instructions in the readme before use.

Indarion: a neutral male character, designed for mages. As most wizards, he's very self confident, convinced of his superiority. Written & Voiced: Guido Voets (a.k.a. The Deathsangel).

Sillth: An evil male assasin. His existence is an endless hunt. Written & Voiced: Guido Voets (a.k.a. The Deathsangel).

Anomen: a male character with good attitude, best to be used as a warrior. Anomen is an eager and zealous palladin, who will stop at nothing, until there is no evil to be fought.

Valygar: a male ranger/hunter/monk character with a good attitude. The chaos of the city made him leave civilization and settle in the wild. As a ex-military man he know how to fight, but he will always think twice before making any harsh decisions.

Annah: a female rogue character from Planescape:Tornment. She speaks with a wonderful Scottish accent. Her alignment can be described as good unlawful.

Syndrana: an evil female character, best for dark knights or barbarians. Brutal and ruthless; where she goes, death goes with her. Written & voiced: Wynne Lurty

Innocent: just an innocent girl. No good or bad alignment here, you can play with her as a good or bad character. Written & voiced: Wynne Lurty

Haer'Dalis: a famous bard, actor and filosopher who travelled many planes before arriving to Cyrodill. A male with neutral character.

Viconia: a female character with an evil attitude. Originally Viconia was a Drow, some of she says are in drowish language. This character should fit to any class.

Jeremiah: "The Hammerite Missionary; he comes from a far-off continent unbeknown to the Empire in a wealthy city named Auldale and he has traveled far so that the heretics and savages of Cyrodiil can receive the word of his God, the Master Builder." - Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost)

Ja-Kha'iit-myr: he's a "Khajiit Assassin of the Suthay-Raht Clan (Ja-Kha'iit-myr translates as 'Great Moonwalker')." - Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost); This sound set strongly refers to Elderscrolls lore. If you want to know more about it, see the 'Custom content' section in the readme.

Borrodin Amelius: a knight palladin; through his parentage he possesed the understanding and knowledge of magic that only few mages are proud of; for more info please look for the 'Custom content' section in the readme.

Markynaz Kyndrulhu: a male Dremora character; a former general in the army of Mehrunes Dagon; For more info please look for the 'Character background' section in the readme.
* another adult only version of this set is available here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=17000 *

Kensai: a neutral/good male character. This set should fit to any class. Written & Voiced: KrimsynKane.

Gorax: this set will perfectly match for an Orc male character. Written & voiced: Christopher Gauntt(a.k.a.Saebel).


Download the 'Preview - 30 sets' file to hear samples of all sets.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

Put the .esp file at the bottom in your load order(it should be loaded as last)

Remember that you should use only one at a time!

You will find the procedure in the readme inside the archive.

Custom race info

1. Ainmhi race, Tabaxi race, Skeleton race, Chocolate Elves race:
create an "Ainmhi" and/or "Tabaxi" and/or "Skeleton" and/or "Chocolate Elf" folder in data\sound\Voice\PCSoundCHARNAME.esp and then copy contents of any other race folder(e.g. Imperial) located in here(data\sound\Voice\PCSoundCHARNAME.esp) to this newly created folder and everything should be ok.

2. Dremora, Sephiroth, Human Race, Elves of Lineage and Mystic Elves will work just fine without any problems.

IMPORTANT: Put the .esp file at the bottom in your load order(it should be loaded as last).

If you'll have any problems when playing this mod with a custom race PC - just let me know.


If you are using Personality Idles mod in your game, you should install provided 'compatibile with Personality Idles' version. Note that it requires OBSE v.10.

Using my mod altogether with PowerAttackVioceMod may produce weird effects,
therefore it is unrecommended to use both of them simultaneously.

This mod will may conflict with mods that alter SEFF magic effect. If you encounter any problems with this mod, please let me know.

If you find it not working properly with some custom race, give me a shout, I'll look into it.

Known Issues or Bugs

In some soundsets I've left the power attack mute on purpose(note that I haven't removed, replaced nor modified original vanilla sounds). I did it because most sets doesn't have anything that would fit in this place, while leaving old power attack sounds in any case may sound weird.

For those of you who would like to use the original powerattack sounds anyway:

Simply use the PCSoundPowerAttackControl spell provided by this mod;

Some of those sounds wasn't recorded for Oblivion, therefore sometimes you can
hear your char calling the name of a god that doesn't exist in Tamriel.
There are no other known at the moment, please contact me if you find


Since version 2.8 four customizing spells are available:
- PCSoundActionCommentChance - allows to set the chance of Action comments being used by PC. Values can be set to 33%, 50%, 75% and 100% of original chance value used by the mod. Action comments include situations like: starting to sneak, equipping/sheathing a weapon, stealing, tresspassing, completing a quest, etc...
- PCSoundBattleCommentChance - allows to set the chance of Battle comments being used by PC. Values can be set to 33%, 50%, 75% and 100% of original chance value used by the mod.
- PCSoundEnviornmentalCommentChance - allows to set the chance of Enviornmental comments being used by PC. Values can be set to 33%, 50%, 75% and 100% of original chance value used by the mod.
- PCSoundCombatCommentSystem - allows to set the Combat comment system to Triggered mode or to Spontaneous mode.
When in triggered mode, PC will use battle comments only when one of following situations occur: Battle Starts(PC spots an enemy or is wounded), enemy is killed, PC is wounded, Battle ends. Triggered mode is recommended for Close Combat characters.
When in Spontaneous mode, PC will use battle comments in all situations mentioned before, but will also randomly use battle comments randomly through all combat. This mode is recommended for long range combat characters.


2009/05/10 - new sound set added: Gorax. currently only this set contains new version(2.8), expect other sets to be updated soon; new version changes:
- added four customizing spells, for more details look in the Customization section in the description;

2008/08/03 - new soundset added: Kensai

2008/07/25 - new version(2.7b) of Kyndrulhu set released;
new version changes:
- Kyndrulhu will no longer use nighttime and daytime comments when wandering the wastes of Oblivion;
- new battlecries should be heard more frequently;
- addressed few minor bugs;

2008/07/21 - new version(2.7) of Kyndrulhu set released; new version changes:
- further improvement of enviornmental comments script;
- improved functionality of enemy detection script;
- the day/night comments will now be used only with proper weather;
- PC will no more use the 'standing idly' comment when player's controls are disabled;
Along with this version Kyndrulhu set has been enhanced with:
- 11 new battlecries, Kyndrulhu will use them according on his enemy's race;
- 4 new enviornmental comments;
- 2 new hit sounds;
- a spell to turn on/off additional music samples; look in the readme for more details;

2008/07/09 - new version(2.6) of Algernon, Cernd, Imoen and Jeremiah set released;

2008/07/06 - new version(2.6) of Anomen, Haer'Dalis, Indarion and Sillth set released;

2008/07/03 - new version(2.6) of Brekke, Jaheira, Safana and Valygar set released;

2008/06/07 - new version(2.6) of Annah, Mazzy, Keldorn and Rhett set released;

2008/06/03 - new version(2.6) of Innocent, Syndrana, Edwin and Irenicus set released;

2008/05/16 - new version(2.6) of Calisto, Garrett, Kyndrulhu and Viconia set released;

2008/05/05 - new version(2.6) of Kyndrulhu "Obscenity mix" soundset released; new version(2.6) of Ja-Khaiit-Myr and Saverok set released;

2008/05/05 - new version(2.6) of Nalia and Borrodin set released;
new version changes:
- addressed the 'thumping sound' issue;
- improved the enviornmental comments script, now the enviornmental comments should be used more suitably;
- player character will not use a battlecry when he/she is trying to hide(is sneaking) in combat situation;

2008/05/01 - mew sound set added: Kyndrulhu;

2008/04/09 - new sound set added: Borrodin;

2008/03/22 - new version(2.5) of Indarion and Rhett set released;

2008/03/21 - new version(2.5) of Syndrana and Valygar set released;

2008/03/19 - new sound set added: Ja-Khaiit-myr;

2008/03/16 - new version(2.5) of Annah and Brekke set released;

2008/03/15 - new version(2.5) of Imoen, Nalia and Irenicus set released;

2008/03/10 - new sound set added: Jeremiah; new version(2.5) of Sillth set released;

2008/03/06 - new version(2.5) of Mazzy and Keldorn set released;

2008/03/04 - new version(2.5) of Safana, Edwin and Saverok set released;

2008/03/03 - new version(2.5) of Innocent, Viconia and Haer'Dalis set released;

2008/03/02 - new version(2.5) of Calisto and Garrett set released;

2008/03/01 - new version(2.5) of Algernon set released; new version changes:
- the battle comments will be played only after the player has spotted an enemy, or is wounded in combat. That should make battles more immersive;
- the enviornmental comments will be played with equal frequency for all sets; previously sets that contains more of those comments were using them more frequently, of course no comments will be removed;
- added a spell to turn on/off original powerattack sounds(a facilitation);

2008/02/25 - new version(2.4) of Brekke set released;

2008/02/17 - new version(2.4) of Indarion and Sillth set released;

2008/02/11 - new version(2.4) of Garrett set released;

2008/02/10 - new version(2.4) of Haer'Dalis set released;

2008/02/06 - new version(2.4) of Syndrana set released;

2008/02/01 - new version(2.4) of Valygar set released;

2008/01/30 - new version(2.4) of Innocent set released;

2008/01/28 - new version(2.4) of Annah set released;

2008/01/27 - new version(2.4) of Nalia and Anomen set released;

2008/01/24 - new version(2.4) of Imoen set released;

2008/01/21 - new version(2.4) of Mazzy and Edwin set released;

2008/01/20 - new version(2.4) of Saverok set released;

2008/01/19 - new version(2.4) of Safana set released;

2008/01/18 - new version(2.4) of Irenicus set released;

2008/01/16 - new version(2.4) of Jaheira set released;

2008/01/15 - new version(2.4) of Viconia, Calisto, Cernd, Keldorn sets released; new version changes:
- player can now turn on/off original powerattack sounds(see Known Isues and Bugs section for more details);
- added a "taking a breathe" effect after any comment, lenght of this effect will depend on how long the comment was;
- improved effectivenes of 'compatible with personality idles version';
- changed the amount of time needed to trigger the 'standing still' comment from 30 to 45 seconds;

2008/01/09 - new version(2.3) of Viconia set added; new version changes:
- major script optimization;
- added 'compatible with Personality Idles' version(requires OBSE v.10);

2008/01/03 - new version(2.2 beta) of Viconia set added; new version changes:
- now your character will comment a situation when standind still for more than 30 seconds;
- added lip files for part of the comments(those that you can actually see your PC saying them);
- now the comment after closing the Oblivion Gate will be heared only after PC is placed back in Tamriel;

2008/01/02 - new sound set added: Viconia; updated the preview file;

2007/12/31 - new version patch added: 2.1; this patch rebelences battle comment algoritm for better results;

2007/12/23 - new version uploaded: 2.0; new version changes:
- changes were made to combat sound playing algoritm, this update will make combat more exciting, especially for mages and archers, but characters that prefer close combat should also notice the difference;
- fixed few minor bugs;

2007/12/18 - new sound set added: Haer'Dalis; updated the preview file;

2007/12/11 - added new sound set: Innocent;

2007/12/03 - released new version(1.9) of Jaheira set; added nine new comments for this set; few tweaks made;

2007/11/28 - released new version(1.9) of Mazzy set; added eight new comments for this set;

2007/11/27 - released new version(1.9) of Sillth and Indarion set; ten Sillth's comments have been re-recorded and are included in this version;

2007/11/26 - released new version(1.9) of Safana set; I've also tweaked this set a little for better immersion; added a 'Preview - 22 sets' file(contains sample comments from all sets);

2007/11/25 - released new version(1.9) of Imoen and Irenicus sets; I've added few new sounds to Irenicus set, I've also made few tweaks for better immersion;

2007/11/24 - released new version(1.9) of Nalia and Rhett sets;

2007/11/21 - released new version(1.9) of Sarevok and Keldorn sets; I've added new sounds to both of those sets;

2007/11/20 - released new version(1.9) of Minsc set;

2007/11/18 - released new version(1.9) of following sets: Valygar, Anomen, Cernd, Algernon, Brekke, Annah, Calisto, Edwin, Garrett, Syndrana; new version changes:
- mod has been completly redesigned to avoid any passible conflicts, unused contents has been removed
- added support for Shivering Isles addon, now you will also hear apropriate comments in New Sheoth. Note that SI isn't required to run this mod.
- script optimization;
- epic battle comments will now be heard only after 'epic' battles
- equiping weapon while in combat won't be commented now, those comments will only be heared when not in combat. This is because most of those comments do not fit to the havoc of battle, as they signify preparing to fight...

2007/11/13 - new sound set added: Syndrana(1.85); now you will also hear apropriate comments in New Sheoth. Note that this mod doesn't require Shivering Isles.

2007/11/12 - new sound set added: Annah(1.8)

2007/11/10 - new sound set added: Valygar(1.8)

2007/10/23 - new sound set added: Anomen; currently only this set contains new version(1.8), expect other sets to be updated soon

2007/10/21 - new sound set added: Sillth

2007/10/14 - new sound set added: Indarion

2007/09/10 - new sound set added: Minsc

2007/09/08 - new sound set added: Safana

2007/09/04 - new sound set added: Algernon

2007/09/03 - removed a major bug that could cause inproper script behaviour in certain situations

2007/09/02 - released new version for Nalia, Irenicus, Calisto, and Rhett; removed small bug that was blockind some sounds to be played, few tweaks made, added new sounds(to Irenicus and Nalia)

2007/08/30 - released new version for Sarevok and Mazzy; removed small bug that was blockind some sounds to be played, few tweaks made, added new sounds

2007/08/29 - released new version for: Garrett, Edwin, Cernd, Imoen, Jaheira, Keldorn; removed small bug that was blockind some sounds to be played, few tweaks made, added new sounds

2007/08/27 - new sound set added: Brekke; currently only this one contains new version, expect others to be updated soon. Small bug removed that was preventing some sounds to be played: starting to sneak, tresspassing (some chars only).

2007/08/24 - new sound set added: Nalia

2007/08/18 - new sound set added: Rhett

2007/08/16 - new sound set added: Jon Irenicus

1.5, 2007/08/15 - new version is out( 1.5 ) - removes few small bugs; several tweaks

1.4, 2007/08/13 - implemented new chance distribution system; removed small bug that could couse improper script behaviour after applying the mod while using a character that already is in charge of any of the guilds; added new sound set

1.3a, 2007/08/12 - removes small bug that was blocking some sounds to be played

1.3, 2007/08/11 - completly rebuiled sound playing system, improved randomness, reduced sound playing frequency; added new sound set (Jaheira)

1.2, 2007/08/10 - removed a major bug(!), that was the source of not random sound playing, added new character

1.1, 2007/08/09 - implemented better "random" sound playing, few tweaks

1.0, 2007/08/08 - Initial release


You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'brucevayne'
You can find me on TESNexus.com as 'brucevayne'
You can send me an email here: [email protected]
You can post your comments here: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=28920


All credits for recordind sounds goes to:
Black Isle (BG Chars, Annah)
VoxPopuli group (Calisto, Rhett, Brekke, Algernon)
Guido Voets, a.k.a. The Deathsangel(Indarion, Sillth)
Wynne Lurty (Syndrana, Innocent)
Steve Boyes (a.k.a. Ibsen's Ghost; Jeremiah, Ja-Khaiit-myr, Borrodin, Kyndrulhu)
KrimsynKane (Kensai)
Christopher Gauntt(a.k.a.Saebel; Gorax)
Looking Glass Studios (Garrett)

All guys from the forum that helped me, spacially to:
Scruggsy wugsy the ferret
Special thanks to Dereko, who helped me with creating compatible with Personality Idles version.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to lhammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki.

A few words from Steve Boyes (Ibsen's Ghost), Ja-Kha'iit-myr creator:
"Special thanks to Ja-Kha'jay of 'Silgrad Tower' and the 'UESPWiki' for the extra tips on the Khajit language and its conventions. For anyone who likes this and would like to hear more, please look out for a complete overhaul of the generic voice acting and script for Khajiit and other races at 'Silgrad Tower'!"


I would appreciate it if you would contact me and obtain my permission
before re-packaging any part of this mod.