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Tamrielic Ingredients (TI) adds 123 ‘new’ alchemical ingredients and food items to the Oblivion world. These are from the TES games Daggerfall and Morrowind (including the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions). The ingredients are added into the game through the leveled lists and with unique vendor containers for the game’s alchemists. All of the ‘

Permissions and credits
Tamrielic Ingredients (TI) adds 123 ‘new’ alchemical ingredients and food items to the Oblivion world. These are from the TES games Daggerfall and Morrowind (including the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions). The ingredients are added into the game through the leveled lists and with unique vendor containers for the game’s alchemists. All of the ‘new’ ingredients have their own unique meshes and icons.

This mod was initially released as Morrowind Ingredients (MWI). The name change was prompted with the addition of ingredients from Daggerfall and by the change from an ESP file to an ESM (Master). As a Master file this mod can be easily referenced for use by other modders in their mods and help eliminate possible conflicts.

*Note to current users of Morrowind Ingredients:
Tamrielic Ingredients is not compatible with MWI. Because of the way Oblivion handles data if you use MWI with TI you will experience doubling of the ingredients even though the ingredients’ IDs are identical. For those not wishing to lose their existing inventory from MWI included is a new Morrowind Ingredients esp file with the Daggerfall ingredients added in.It is essentially the same as TI, and will be the last update. All future updates will be for TI only.

The alchemical properties of the ‘new’ ingredients match the properties they had in Daggerfall or Morrowind. However, several of the original properties, such as levitation, are not available in Oblivion. For those a Fortify Skill property appropriate for the old Daggerfall/Morrowind property has been substituted. Below is a listing of such properties:

Old PropertyOblivion Property
Blind Burden
Detect Enchantment Fortify Mysticism
Detect Key Fortify Mysticism
Fortify Attack Fortify Athletics
Levitation Fortify Alteration
Telekinesis Fortify Mysticism
Swift Swim Fortify Athletics

In addition, some of the alchemical properties for a few of the ingredients have been adjusted so that there will be a least two ingredients with the same effect.With the addition of the TI ingredients the following potions / effects can now be created by the Player previously unavailable in vanilla OB (including the SI expansion):

Drain Fatigue, Health, Magicka and all Attributes
Fortify Alteration
Fortify Athletics
Fortify Illusion
Fortify Mysticism
Resist Magicka
Weakness to Fire, Frost, Shock, Magic and Poison

The prices of the ‘new’ ingredients have been adjusted to reflect that they are "imported goods" and in keeping with the Oblivion pricing structure. The weights have also been adjusted to match Oblivion "standards".

These ‘new’ ingredients can be found for sale by the all of the alchemists in the game. Of the alchemist shops The Main Ingredient in the Imperial City will offer the largest selection of the Morrowind ingredients, while the largest selection of High Rock and Hammerfell ingredients (the provinces in Daggerfall) will be found in the Arcane University’s Lustratorium.The stock vendor containers have not been altered in anyway. Instead new containers have been created containing the new TI ingredients and have been placed in the cells containing the alchemists of the game.

Food vendors throughout Cyrodiil may have food items from the other provinces available for sale as well. The ‘new’ food items are as follows:

Ash Yam
Bamboo Shoot
Durzog meat
Heart of Palm
Kwama cuttle
Kwama egg
Nix-hound meat
Scrib Cabbage
Scrib Jelly
Scrib Jerky

These are added through the stock ‘food’ leveled lists. All of the food ingredients have been given a positive first effect.

The ‘new’ ingredients can be found as loot as well. They have been added to the following leveled lists:


Most mods to do ‘touch’ these lists, including all of the big ‘overhaul’ mods, so there will be few conflicts between this mod and others. I have altered the time stamp on the TI esm file so that it should load before most other esm mods and not overwrite their changes. It is recommended to use either Oblivion Mod Manager or Wyre’s Bash to ensure that TI loads before other esm files.

A new potion, Holy Water, has been added to the game. It is a special and very potent poison that is effective only against vampires. As loot it will be a rare find and vendors may have some for sale from time to time. Players receive two potions of Holy Water by praying at the Wayshrines of Arkay when they receive the shrine’s blessing.

NOTE: I had hoped to make holy water work against the undead creatures as it does against vampires. However, unlike vampires there is no scripting function in Oblivion to identified undead creatures.

Special empty potion bottles are now available for sale by the game’s alchemists and have been added to the leveled lists so that you can find them as loot. Called blood vials these are needed in order to collect Troll’s Blood from Trolls. When searching though a Troll’s inventory in addition to Troll Fat you will find either one or two Troll’s Blood ‘tokens’. If you have a blood vial in your inventory you will be able to ‘collect’ the blood. One blood vial will collect one vial of Troll’s Blood. The empty blood vial will be removed and replaced by a vial of Troll’s Blood. Otherwise you will receive a “You were unable to collect any blood” message and the Blood token(s) will be lost. For users of Martigen’s Monster Mod and/or Francesco's mod you will be able to collect Giant’s Blood and Werewolf’s Blood in the same manner from Giants and Werewolves.

NOTE: For some reason using the Take-all option when looting from one of the above creatures bypasses part of the Blood scripts. If you wish to collect Blood and have the required empty Blood Vials you should not use the Take-all option and click on the blood item(s) individually. With version 1.2 I have added a ‘clean-up’ section to the scripts so that any remaining ‘uncollected’ Blood tokens will be removed from your inventory.

Finally, there is Moonsugar. As an illegal substance in the Empire it is not offered for sale by any of the alchemists. Moonsugar is only found as loot.

The following changes are made to several of the NPCs and creatures:

> Khajiit bandits have been given a special leveled list (MWMoonSugar) to their inventory so that there will be a random chance of a Moonsugar drop.
> Vampires have a 10% chance of an empty blood vial drop
> Lichs now drop Lich Dust rather than bonemeal.
> Trolls have been given a special leveled list (TIBloodTroll) to their inventory so that there will be random chance to collect Troll’s Blood.
> Wraiths now drop Wraith Essence rather than ectoplasm.
> Xivilai and Dremora have been given a special leveled list (TIDaedricIngredients) to their inventory so that there will be a random chance of either a Daedra Skin or Daedra Heart drop.

Tamrielic Ingredients esp files

There are multiple esp files included in the archive file. Each of them are specialized and only one should be used with the Master file (Tamrielic Ingredients esm)

Tamrielic_Ingredients for users of vanilla Oblivion (with or without SI)
Tamrielic_Ingredients _Franfor users of Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items
Tamrielic_Ingredients _MMMfor users of Martigen's Monster Mod (MMM)
Tamrielic_Ingredients _OOO for users of Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul (OOO)
Tamrielic_Ingredients_cOMbofor users of OOO and MMM
Tamrielic_Ingredients_FraMfor users of Fran and MMM

- Use instead of TI -
Morrowind Ingredientsfor current users of Morrowind Ingredients
- For use with one of the TI esp files -
Salmo The Baker v2.0_TI for users of Salmo the Baker v2.0

Please refer to the individual readme for each of these versions.

Alchemy Workbook

I have included an Excel workbook to assist players in sorting and finding ingredients for potions as there now are 265 ingredients available. The workbook has seven spreadsheets:

Restoration Potions
Resistance Potions
Fortifying Potions
Alteration Potions
Notes & Formulas

The Ingredient spreadsheets have the ingredients listed in alphabetical order with each of their effects listed in four columns that have an auto-filter that can be used to sort the ingredients by effect. For those unfamiliar with the functions of Excel, to use the sorting function simply left click on the small black arrows next to the column headers. A drop menu will appear. Select the effect you wish to sort for. Each of the effects has been color coded to match the five groups of potions and poisons. The poison and four potion spreadsheets list all of the possible single effect potions and poisons, and the ingredients needed to make them. Ingredients on these spreadsheets have been color coded to indicate the alchemy level that the Player must obtain in order to use the ingredient for that effect. The last spreadsheet is blank and is included so that players can record their notes and their own special potion formulas.

* includes the five shelf mushrooms from my Qarl's Harvest Add-on mod and the ingredients from the Shivering Isles expansion.

Requirements and Information

Extract the archive file into the Data folder in your Oblivion directory. The mesh and texture files should go into their correct subfolder (famous last words). The jpeg files included are screenshots of how the ingredients will appear on your inventory screen and in the game.

One esm file
Six esp files
567 game files (see Tamrielic Ingredients_log for details)
19 jpeg files (these may be discarded after viewing)

Contact Info
If you have comments or questions about this mod feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

Please mention something like "Ingredients" in the subject line to make sure it doesn't get deleted with all the spam I get.

Version Info

1.0: Initial version
1.01: Added version for Fran + MMM users
- Updated the Fran version, adding in missing ingredient drops
1.1: Fixed the Blood Vial scripts so that the empty Blood Vial(s) are removed after collecting blood.
- Fixed the AI for several of the alchemists so that they will sell the Blood Vials.
- Made it so that when a empty blood vial is found on a dead vampire you also receive vampire dust.
1.2: Added a ‘clean-up’ section to the Blood scripts so that any ‘uncollected’ Blood tokens are removed from the player’s inventory.
- Removed the aaaObeisanceToken item that somehow ended up in several of the Leveled Lists rather than the intended TI leveled lists. The missing TI lists have been added back in.


Some of the resources used in this mod are from the Silgard Tower mod project. Permission must be obtained in order to use them.The remaining resources are free for any use. Contact me if you wish to use anything from TI to find out if it is available or not.


*Unknown modder for the metal bar mesh and nugget mesh used
*Razorwing for his models from the Silgard Tower project and the permission to use them, as well as his invaluable tips on fine tuning the collision data for the meshes.
*Proudfoot for his ingot mesh used
*MentalElf for his wonderful TES4Files Utility
*Team Gecko of another wonderful and essential modding utility
*SourceForge for making GIMP available for us modders on a budget.
*The NifSkope team for an essential tool and great gift to the community.
*The Nible team for another great tool and gift to the community.
*Bethesda for a great game and the ability to mod it.

Happy gaming!