Following a long, windy ascent punctuated by encounters with a spriggan, minotaur chieftain, and a couple of ferocious ogres, not to mention tumbling down more than once, which resulted in sprained ankle, I was flabbergasted and horrified to find a barbwire fence along the slope just below the peak. Maranta authorities decided this is where their rule commences, and with increased rebel activity in the region came up with these ugly strands of sharp-pricked wire to keep trespassers away. Unfortunately the same device keeps meek and mild, innocent travellers from completing their journey. So it seems that this time I'll not set my foot at the crown of this mountain after all. By way of consolation the most commanding views of Abrazzo and Burendari mountains spread before and behind me, so the trip has been far from wasted. It's already an early evening. I think it's time to find a cosy spot where I can rest for the night and wait for the sunrise, which I'm sure must be a memorable spectacle in a place like this.

By way of explanation - the peak is fenced off for a reason. I used a console command (yeah, Tobbs, I know what you think now) and sneaked a peek to the other side. It's simply unfinished yet - at the moment there's not much to see on the other side, and the view from the top would be slightly disappointing. Let's wait then for an update from Al.
It's just like in real life - just how many times you go somewhere only to find the place off limits not because of natural barriers, but because some kind of authority decided so. I may be spoiled by the disappearance of state borders in the EU, but I still remember the times when I was walking in the mountains and my path suddenly ended in a fence with a sign saying there's no passing beyond this point. Civilised people are very keen on locking themselves up in self-made cages...

For anyone who still doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about, or what this place is - it's Ubanga (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42121//?) conceived and created by AlAnonim (English language localisation by wizardmirth to be found here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/43694//?).

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