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Welcome to my site, ladies and gentlemen!


If I may introduce myself - My name is Tobjoern. I'm a Nord, and I'm 41 years old.

Since the 1st of Heartfire 3E433 I'm traveling through the vast lands of Cyrodiil (...never used fast-travel!), always in search for new adventures (...and nirnroots^^).

But I'm not alone. My girlfriend Alba accompanies me since the day when I rescued her from prison in Anvil (on 7th of Frostfall 3E433). From that day on we became close friends and now she follows me everywhere and supports me as good as she can, and despite the hard times in Cyrodiil she is always able to cheer me up and make me smile/laugh from time to time...


...and that's why I love her...




Willkommen, meine Damen und Herren!


Wenn ich mich kurz vorstellen darf:

Ich bin Tobjoern. Ich gehoere zu den Nord und bin 41 Jahre alt. 

Seit dem 1. Herzfeuer 3E433 reise ich durch die weiten Lande Cyrodiils (...niemals mit Schnellreisen!), immer auf der Suche nach neuen Abenteuern (...und Nirnwurzen! ^^) 

Doch ich bin nicht allein unterwegs. Meine Freundin Alba begleitet mich seit ich sie am 7.Eisherbst 3E433 aus dem Gefaengnis in Anvil befreite. Seit jenem Tage wurden wir immer engere Freunde und nun folgt sie mir ueberall hin und unterstuetzt mich so gut sie nur kann. Manchmal kann sie mich in diesen schweren Zeiten sogar ein wenig zum Lachen bringen...

...und dafuer liebe ich sie...





...I am also an ARCHER...-...and sometimes a GUARDIAN...

...I just can not decide...


I heard others say: "Tobby is a 1/3 god - a snowmaker - to make it snow over IC"

"You should be officially called Hawk Eye"

"Wow :o - you are ultimate nirnroot hunter"

"You must be a sniper ! :O"
"And you still have the keen eye Tobbs"
"you're unbeatable!!!"

... 24290417793_f9ed847061_o_d.jpg ... . ... 24917293495_5e495c5260_o_d.jpg ... . ... 14838516071_de31a55dae_o.jpg ... . ... 14846628294_feffa42c24_o.jpg ... . ... 14692890322_7d1532207e_o.jpg ...



I am the winner and proud owner of a "Golden Nirnroot" 24289251524_c5ab2516c6_o_d.gif


awarded by "Jglut" in his competition Find Nirnroot - 2012-03-20




This Wanted Poster was made by my friend groundmammal. 24550046079_19d382b3bc_o_d.gif

I liked it so much, I had to print it out, to hang it on my wall!24824323181_a99c580bb6_o_d.gif

(you can click on it to see the original image-thread)

This poster is a response to the following 4 (clickable) images:

24550473569_a92d2b00df_m_d.jpg - 24291197113_0fd08e5bd2_m_d.jpg

24824717471_195a373e50_m_d.jpg - 24289895124_32889fb67e_m_d.jpg


- Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! -



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