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Adoring Fan; Hello Angel

Angel; Um, Hello. Your doing this interview?

Adoring Fan; Yes and no we can't move it.

Angel; I wasn't going to ask if we could move it.

Adoring Fan; Most people do.

Angel; I wonder why.

Adoring Fan; By Azura, lets get started shall we?

Angel; Yes, please.

Adoring Fan; So, Is Angel your real name?

Angel: Yes, My full name is Angelicus Lemuel Conti.

Adoring Fan; Really, I had a friend named Lemuel once.

Angel: He didn't try pushing you from Dive Rock.

Adoring Fan; Why does every one ask that?

Angel; You have a record of people doing that to you.

Adoring Fan; Moving on, How old are you?

Angel; I'm thirty one.

Adoring Fan; And Mellow's age is?

Angel; ...

Adoring Fan: You do know it.

Angel; Yes, but

Adoring Fan; But?

Angel; You want us both dead?

Adoring Fan; So that story is true about making people disappear.

Angel; I can nether confirm or deny that Mellow has made people disappear for knowing her age.

Adoring Fan, All right, Next question. Where were you born?

ANgel: Morrowind, in the city of Ebonheart. My dad was stationed there at the legion post. Want me to point it out on the globe?

Adoring Fan; No need, What is your favorite food?

Angel; Ash Yam's, My mom could do almost any thing with them.

Adoring Fan: And your favorite meal?

Angel; You ever been to a Morrowind Moon Festival?

Adoring Fan; Not yet, something about large volcanoes makes me want to stay in Anvil.

Angel; Your lose.

Adoring Fan; Well, What are you afraid of?

Angel: Well I'm not very fond of rodents. The rats from Morrowind where rather nasty creatures. I hear their worse in Skyrim.

Adoring Fan; Is there any one you loath?

Angel; Cath goe-Ren. Hes out cook at Tielfandsburg. He uses onions in EVERY dish he makes.

Adoring Fan; I can see where onions and Ash Yams would not go together.

Angel; Its not that they don't go well with each other. Just that Cath does not know how to cook Ash Yams.

Adoring Fan; Well what do you think of Viktor?

Angel; Mellows brother Victor? Or that guy that Skyler has locked in the dungeon for public nudity?

Adoring Fan; The second one.

Angel; I feel sorry for him. You would to if you where Skylers special friend.

Adoring Fan; Well, what is your sexual orientation?

Angel; I prefer women to men.

Adoring Fan; and are you single?

Angel; If I was Skyler would have me locked up instead of Viktor.

Adoring Fan: And where do you call home?

Angel; Carah's Caravan and Fiddlers Green. I'm a country boy so a small cabin feels more like home then a big castle.

Adoring Fan; Guess it comes with not living in a big city.

Angel; Yeah some times I feel like I might suffocate in the Imperial capital.

Adoring Fan; Well what did you wanna be when you grew up?

Angel; You ever read "Night falls On Sentinel" and "The Prayers of Baranat"?

Adoring Fan; No and yes.

Angel; Well those made me want to leave home. But my mom's stories about my dad and the legion made me want to serve the empire

Adoring Fan; Last question, What's your favorite past time?

Angel; Potion making, Its very relaxing.

Adoring fan; That sounds like a cop out.

Angel; Which reminds me, I need to resupply our stock before mellow finds its low.

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