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At first glance, the two girls were subjugated by the handsome and strong Raynald. To hide
her attraction Shanya began immediately to make him her offer.

- I know you are looking for a job. I have one for you if you accept. I'll pay 50 septims a
week. If you don't accept, you have the possibility to grow in fame by becoming a
thief. But I offer you a honest work. Do you accept?

- No thanks, Raynald answered. It's not enough to pay a room, even if you are both very
beautiful ladies.

- My father owns a kind of shack here. You can make it your home temporarly. If you don't
accept, there is an argonian just behind me who seems to be greatly interested.

- I accept but I'm the leader and you must do all what I say. You must not do nothing without inform to me first.

- Here it is! answered Shanya. Our first goal is Arcane University. I will inform you on the
road. We must go immediately and meet a mage... and... Also remember that ''I'm
the leader'' you are paid to help me with your legendary strength.

- We'll see. Let's go to that University.

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