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Shanya has always been saddened by the death of her parents, but she knew that the diary of her alleged father was a fake. She remembered the only time she saw her father. It was a stormy night . As soon as he passed the door of the Domain, he fell into her arms. The little girl did not have time to call the wizard for help. She saw her father die, her long red hair matted with the sons of entrance mat. Later, the sorcerer told her that he had been bitten by a poisonous spider. This occurred years ago. Therefore he could not announce his recent death. All those people who are missing ... even the received note ... All this made ​​her skeptical. She returned to the hotel exhausted by too many questions.

In the morning, she changed her dress and clothed with a fighting dress. She then found Mellow in the lobby .

- Mellow, I have many things to tell you , she said as Mellow interrupted her.

- How do you like my new dress? Sexy is not it?

- Nice, Shanya replied, but it seems to be a little worn. Where did you took this?

- I had it for 40 septims from the innkeeper. A young masked woman named Ivy BlackHeart left without paying... she forgot this dress on the bed.

- Too expensive! ... No time to discuss, we must find a strong and brave man to accompany us to the Arcane University. Just in case...

- Exactly, a really handsome and strong man was here a few seconds ago. He's looking for some work to do. He just left telling the innkeeper he was on his way to the water's edge near the Imperial City.

- Let's go then! Shanya said. I'll talk to him. Oh! and change your clothes. An armor will be much better in my opinion.

- Hum.. ok... !?!.

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