Through the garden of the village Aleswell an orc, rake in hand, thanked Shanya to have saved the village out of a mad wizard who had made them invisible. Seeing the tiredness in her eyes, he also said that a free room was waiting and complimented her on her new hairstyle. Totally ignoring what he was talking she whispered to Mellow :

- How could I save the village ? We leave the Domain for the first time in our lives .

- Let's go to the inn. We have nothing to lose, Mellow suggested .

The innkeeper and his two sisters welcomed them with open arms, well, almost . Reached the room they saw that there was only one bed available.

- Shanya , Mellow intervened before her mistress opens her mouth. Take the bed. From my side, I'll go enjoy the last rays of the sun to take my daily sunbath. I'll wake you up in 3 hours to take over.

- Okay, but do be careful that nobody sees you .

- Fear not, no one will see me!

(In fact, Mellow was seen and recieved a warning) :D
^Ps: for those who saw my ''Sunbath on Wednesday'' image, I had put the image in the adult area but the warning I recieved said that it was not. Don't understand... ;P

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