- Mellow and Shinny, Cresus said in an authoritative tone, I'm not here to hear the story of your lives. We must prepare for missions as strange as exciting. Your exploits have come to me from different sources. So, I can give you the confidence you seem to deserve.

- Normally, you work without my presence, unless a special event requires me to accompany you. Shinny, you will directly receive the instructions from me. You then will have to transmit them to Mellow. Read the documents that I've given you and, always remember that I will not tolerate any error on your part. Both, be efficient and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Shinny wondered why her role was not assigned to Mellow. She seemed so much more attentive and interested. For its part, Wilbur reveled in the idea that the team establish their headquarters in his inn. This would please to people of Anvil and even the Countess, which would significantly increase its prestige.

To be continued...

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