Hey, I carefully read your suggestions to the previous images (Many thanks for all of them, I will reply asap.) and here's what I came up with. I put together a different brick texture, and made sure it blends more smoothly with stones. (I really want to stick to stone-and-brick pattern because this is what stroke me as brilliant and natural in the first place, and while the bricks in the other texture looked quite modern, the concept itself is really ancient - bricks were common as long time ago as 4000 B.C., so there's a good chance that in Cyrodiil they've heard about them, too ;D (Which now makes me wonder why there's really no brick structures in tes4...). Yeah, the idea was to create an impression of a stone structure patched and mended with bricks whenever need was. I hope now it's becoming more obvious. :)
Does this recent development make a difference for better or worse?

(+ Papp, I keep your suggestions about doors in mind, too - I'll get back to you :) )

Next thing I'm going to look into these bricks at the bottom.

(Some of you may also have noticed that the boulder on the left is already scheduled - marked with red grafitti ;P - for a makeover...

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