MC - (To her mount) So, here we are, my faithful companion, before the setting sun, ready for a new adventureỊ Let us rideỊ
Her Mount - (Thinking to itself) ˝´Let US´, she says, as if it isn´t ME who does all the job...˝


I was very tempted to edit this picture with that dialog, comic-style, as in my other pics, but I didn´t want to edit a non-staged, totally casual, beautiful sunset that took me while playing (As in ˝playing˝, not as in ˝picture-making˝). I don´t know how many of these have you seen by now, but this one was absolutely non-prepared (I just quickly saved) and, since they seem to be so appreciated, here you have it.
You´re welcome.

EDIT: My next picture is going to have the following theme: "Isn't this "typographitis" just AWFUL!!!???". And it is going to be as sarcastic as I can possibly make it.

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