The spectacle was so intense that Miranda nearly fainted. That's when the vision faded.

- Hello Miranda! made a melodious voice from the center of the room.

- Hello, said Miranda in a low voice faded by a strong emotion.

- Hello Morano! made again the central voice

- Hello, made the almost imperceptible voice of Morano.

Miranda turned her head towards the voice of his brother, but was unable to see him. She sought the ghost Ayleide ... no trace of him, he was vanished. An indescribable fear seized all her being. She began to doubt of the turn that her life had taken since the death of her brother. After all, it is for her love for magic she had chosen the mages teaching. It is also for this reason that her brother, who as always taking the opposite attitude, went toward black magic. In fact, all stemmed from her choice to it. And now this worrying appearance ....

- Do not be surprised, later, all will be revealed. I am a mixture of wisdom and madness. I'm the one that influences your choices and helps you to shape your projects. I'm not designed to help anyone but only take care of you two .... Miranda, I'm the reason why your brother has asked you to bring the sword upon thee. This blade belongs to me. I wanted to test your abilities as I did for your brother in his lifetime.

Miranda saw then that the sword went up from her hand and fell at the foot of the creature.

- My joy and gratitude are larger than you can imagine. In that moment I talk Morano but it is not yet time for you to learn the subject. Take this book, it will allow you to find your way to the cemetery. Then, use one Haskill gave you for return to your normal life. I carry with me the memory of your dear faces. Now go! I must rest.

Miranda put her eyes on the book, Impending Leak, opened it and inhaled deeply.

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