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(Tis story is not part of the mod, it's the fictive story or Miranda)

One day, for no apparent reason, the first mate refused to continue the contract he had made with Miranda. She begged him several times and eventually even to shout insults at face ... he remained ice. She began to think he had taken a nasty sunburn on the head. She then questioned the crew. Nothing to do, the scenario remained the same.

Tired of wearing the clothes of her brother, she went to the barrel where she hid all her clothes and objects. Utter horror! Everything was gone ... other garments of her brother, her own clothes, everything ... She should have doubted that you can not trust thieves. All those smiles and words honeyed now seemed disgusting. She really thought she had found a family, her disappointment was huge.

What to do?

She returned on the shore of the Anvil lighthouse and stood there for hours watching the silhouette of Golden Crest hoping to catch any suspicious activity from some crew.

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