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This adds more debris and particles to some of the in game effects, such as Sentinels explosions and Monstrosity deaths.

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This mod will increase the amount of particles and debris spawned during combat and mining.
I've added some flying debris for Monstrosity deaths as well.


And here's how it looked in vanilla:

- Navigate to No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS
- Delete DisableMods.txt
- Create a folder called MODS
- Extract the .pak file to MODS

1.0 - Initial version. 
- Added alien parts to monstrosity deaths
- Increases number of sentinel parts on sentinel death
- Added "Better Sparks" to the pack
1.1 - Bug fixes
- Adjusted debris sizes
1.2 - Space explosion update
- Added debris to space explosions
- Adjusted explosion shockwave size
1.3 - General Improvements
- Adjusted debris sizes
- Changed texture for on groud glow sparks
- Adjusted explosion shockwave size
- Removed unused files to increase compatibility
1.4 - Smoke everywhere!
- Added smoke effects to sentinel explosions
- Added sparks to spaceship engine debris
- Increased draw distance for planet particle effects 
1.5 - Small tweaks and adjustments
- Re-added debris to door explosions
- Small tweaks to glowspark emitters and textures
- Tweaked sentinel smoke effect
1.6 - New Rain, more debris, sentinel loot explosions...
- Sparks with trails when sentinels die!
- Updated rain textures to be less repetitive
- adjustments to overal sparks, size, speed and spread
- adjusted fiend death parts to be less buggy (it's still buggy :( )
- adjusted space effects to have less sparks on ship debris
- increased smoke size for sentinel explosions
- added debris and explosions for sentinel loot pods
- added better critical feedback for drone hits
1.7 - Experimental
- Added alien legs to biological horror soup
- Added sharper rain drops
- Added better snow textures
1.8 - 1.60 
- Removed debris from sentinel loot explosions ( will be re-added once the issues are fixed )
- Adjusted Snow and snow storm effects
- Adjusted glow spark textures
- Increased time space debris takes to disappear
- Removed PROJECTILETABLE file due to crashing. (it will be re-added once the issues are fixed)
1.9 - Bug fixes
- Fixed bugs with projectile table
- Improved sparks visuals
- Improved snow effect and storms
- Added sentinel loot explosion and debris
1.10 - The Abyss
- Removed weather files
- Removed sentinel loot effects
- Fixed CTD on start
1.13 - Visions updates
- Added explosion effects to sentinel loot
- Added nice particle effects to sentinel explosions
- removed read me to prevent false conflicts (no one reads those anyway)
- Adjusted sparks for all effects
- Added new effects to depot loot explosions
- Adjusted asteroid explosion and debri effects
2.0 - BEYOND
- Added better dirt trails for vehicles
- Added better debris when mining rocks and trees
- Changes to all sparks values
- Adjusted particle draw distances and quantity
- Adjusted Jelly fish death effect
- Adjusted debris and effect when mining (HEAVILY inspired by Lo2k's - Fractured Mining, suggestion of user Taurus85)
- Updated metada files to support newly added effects to food creation and milking

This mod changes a bazzilion files. Most important and that would likely cause conflicts are:

Any feedback is appreciated :)
I love you all, seriously